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Debian On C1000 Questions
« on: January 04, 2008, 05:46:44 am »

I am using right now on my C1000 pdaxii13 5.4.x and I'd like to try use Debian EABI. I have some questions regarding my hw/sw I am using with pdaxrom it it will work in Debian EABI.
1) Billionton BT card to connect DUN with Nokia 6230i
2) Wifi D-link DCF 650 W
3) USB serial ftdi_sio kernel module
4) USB net with DM 9601E chipset

1) Justreader, FBreader with i18n support win1250 charset
2) Remote desktop
3) Multimedia ... movies ... mp3 ... comics reader?
4) On Zaurus developement (no crosscompile) (configure make make install) dev libraries - to recompile thinks I compiled for pdaxrom
5) Any emulators supported? SNES NES DosBox Zpsxe Hatari UAE FUSE( Spectrum emu) MAME etc...  
6) Any 3D Games? Doom, Duke3d, Quake, Quake II, Aleph1 etc?
7) Any good fast PIM appz with eventuallly sync with M$ Outlook/Exchange (forced to use at work :-() or Google callendar for PDA capabilities?

What is main difference between debian EABI and Angstrom? Can I use libs/binaries from Angstrom in Debian EABI?

Thank you for answers
SL-C1000 - pdaxii13 5.3.3 but considering go back to beta1
Wifi D-link DCF-650W CF card - not using
bluetooth Billionton BT CF card and Samsung SGH-i310 GPRS
Pretec Cheetah 133x 4GB SD, Pretec Cheetah 80x 1GB CF


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Debian On C1000 Questions
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2008, 07:44:59 am »
1. Billionton Bluetooth Card works fine with my Nokia 6021.
2. I have DCF 660W WiFi card, but not 650W. The first one works fine. However, both these cards are based on the same chipset Prism2/2.5/3, so I believe there will be no troubles.

1. FBreader works fine with cp1251 charset
2. Remote desktop works fine, rdesktop deb packet fetched from the EABI feed.
3. I use Mplayer for multimedia purposes, works fine for me.
4. No problems, all you need is to apt-get dependent source packets.