Author Topic: Windoze Doesnt Let Me Choose Usb Drivers! Do I Need To Regedit?  (Read 3418 times)


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          So I remember seeing these things years ago when they first came out and I drooled over them but had no money, as I was a poor lad. Now, I am still a poor lad, but the price dropped WAY down and I picked up a C760 with wifi bluetooth and other goodies for 140$ on ebay! It looks pretty groovy with an old version of pdaxrom on it, (not sure exactly what version it is, but the kernel is 2.4.20) but I'm having some problems I would love to sort out and get this kid up and kickin.

        First, I flipped through the user manual with the USB driver instructions already... and I followed them, ready to point windoze in the direction of the network USB drivers that came on the cd, right?

Wrong, it installed it automatically, never gave me a chance to choose anything. I went into the device manager and it won't let me choose them there either, even if I uninstall and then plug it back in. I tried this with all my usb ports and they all detected a C860 and installed it automatically.

So my first question is, do I need to open up regedit to uninstall those drivers? And won't this just happen again?

My next issue, that will probably clear up once I can transfer files, is how to do a clean OS installation with my choice of ROM. I believe I threw one (newer pdaxrom) on the SD card, but I am unsure how to install the rom from it, or if this is even possible. If it's not possible to do it from the sd card, how would I go about it?

I know there is multiple ways of transfering files.... so should I just utilize the blue tooth or wifi card and ditch the file transfer altogether, if I don't really care about syncing to my email?

Well, give me some stuff to think about, I'll be browsing around and reading up.


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Windoze Doesnt Let Me Choose Usb Drivers! Do I Need To Regedit?
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2008, 10:20:05 am »
Search the pdaxrom forum for "NDIS." This is the driver that installs in Windows.
Also check the Windows sub forum.
In Windows, connect your zaurus to USB, then in device manager, find a setting to "show hidden devices".
On your zaurus, you should find a setting for selecting "USB network", or similar.
I have a newer version of pdaxrom, called pdaxii13. The USB settings are in a USB settings app.
The setting could be included in the network settings app.
In your version of pdaxrom, you may need to find a python file and launch it to make these settings. Look for files that have a "py" extension, look for or something similar.
If you manage to make a connection, don't expext sync to work properly.
Sync on the Zaurus seems to be one of the more difficult tasks to accomplish.
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