Author Topic: Winxp Sp3 And .net 3.5 Sp1 (has Ndis Driver Already Installed)  (Read 6613 times)


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I'll try to make this short.
I bought a new PC last week and already had to re-install windows, etc, etc. because of a damaged video driver.
I forgot about using "Restore" (I've never used this feature before).

I formatted my C:\ drive and installed windows xp sp3, motherboard drivers, and the .NET stuff up to version 3.5 sp1

I was ready to install the NDIS driver for my SL-C3100 by using the Sharp CD-ROM
When I plugged my Zaurus in to USB, it just worked!
When I used the windows tray icon to safely remove it, the dialog box had a description of my Zaurus.
Sharp Zaurus SL-C3100 USB Device
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