Author Topic: Phone will used switch back to them self instead of continue my car connection  (Read 1127 times)


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if I calling from my phone or with my car display remotly the ringing itself is hearing over my car speakers.
But if the call is answered the phone will switch back audio to the phone to hold in the hand which is very bad if im driving.
I can switch back to the car but mostly the caller has been often hang up so I must try it a second and third time.

With other (non Android) phones I did not have such a problem. Maybe it is only related to android.

Any idea how I can change this "feature?" If my phone is connected with my car everything audio should routed to the car without switching back to the phone.

This problem is not related to the car. I got this problem on Volvo XC40 Recharge, Nissan Leaf ZE1, Toyota Yaris 2021 Edition.



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Hi IK6yae0s,

As late as this reply is, I just saw your post and thought it might
be the same thing I suffered with my BT earpiece (assuming you're
connecting to your cars with BT)...

As gymbo suggested, have you tried going into Settings/Cosmo Settings/
and cycling/turning off the "Silver side button answers call in
speakerphone mode" toggle switch?

Good luck,