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Found some deals on Dane-Elec CF and SD cards (which are better than the more generic names in my opinion) with free shipping.

More info (and other deals) at

(seems to be mostly deals lately)

Cxx0 General discussions / C-860 & Ambicom Wifi Card
« on: September 04, 2007, 09:38:01 pm »
I know the WIFI cards suck tons of juice, which is why I think an internal WIFI would probably been a good idea for Sharp.

However, I am unsure but I think 1 hour of WIFI is on the low side.  I think most people can achieve about 3 or 4 hours of WIFI time before needing a boost.  However, my memory may be skewed because I ALWAYS used an external 4xAA pack whenever doing heavy Zaurus work (so to speak).  

For example I can watch a 2 hour movie at 15fps (plenty for such a tiny screen), and good sound (in-sync) with an AA battery charger and barely even lose half my battery.  And Movies do suck battery as well.  Even worse than WIFI I think due to all the processing.  

So my advice is see if there is any options for a different (lower-powered card), although Abicom is one of the best (depending on specific model of card...lots of posts about Ambicom CF WIFI card models...I don't use Ambicom, so I cannot say why).

I use a D-Link card and I was very happy and not sure of time usage, but an hour of WIFI (with just internal) would definably be easy.  Beyond that I can't offer anything except that your battery might be a dud (is this a NEW battery?)  or it could be SO new that you should really cycle it to full drain a few times, it may help a bit, but usually that is only needed for NIMH...but I have heard reports that it helps Lion that have been on "the shelf" for a while.

Replacement batteries and external are available on of the best sellers (by general consensus) for cheap Sharp accessories was a guy called PeakCloudy but not sure if he still sells on EBay (Note:  I have no affiliation to him, except as a customer).

Deals and Great Z Buys / Relatively Cheap Usb Docking Station
« on: January 30, 2007, 11:55:26 am »
Hi guys,

I have a few of the IBM USB 1.0 (maybe 1.1?) dockign stations that I have had for a while...they are still in the box and all.  I bought a bunch a while abgo and just used one of them (I think I have 6 maybe, they are in the attic)....Anyway, they are bigger, about 8 inches tall and maybe 4 inches wide  (strike that, I just looked at a rular...they would be more like 6 inches tall and three inches wide) , they have a sort of curved front to access several USBs from the front (upstream is on the front too I believe) and they have serial and Parallel for sure on the is a powered hub/dock with an AC Adpator (included).  

Anyway, I can find the exact model and post more detailed if anyone in interested, please PM me (as I may not remember to check back on this thread).

Oh, as for the price, $15 plus shipping seems fair like a fair price considering they are IBM and all...  

Anyway, no biggie if no one cares or wants one, just throwing it out there.  Drivers would probably be an issue I would think, but no more so than any other dock...there is a driver CD for an older version of windows...not that that would help much, but at least it is a start.

Don;t forget, please PM me if interested...even if just to have me reply to some question on this forum.

(Hey, I found the subscribe to forum button   So I should get replies if you post them...)

Deals and Great Z Buys / Good Buy On A Z Mic
« on: January 20, 2007, 01:06:56 pm »
Mono is good though, because the Zaurus only records in mono anyway, doesn't it?
Correct me if I'm wrong.
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I dont think there is a mic in the world that records stereo... the equipment just creates two channels...

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Well, here is one made by Olympus, but you may very well be right about it just creating two channels.  If it it didn't, the left and right are so close together that I doubt there would be much of a panning effect...not toomention the steep $49 price tag.

[img]\" border=\"0\" class=\"linked-image\" /]

[a href=\"]Olympus ME-51S[/url]

Deals and Great Z Buys / Good Buy On A Z Mic
« on: January 20, 2007, 01:00:44 pm »
Looking around more at Amazon, and while this is a totally different type of Microphone (wired lapel type), it seems to get very favorable reviews for the most part.  Most reviews say it dramatically improves the quality of the recordings, while keeping the recorder out of sight and safe from harm:

Olympus ME-15

[img]\" border=\"0\" class=\"linked-image\" /]

Deals and Great Z Buys / Good Buy On A Z Mic
« on: January 20, 2007, 12:27:11 am »
Hello again,

I did some more googling around and found another Mini Microphone at an even better deal.  This one appears to pivot and is made by Olympus (ME-12) and is also a noise canceling microphone.  One possible issue though is that this Olympus Mic is MONO as oposed to the Nexxtech ones that appear to be STEREO.

Reviews are 3 out 5 (of 6 reviews) with the main complaint being that it is not as sensitive as most built-in mics (reviews stated it to be sensitive to about 10 feet, which makes sense as it is a noise canceling microphone and after 10 feet, the sound would fall in the background noise category anyway).  

I'm not sure how this compares to the Nexxtech (or the Nextech-looking generic), but the price is just $8 from (through ANTOnline) with shipping of an additional $7.

However, shipping gets ALOT cheaper if you buy more than one:

Quantity.......Shipping Cost..............Cost per microphone (w/shipping incld.)

So since these would be easy to ship from one forum member to another (a couple of stamps I would guess) it does lend itself to a group purchase if someone is willing to manage that sort of thing.

Oops, I forgot the here it is:
Olympus ME-12 Noise Cancelling Microphone through (via ANTOnline)

[img]\" border=\"0\" class=\"linked-image\" /]

 Product Features

    * Ideal for transcription
    * Increases transcription accuracy by reducing ambient noise
    * Simply plugs into digital voice recorders
    * Usable with all digital voice recorders using the DSS file format

Technical Details

    * Model number: ME-12
    * Microphone type: Condenser
    * Connectivity: Wired
    * Compatibility: Personal audio system
    * Sound mode: Mono
    * Polarity: Unidirectional
    * Frequency response: 200 to 5000 Hz
    * Impedance: 2000 ohms
    * Effective output level: -68 dBm
    * Connector type: 3.5-millimeter plug
    * Weight: 0.12 ounces
    * Warranty: 1 year

Deals and Great Z Buys / Good Buy On A Z Mic
« on: January 19, 2007, 11:15:00 pm »
Hi guys,

Been a while since I posted, but I thought I would just chime in and mention that you can buy (what looks like) the exact same microphone on Ebay for about $8 (plus another $7 for shipping from Hong Kong):

Mini Microphone available on EBay

Disclaimer: I have no association to the seller(s), as a matter of fact, I have not even purchased from them...  so I am not recommending anything, just mentioning the possibility.  

Also, these obviously don't have the Nexxtech brand name.

PriceJapan was great for me sl-c1000.  Ordered it on the 16th and got it on the 18th in conjunction with DHL for shipping.  From what I can see, it does NOT come with an international charger.  Lable says 100v not 100-240.  Hope that helps a bit.
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Ok, thank you!

You answered one of my question  =)

It's a bit sad that conics does not have a "free" paying method as they seem to ship with a international charger, but you can't have it all...

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What a company charges for fees really should not be all that important, as long as they are reasonable....I mean, what really matters is what is the FINAL price after you break it all how much are you paying for the Zaurus to get to your door (and only paying a minimum for accesories UNLESS you really would buy them anyway).

I have purchased from PriceJapan on several occassions and have been very pleased.  Don't know much about any of the others so I nothing to say about them (good or bad).

Personally I would rather pay a few percent (if the total all came out the same) rather than give anyone my bank account info..but that's probably just paranoia.

I think I recall that PriceJapan offered the European Power adaptor, but I cannot be sure.


For Sale / Wanted / Zaurus Wanted 1000 Or 3100 Or3200 Or6000
« on: August 14, 2006, 12:54:33 pm »
Hello all
I want to buy one zaurus, slc1000, slc 3100, slc3200, sl 6000, even a nokia 770, or a sigmarion III.
I am waiting your replies.
Thanks all
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You want one of each?  

Did you win the Lotto?

If so, can I be your best friend?      

For Sale / Wanted / For Sale C-3000 In Excellent Condition Plus Xtras
« on: July 26, 2006, 12:50:40 pm »

For Sale / Wanted / For Sale C-3000 In Excellent Condition Plus Xtras
« on: July 22, 2006, 12:54:07 pm »
Hello all,

I have a C-3000 in excellent condition for sale.  I bought it a couple of years ago and updated to the latest Cacko for the C-3000, but barely used it except to watch a couple of movies,etc.

I still have my C-860 and I find that the C-860 really fills my needs well enough that I have not had a need for the power and internal storage of the C-3000.

It has literally been used about 10 to 20 times at most.  I know people tend to "round down" on thier usage numbers, but in this casse, it is very close to the mark (personally I think it is closer to 10 times than 20, but whatever).

The screen is perfect (had protector on it from day one), and I have all original pakaging, manuals, gudes, flyers and CDs.  As well as Power and USB cables and stylus.

The extra goodies I have are:

1) An Extra Sharp brand BL08 Battery.  This is identical in size to the BL-09 the C-3000 takes...the only difference is that (I think) the BL09 is black and rated at 1800maH and the BL08 is white and rated at 1700Mah.  So the difference is negligable.  Both the original and extra batteries are slightly used, but both hold a solid charge.  They've only been charged a few times each.

2) A USB Host Cable - This is the I-River Host cable.  About 4 inches long with small male on one end (to Zaurus) and larger female USB on the other end.

3) A (small) USB  2.0 Hub, Brand New.  It  has the AC adaptor if you want to power it, though powering it is not necessary unless you are using power hungry devices off the USB.

4) 3 sets of inexpensive (but decent sound quality) earbud head phones. These are brand new and unused.

5) A slightly used 512MB SD card.

6) Pack of 5 new screen protectors.  Plus the Zaurus will already have one on it when it arrives.

I can also add in some other items if you are interested, such as a new "rubberized" roll-up keyboard, New 2GB CF card, Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB drives (I have 256MB. 512MB, and 2GB versions, most are new, and the used ones are only slightly used), a New 4GB "Gigabank" USB drive (it internally has a microdrive (but not the knid that can be extracted to work in the Zaurus CF slot).   I also have extra USB host cables and extra (new) Zaurus-brand BL08 batteries.

The price is $399 for the C-3000 and the 6 items listed above.  The other additional items can be negotiated...the more you buy the better price I can give on the other items.

Pictures will be taken and posted or emailed once we settle on which items you are looking to purchase.  I realize that any offer would be tentative until pictures are posted and condition approved.  I just want to do the photography in one sitting in case you want some of the other items.

Shipping cost would be actual UPS ground cost.  Insurance and Tracking would be included in shipping quote.  My guess is less than $15 for almost anywhere in the lower 48 states.  International shipping would be via USPS, and again would be actual.  (General guess here is about $25 for 4-9 day delivery, but it could be a bit more or less).  Either way, you will be able to confirm actual shipping via the UPS or USPS websites.

Payments would have to be Paypal for anyone international, and Paypal or U.S Postal Money Order for anyone in the states. (Sorry no checks and no other types of money orders will be accepted)

Everything is guaranteed not to be DOA (dead on arrival).  I am certain you will be very pleased with the condition of everything as I take very good care of my stuff and I barely used any of this stuff anyway.

Please PM me if interested.


Personal Java/Jeode/J2ME Personal Profile / Http Connection
« on: June 09, 2006, 02:19:07 pm »
Hi! Currently I'm developing an application which will deal with the http connection. For the http connection, I will send out my request to download an image. The problem I'm facing right now is when there's no response back for my request, my whole application is hang. I totally unable to exit the application and need to reset the device all the time. Here, I would like to ask whether is there anyone can help me to handle the no response back for the http connection. I'm using the below method for my http connection.

HttpConnection connection = null;
connection = (HttpConnection),Connector.READ_WRITE);
DataInputStream iStrm = connection.openDataInputStream();
ByteArrayOutputStream mSrm = null;
int length = (int) connection.getLength();
mData = new byte[length];    mSrm.readFully(mData);

After opening the connector, I need to close the connector when receiving the response back from my request. If there's no response back, my connector is always open and this cause my application hang.

Is there way to close the connector if there's no response back from the request made to http connection?

Please help....

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First of all. I am quoting Java 1.5, so some of this may or may not be applicable.

However, the docs for 1.5 are here:
[a href=\"][/url]

I ussually use HttpURLConnection and not HttpConnection, so I am not sure of the differences since 1.5 has no HttpConnection class per se.

ANyway, I think the problem is in the URL class anyway, but upon searching the URL class I came up with nothing, however that lead me to loo at the URLConnection class (sorry, not sure how URLCOnnection Class and URL class work together) and I found this:

URLConnection.setConnectTimeout(int timeout)
          Sets a specified timeout value, in milliseconds, to be used when opening a communications link to the resource referenced by this URLConnection.

My guess is that there is already a timeout on your connection but it is probably 2 or more minutes long, which of course is too much for you needs.

Anyway, this should give you a start, but you may need to upgrade to a FULL 1.5 implementation to use these classes (though there may very well be a similar funcatioanilty is the J2ME libs).


Deals and Great Z Buys / 3200 Batteries?
« on: June 06, 2006, 12:45:56 pm »
just because it is compatible and fits.

your lilnk is broken but i seen that method as well.
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Not sure if you were reponding to me, but the link is fixed now....I also added a link to the battery charger.

BTW, I didn't mean to criticize your post, your effort and time in posting the deal is very much appreciated, I just thought I should mention the Sharp-brand alternative.

Deals and Great Z Buys / 3200 Batteries?
« on: June 06, 2006, 12:32:00 pm »
Why would you buy a compatible battery for $38.99 plus shipping when you can buy a SHarp Brand battery for $14 less and just add a small filler item to get over $25 for free shipping?

Sharp BL08 battery at Amazon for $24.88 (works with C700 all the way through C-3100 (I have verified this)...will also work for C-3200 becuase C-3100 and C-3200 take same battery)

I have tried one of the compatible batteries and found that they are slightly shorter than the Sharp brand so on some machines (like C-3100), you will need to put in a spacer or add a bit of solder to to the battery contact to make them a bit thicker.  Be very careful soldering anything to a battery as the possibility of explosion is quite real. (I once had a button-size CR2032 explode on me and could only imagine how much worse these could be).  Anyway, I suggest taking the easy and less expensive route and get the Sharp-brand battery from Amazon.  


BTW, you can also still buy the external battery charger at Amazon, for the bigger BL08 and BL09 batteries, you need to make a small hole to accomidate the plastic nub of the battery.  I have done this and there appears to be nothing critical (actually nothing there at all  ) in the charger at the location you need to make the hole.  I find the charger far more useful than charging the Z, I just swap batteries and I can grab a spare if I am going on a trip somewhere:

Sharp-Brand CE-BC21 Battery Charger (works for all batteries from 5500 to C-3200 (for larger BL08 and BL09, just make small hole to accomidate plastic nub)

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