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Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / Cosmo Screen Protectors?
« on: October 28, 2019, 10:53:44 am »
Anybody seen any for sale? Or is the Cosmo screen the same size as the Gemini's?


Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / Shipping Costs?
« on: July 29, 2019, 09:21:26 am »
Last night, I almost pulled the trigger on a Cosmo, but was startled to see a $50USD shipping charge. Did early backers get charged the same?


Zaurus - pdaXrom / NewsFeed RSS Reader Updated for pdaXrom
« on: May 29, 2019, 10:33:06 am »
Through the kindness of Daniel Hertrich who gave me a copy of weeXpc and the generosity of Martin Doege, developer of NewsFeed, I now have a functional rss reader for these modern times.

NewsFeed needs the full python 2.4, python-crypto,  python-tk, tcl, and tk.

These instructions help, too:

When I queried Martin about the display difficulties of NewsFeed on the Zaurus, he rewrote the to accommodate our tiny screens:

1) pressing f brings the feed to a full window, pressing f again returns to the main gui
2) the feed text is now bold-ed
3) since the gui is slower to update than in console, update-at-start has been disabled. A much faster manner of updating is "./" in console, then open NewsFeed with "./newsfeed"
4) because tk/tcl for Z doesn't seem to process certain unicodes (i.e. smart quotes), NewsFeed now defaults to straight quotes

For NewsFeed installation, first download NewsFeed v2.13.1 from here:

Then download the Z-specific file,, from here:

and overwrite the original

I use fivefilter's premium full-text rss retriever--9 sites with 10 full-text feeds each. Via usb ethernet, it takes about 3 minutes for complete downloading. Via IrDA (Nokia 9300, gprs), it takes about 6 minutes. Slow but much faster and more stable than browsing, and NewsFeed allow off-line viewing.

I could not find a compiled tk/tcl that played nice with ttf fonts. So at this point, NewsFeed is stuck with the Z's "fixed" font, which means the font of the first two windows can't be adjusted, so it remains small.

Martin's python scripting will allow font adjustment for the entire gui, but he needs better tk/tcl. Are there better tk/tcl compilations out there? Right now, I'm using v8.4.6

At any rate, Daniel's kindness and Martin's unstinting help have produced a true rss reader, something that has not been often available for pdaXrom.


Gemini PDA - Android / Google Maps Issue
« on: November 15, 2018, 02:13:10 pm »
With the latest Maps update, the app crashes as soon as I click Go to start a trip.

If I disable Maps, clear out the updates, then enable Maps without any updates, Maps works fine.

Is this an issue with anyone else? (I'm using stock Android)


Gemini PDA - Hardware / Musing about the Cosmos Hinge
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:46:52 am »
While I'm a very happy Gemini owner and the phone is my main driver, I do have concerns about its hinge. Other users have been forced to re-bend their weakening hinge and I've duct-taped a length of coat hanger into the hinge's groove on the machine's underside for added support.

I can live with this since the Gemini is essentially a prototype, a one-of-a-kind, etc. And my workaround has stopped the wobble for now.

But as I look over the pix at Indiegogo Cosmos, it appears that the hinge design is unchanged AND the screen now carries the extra weight of a camera and an exterior screen. I'm no hardware developer, but this strikes me as a problem.

Are others uneasy?


Gemini PDA - General Discussion / Reflashing Support from Planet Itself
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:58:07 am »
I wrote to PC this morning about my reflashing concerns and they got back to me immediately; their speed was so impressive. Below is my email and their response. HTH:



I received my Gemini PDA (#8778) in June and I am thoroughly enjoying
it--your device is now my main phone. It's everything you promised.

I have flashed my Gemini to 1) rooted Android 2) Debian 3) Sailfish but I
would like to flash a stock Android to replace the rooted Android.
Everything else, including partition sizes, can remain the same.

It's not clear to me about reflashing. I have my downloaded files, including
my scatter file, but obviously, I need to either generate a new scatter file
or edit my current one to replace a rooted img with a downloaded stock img.

Another complication is the partition sizes. It's unclear what sizes I have,
so if I generate a new scatter file, I have to specify the partition sizes,
and I worry that reflashing with different partition sizes could brick the

If there is a way to blow away all the partitions and reflash with new
partitions and a factory-default 1) stock Android 2) Debian 3) Sailfish,
that's fine--I don't need to keep any user data.

Thank you in advance for any help provided and again, thank you for making
such a great device.


Dear Jake,

Thank you for your email. I hope you are well.

I am pleased to hear that you have been enjoying your Gemini. I would advise downloading a new scatter file and a fresh set of the firmware from our partitioning tool at Changing the partition scheme will not damage your device, as long as you use the flashing tool that was provided from our support website at You can delegate as much storage to the different OS' as you like.

As always, please ensure the NVRAM backup is taken as per the instructions at

Feel free to let me know if there's anything I can assist you with.

Kind regards,

Gemini PDA - Android / Screenshots of Gemini Home Screens
« on: August 12, 2018, 03:45:29 pm »
I'm interested in how people have set up their Gemini home screen on nougat. Mine is fairly pedestrian, though I worked to unclutter the status bar, removing as many right side icons as possible.

Status bar apps:

1) Battery Percentage Overlay Pro (didn't like the stock battery icon/percentage)

2) Network Type Indicator (replaces the double sim, hideous eVoLTE icon, etc)

3) Wifi State  (replaces stock wifi icon)

4) Date in Status Bar Pro

Home Screen

1) Nova Launcher Pro

2) acalendar+ widget

3) Chronus widget (also puts temperature on left side of status bar)

4) Power Toggles

5) Clix icons

6) Pitch Black Wallpaper

 [ Invalid Attachment ]

After doing the scary-mary flash to 1) Android Rooted 2) Linux 3) Sailfish, I realize that I don't truly need root, and for security purposes, I'm pondering reflashing the Android partition back to a stock Android.

I have my original scatter file, the original downloaded OSs, and what would be safest way to effect a reflash of stock Android but keeping Debian and Sailfish? My partition sizes are fine, can remain what they are.

Should I download the stock Android image and edit the scatter file?

Or should I try to do a reflash of all three OSs? (which would be fine; I've done very little work in either Debian or Sailfish, so overwriting is fine)

If I use my original scatter file and try to flash stock Android only, what would I edit in the scatter file?

It also occurs to me that even when I flashed an ostensibly rooted Android, I still had to run magisk. Could another option be to reflash with same scatter file and same downloaded OSs and simply not run magisk?

I'm obviously apprehensive about this, given my first flashing was difficult and I've carefully read the travails of other flash-ers.


Gemini PDA - Android / Change Background of Messenger?
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:56:40 am »
I've looked on-line and in PlayStore (themes there want you to download their own messenger) and I can't yet find a way to change the brutal green background of the stock Messaging.

Any advice?


Gemini PDA - Linux / Hang on Shutdown
« on: July 28, 2018, 10:37:02 am »
Running a fully updated stock Debian, i find that I can no longer shut down Debian without a a hard turn-off. I can reboot, and I can shut down if I log off first.

I did not have this issue before a dist-upgrade earlier this month.

Any handle to jiggle?


Gemini PDA - Android / Hiding Volte Icon?
« on: July 13, 2018, 11:49:24 am »
I've looked hard but haven't found anything to block that long, annoying icon. I'm rooted--has anybody figured a way to hide the volte icon?


Gemini PDA - Android / One Way to Remap Keyboard
« on: July 09, 2018, 12:04:50 pm »
On the US keyboard, the back slash and vertical line, for some reason, have their own key. Since I write prose more than programs, I much preferred those keys to be brought up by an fn keystroke and in their place, I wanted a simple quote and double-quote key. I sacrificed the fn call of the Pound and Euro sign (apologies to my European friends) and replaced said keys with back slash and vertical line respectively.

To start me off, I found:;prev=search

and followed this fellow's instructions as best I could. For openers, you've got to download gbs of Android Studio and its plugins. So space beware.

Long story short: by extracting, then editing the keyboard kcm file (for your specific keyboard) from the /raw directory in "Gemini Keyboard  1.0.24.apk" (using 7-Zip File Manager), you can build a basic Hello World apk that will install a new keyboard layout (without overwriting any existing kcm) and you can choose that layout from Physical Keyboard settings. Make certain that your new, edited kcm has its own unique name, or an overwrite could happen.

I found this procedure to be both fascinating and a huge learning curve. If someone decides to be intrepid but gets stuck, I'm happy to email my 10mb source file for this apk (apk itself is 1.5mb). Theoretically, you should be able to drop your edited kcm file in my source's /raw directory, rebuild the source with Android Studio, and create a working apk that has your own keyboard remapping.

Changing certain keys is probably not of interest to most users, but for me, the fn-M to get a simple apostrophe was driving me to distraction. That, and I like to tweak keyboards.

Also theoretically, if you're root, you should be able to simply edit the specific kcm file (eg: keyboard_layout_english_us_intl_gemini.kcm) on the Gemini itself with no apk stuff. But my searches never turned up anything other than the generic kcms. Perhaps Gemini converts the kcm to an xml hidden somewhere, I just don't know.

At any rate, pm me if you want the source, and I take no responsibility for anything that ensues,

Gemini PDA - Android / Location of Gemini Keyboard Files in /System?
« on: July 04, 2018, 12:48:46 pm »
In my rooted Android, I'm looking to remap a key in the .kl file, but I can't find a Gemini US keyboard directory or file.

Does anybody know where the Gem-specific files are stored?


Gemini PDA - General Discussion / Car Charger Recommendation?
« on: July 04, 2018, 09:50:26 am »
Can anyone recommend a safe car charger, something to keep Waze from draining the battery?


When I get into Sailfish, it remembers my wifi, but the tutorial always starts and it doesn't remember my landscape rotation.

Which handles do I jiggle for those things?


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