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I'll follow your lead and keep my current compilation. If you do recompile a future kernel, I'll be very interested to know your thinking.


@cam1965--I have put holds on cosmo kernel, etc to keep my compiled kernel first and foremost.

But I now see that there's an updated kernel available. Have you recompiled it? Or are you content with your present kernel?


Thank you for that fast follow-up. While intrigued mightily with UBPorts, I don't think my Cosmo can make the switch: my wifi/bt are dead and while cam1965 held my hand and helped me compile the Gemian kernel to let me use usb wifi adapters, I don't think such an arrangement will transfer to UBPorts. That, an absence of accessible word processing seem to make me cheer on rather than actually use UBPorts.

I will lurk with respect :)


UBPorts: this is very intriguing.

I've been poking around in the store. Am I correct in assuming there's not a word processor available? Can't find LibreOffice, etc.


If anybody needs to get one of those cheapie Ralink wifi adapters going on the Cosmo, the rt2800 seems to be a discontinued chip.  The chip that appears most on ebay, etc is the mt7601u

Luckily, the Cosmo 4.4 kernel also has that module available for compilation. Thanks to all of cam1965's tutelage, I compiled the kernel once more to have both the rt2800 and the mt7601u available, and now both my wifi adapters get the Cosmo on-line.


Daniel, many thanks for the quick response.


If my Cosmo replacement battery does actually make it to me, I'm remain a bit confused about the initial part of the tear-down.

How does one get access to the screws in pic #1? Does the Cosmo bottom pop off the way the Gemini's top pops off (with the Gemini tool?)?


Could somebody confirm that the Gemini and Cosmo battery are indeed the same? And could that kind soul point me to a buying link, preferably Amazon/ebay?

I can't seem to track one down for my worn-out Cosmo.



$56USD/free s/h in the US at least. Will post back if/when arrives

Great work. Congratulations.

I'm a big fan of Stretch on the Gemini. I have my install working about as well as it can, all key-stroked, no mouse needed.


That's amazing. I would've thought the two OSs would be completely different, no shared files.

And it's so strange the Kali system.img sort-of worked but the the recopy of the original system.img brought back the calling, etc.

So to clarify: you're running Debian Stretch (9) with all phone capability?

Well done,

Cosmo Communicator - Linux / Re: USB charging problems
« on: June 14, 2021, 04:08:03 pm »
Thank you for making this issue into its own post.


Disappointing, but thank you for your confirmation. I thought the problem was on my end.

This is unfortunate as even a usb wifi adapter sucks a lot of battery. Of course, my Cosmo hardware is so broken--speakers, wifi, bluetooth--that perhaps my battery is also at fault.


Many thanks. That's some marvelous wallpaper.

Am I doing something wrong or is the Cosmo set up so if you have peripherals attached to the left usb-c, then you can't charge a/c in the right usb-c?

Peripherals seem to shut down the charging.


Give how much a modem drains battery, probably not worth compiling the Gemini 3.18 kernel. Just phone tether instead.

I saw a previous post of yours about the sudden absence of the ALT key for shortcut-making, and I can verify that--except for ALT-TAB, ALT key can't be part of the shortcut.

As I've done with my Gemini/Stretch, I'm going to keystroke as much as I can. I'll take your advice and stick to KDE Plasma. I've never used it: is there a way to increase the size of the systray icons? EDIT:

Setting it to iconSize=3 makes systray far more finger-friendly

For the Gem, I use this to notify-send uptime, battery, and weather:

Code: [Select]
notify-send " up: $(uptime | sed 's/^.\+up\ \+\([^,]*\).*/\1/g') batt: $(cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/device/power_supply/battery/uevent | grep -m 1 'POWER_SUPPLY_CAPACITY' | cut -c23-25)%" "$(curl -s\?metric\=${METRIC}\&locCode\=20902 \ | sed -n '/Currently:/ s/.*: \(.*\): \([0-9]*\)\([CF]\).*/\2°\3 \1/p')"

So I'll try to make all the machine monitors available by keystroke.

Is it possible to install another main menu, something more Win95-ish?  EDIT: Never mind, right-clicking main menu icon gives better choices.


I couldn't have used Cosmo if you had not helped me find a way to the Ralink wifi--the usb modem, while cool, eats too much battery.

Did you ever compile usb modem compatibility for your gemini? More importantly, have you found a better desktop than kde pasma?

I'd like to use same setup from Stretch, openbox, lxqt, etc.

Do you thinks that's possible?


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