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Off Topic forum / Apple With Intel Chip
« on: June 10, 2005, 09:20:36 pm »
Cringley is a crank.

Apple move to Intel, yeah. I was stunned even a bit disappointed, I guess they had to do it, Cell was never an option, it's not designed for that kind of use.  But Intel have problems of their own, they must have shown things to Steve Jobs to convince him this was the right move.  I was expecting to replace my Mac mini with a G5 based mini eventually, I expected a 64bit transition. That's not going to happen, infact the Intel 64bit Macs, look like they'll be arriving Q4 2007.

The Rosetta thing is a bit of a fudge though, if you read through the developer docs, you'll see it will translate only G3 apps, no G4 or G5 code and Altivec has no equivalent on Intel, it's a re-write job.

My initial reaction has been one of great vengence and furious anger, but I read Intel as Windows PC for some illogical reason, there is no reason to expect an Apple Intel Mac will be PC by another name, but there are worrying signs.  No Openfirmware, maybe a BIOS and the remark that Windows could be installed, that would indicate that future Macs will be PCs unless a VM is present for such use.  OSX won't run on other x86 hardware though, probably because of a hardware lockout feature.  Someone will create something to run it fast in a VM though for sure, albeit illegally.

Could be the start of a chain of errors, could be the best thing ever for Macs.

For Sale / Wanted / Wanted: Yp3700 For Buy/trade
« on: April 09, 2005, 05:00:00 pm »
I've owned and loved my Zaurus SL-5500 for about 2 years now, but it's time to move on. 

 I'm looking for a G.Mate Yopy 3700 in good condition (I don't want one for parts).  They're kinda tough to find, even at full price.   I could probably afford to drop $100 to $150 on it , but if you're looking to sell your Yopy and you think this is too low name a figure and we can talk.

 Or if you, like me, love gadgets but also like change maybe you'd be willing to trade a YP3700 for my SL-5500.  It is in great shape and would come with a bunch of accessories I obviously won't be needing anymore.

 I have:

 - Zarus SL-5500 base unit (w/ upgraded ROM)
 - Original docking cradle
 - Original AC adapter
 - Original Utility CD
 - 1 Additional Docking Cradle
 - 64mb SD card
 - 1 Travel AC adapter (can be used to power additional dock)
 - Sandisk Connect 802.11b CF Wifi  card
 - AA battery extender
 - USB IR Dongle (I used this at work before I got the 2nd dock)
  - *BONUS* If you want I can throw in a NEW in box SMC Internet Router with
     4-port ethernet switch and integrated 802.11b access point.   Or a used D-Link
     stand alone  802.11b AP if you already have an internet router (or you could add
     a second NIC on your PC and use the AP for ICS).  Your choice. 
     I'm gettin' rid of a bunch of stuff 'cause I'm going back to school soon.  So if there's  an item you need that might make a deal worthwhile to you...mention it...I just might have it. Ti-86 calculator...Leatherman Wave multi-tool...Jam PC Drawing Tablet...36" Blowgun...NEC Mobilepro 780 (Ugraded with a 790 ROM + accessories)...Jisatsu Kurabu (aka Suicide Circle) on DVD...Compaq Notebook 100 with Laptop backpack and various accessories...single lock handcuffs...a brick...anything...who knows...

 I'm just kinda puttin' it out there.  I'll probably have to sell the Z anyway to help finance my 1 year study abroad in Japan.  But if I can trade up for or reasonably purchase a YP3700 I'd love to have one to play with.  Does it run Kismet ?

 Thanks for reading and best wishes to all!
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I was probably the greatest advocate of the Yopy here, it's dead. Gmate have lied to those of us who supported it and led the community efforts. I sold mine and cut my losses with the whole Linux thing.  If you're desparate for one, may have some left. Alternatively try my old haunt at  But you wont get any support from Gmate who seem to have stopped trading. Good luck.

For Sale / Wanted / Yp3700 For Sale
« on: March 26, 2005, 12:25:47 am »
[span style=\'font-size:14pt;line-height:100%\']The Yopy has been sold.[/span]
Thanks to everyone who contacted me.

Also just a quick goodbye to everyone I've dealt with here, I joined ZUG over a year ago and apart from a fairly unpleasant encounter with a nameless entity, I've really enjoyed interacting with everyone here and made a few new friends along the way.

I sincerely wish you all the very best in the future.


[span style=\'font-size:8pt;line-height:100%\']PS.  AIM screen name is francisjdouse, if anyone wants to get in touch.  [/span]

For Sale / Wanted / Yp3700 For Sale
« on: March 19, 2005, 12:13:47 pm »
Yes this is correct, the owner of YopyPDA has sent me an email saying the same.. Actually what I've been told is that he is not able to source from Gmate as they are not responding to his requests, this could change as Gmate are still operating AFAIK.  It's not really that much of an issue, YopyNG will still be making their kernel and filesystem - maybe with a new GUI, don't forget that most YP3700 owners use Qtopia which allows Z apps to run. I've heard there are people running Opie on it. Put it this way, if it doesn't sell I'll still be very happy to use it until it dies someday. In short there will always be apps available as long as Qtopia/Opie and X exist.

If anyone is interested the sale will remain open, unfortunately at the moment I simply have to sell it even though I don't want to and will regret it. Finances are tight, it has to go. :-( I may indeed get a new handheld, but I doubt it will be a Linux device I'm afraid.

I've also edited out the post above about Buy It Now for ZUG members, that option is no longer on offer as I made an error when listing it.  Any personal offers can be made by contacting me via the Contact Seller option on the auction page which I will consider.  Please don't contact me or make offers on this thread or by using the PM option here as I may not see it.

For Sale / Wanted / Yp3700 For Sale
« on: March 18, 2005, 08:22:35 pm »
(I've removed this post)

For Sale / Wanted / Yp3700 For Sale
« on: March 18, 2005, 06:37:40 am »
Unfortunately finances, work and life dictate that my beloved toy must go...

This YP3700 is a little over two months old (when I exchanged the unit). Would make a great upgrade for a 5x00 user, or as another machine for the collection.

- Linux Kernel
- X Windows!
- GTK+/IceWM
- MMC/CF slots
- USB dock
- Hancom Office
- Lots of software, games, mp3, vlc etc. included
- Runs Qtopia 1.7, Zaurus compatible

Mains adaptor included which can be used in most countries, UK plug adaptor included.

Please do NOT reply on this thread or PM me, your comments may not be read.  Use the contact seller option on eBay.

This is a UK sale, I will also ship within the European Union territories, buyer pays all additional shipping costs. Will ship outside EU if needed, again there maybe additional shipping costs. PayPal only.

Mac Issues / Qtopia Desktop Osx Issues?
« on: March 17, 2005, 10:08:45 pm »
I don't know if this is of any use?

Never tried it.

C1000/3x00 Hardware / C3000/1000 Keyboard
« on: March 17, 2005, 05:20:07 pm »
Thanks to everyone who answered, I loved the keyboard on the C860 - could type very fast, seems the C1000 will be even better.

I've decided to not get another Z yet, but in time I may reconsider.

Thanks again everyone ;-)

6000 - Tosa / Opie And Pdf Reader
« on: March 17, 2005, 05:17:24 pm »
Look for qpdf2 - I think! It worked better for me than qpdf.  I'm working from memory though so I may have it wrong.

5x00 Hardware / User Replaceable Backup Battery?
« on: March 15, 2005, 09:58:12 am »
Not schematics, but a pic or two.

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I can't see the backup battery.

Actually I didn't even know the SL-5500 has one, I thought it just retained a stored charge for a short period.

C1000/3x00 Hardware / C3000/1000 Keyboard
« on: March 15, 2005, 05:03:04 am »
I'm asking about the C3000 but will guess the C1000 will be the same.

Is there anyone here who has had another C series machine and a C3000?  I'd like to know how the keyboard compares, the C3000/1000 keyboards look like real solid keys but so did the C860/760/750/700 pics until I got one - it was more like a ZX81 keyboard - except it worked better.

Can some kind soul explain what the keyboard is like and if able to compare it to the Cxxx keyboards, that would be great.

Deals and Great Z Buys / C1000 On Pricejapan
« on: March 14, 2005, 09:28:13 pm »

OMFG! That's £269 UK!  Damn! That's only appeared in the last 8 hours because I tried earlier today.

Sharp ROMs / Video Player Success stories
« on: March 14, 2005, 05:57:09 pm »
In fact I still have the binaries and since I no longer need or use them I'll transfer ownership to you or anyone who wants them I'm sure I can do that if I recall.
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sent you a pm padishah_emperor
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I have now transferred ownership of those apps as agreed. Good luck with your project.


Software / Opie-reader Support
« on: March 14, 2005, 02:21:49 pm »
Hope you're ok Tim ;-)

Deals and Great Z Buys / C1000 Available On For $549
« on: March 14, 2005, 02:19:27 pm »
Good idea, but I don't feel very comfortable with that option.. if it breaks I'm totally stuffed! Doubt I'd get a UK compatible mains adaptor either.  It's academic as they don't list the C1000 yet.

UPDATE: They are now listing it, £269 to UK

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