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Gemini PDA - Linux / Re: Best Backup for Gemian?
« on: February 28, 2024, 02:53:22 pm »
On my linux system i trigger a rsnapshot via systemd. Sorry  :-[ - i did not find the description for that, but systemd could start jobs if an external device is pluged in. This should also be possible for harddisks attached on the PDA - i think  :D.

i will sell my rarely used Cosmo with a german keyboard - all parts working fine.

Without a good working Salfish OS (or out of the box working linux) i had no usage for the Cosmo :(.

I prefer a face-to-face handover, so someone near munich (germany) would be fine.
On the planet store the cosmo price is 599,00£ - this is 679,00€ today.
So i think 450,00€ should be fair for the cosmo in good condition and a completely filled original box ;).

If anybody is interested please send me a privat message ...


Short update: I have on PDA and inserted a SIM for some tests.
After boot (regardles boot or reboot) the ofono.service did not work.
No SIM card is shown.
Restarting the ofono.service via systemctl, everything is fine. The SIM card works as expectet.
This seems to be a known bug also occured on some sony devices - as i read on sailfish forum ...

Gemini PDA - Sailfish OS / Re: Current State of Sailfish on Gemini PDA
« on: April 16, 2022, 09:09:20 am »
Great, even if not used as a main phone. Please share your experience.
Sailfish seems to be only OS for Gemini that is still being updated / maintained. (not so much about the kernel though)

Issues I noticed:

- WiFi selector does not work well in landscape mode, unable to see available access points.
If confirmed by others, I am happy to raise a ticket / case with Jolla.

Because of the 'small' screen the access points are not visible. You have to scroll up to see them.
Same problem is, if you put your apps into folders. Only one line is visible and you have to scroll to see the apps below ...

- Alarm clock is unreliable. I set multiple alarms, on the same day, different hours, with odd results such as the alarm not being triggered (this is the stock clock app)
Same as previous issue, please confirm if you experience this.

- Speaker / Microphone orientation appears to fixed, not alined with as the phone is being held. This needs confirmation from other users.
Same as previous issue, please confirm if you experience this.

Sorry, no experience to the upper problems. It's not my main phone and i have no sim in it and use it very rarely ..

- Lack of Social / Communication apps. Sailtrix (Matrix) works ok, but I fail to validate the client. Whisperfish (Signal) I have trouble to authenticate at all.
These are non default apps. May need to raise directly with the maintainer.

Same here. But on my fairphone Whisperfish works well so far and on PDA the same package should be used - both use 32bit - only the kernel on PDA is 64bit as i know ...

- Indicator LEDS are working only for calls, txt and email. Is there any support for other apps ?
Question for the Jolla forum perhaps.

Dont think so. The access to the LEDs are different on each phone as i know and there is no porter for the PDA - but i think you'er welcome to do so ;-) ...

Positive Observations:

- Battery live is pretty good. No figures to compare with Android, but as good, from a pure feeling perspective.

- The Sailfish browser does most of what I want, is fast and efficient with tabs. Youtube works well.

- Solid IRC support

- Solid RSS feeder available

- Solid Console support

Same here. It seems that most things work well (IRC and RSS i don't use). But as i wrote above, it is to big for my pocket - and the problem with the not working 'silver button' to accept a call is  :-X ...


Hope some of the information helps  ;)

Gemini PDA - Sailfish OS / Re: Current State of Sailfish on Gemini PDA
« on: April 12, 2022, 07:15:58 pm »
i updated to the latest version and it works quite well :). But i do not use my PDA as main phone. It's to big for my pocket ... :-\.

After a while i take a look to the SailfishOS development again (
I seems that a version was build 8 month ago. But tt seems that there is no further development for SailfisOS on cosmo :-(.
Did any one installed the latest build succsessful on the cosmo? I tried installation without success (after a few reboots it stops al the boot logo).

@gymbo and @jakfish this is a good hint. CODI seems to be off, but may only the screen is of and the processor is running (i did not disable CODI).
There should be a process (at least on gemian) which disable CODI on power off and enable it on startup ::).

Same here, regardless which OS do the poweroff :o ...

After i few months and a few updates (to SailfishOS version i have to use the device as (phone) replacement for my failed main phone.
... and i run into a problem which make the usage as phone with SailfishOS impossible  ::).
There is no audio output on the phone speaker, on the stereo laudspeaker, on a wired and on a bluetooth headset  :o.

For more information take i look here

On my also installed debian linux audio woks, so it is no hardware problem.
If someone did not have this problem it would be fine to give some information here (e.g. installed rpms, ...)

Many thanks gabs5807

There is a newer version ( on (select 'passed' and download 'Job artifacts').
Landscape bug is not fixed  ::), also WiFi configuration is not persist - it seems that the blobs are still missing ::).

Gemini PDA - Linux / Re: Final call for TP3
« on: November 22, 2020, 08:48:49 pm »
I think Nikita sent it to Davide a wee while back and its now on the new v8 partition tool:

I've not managed to test it yet as I updated my Ubuntu on my desktop and it won't flash any more for me. I'm probably still working on other stuff for a couple of weeks but will probably get back to working on TP4 (buster based) in due course.
@Adam Boardman, long time ago you wrote this ;).
I know you're very busy - but any thoughts making a TP4 (buster based) ::)?

Many thanks Gabriel

On the closed thread "New Linux Update With New Mouse Button Functionality Using CODI Buttons"

@mibry wrote:

The codi-app is installed to /home/cosmo/.config/autostart/codi.desktop, you have to copy the same to the same location of the user you created.

This did not work on my cosmo. And starting the script from codi.desktop on a terminal, it is running but i got an error "Exception: unable to open database file" at start - and CoDi mouse did not work:

Code: [Select]
$ python3 /usr/lib/codi/
Codi Linux Server
Device mtk-kpd found.
Exception: unable to open database file
-> SetCoDiStatus
-> SetMouse
-> DateTimeInfo
-> DoNotDisturbStatusInfo
-> BTStatusInfo
-> WiFiStatusInfo
-> ModemSignalInfo
-> MTKDataChangeAlert
-> MTKDataChangeAlert
-> WiFiStatusInfo
<= org.freedesktop.UPower.Device {'UpdateTime': 1605985039, 'TimeToEmpty': 9725, 'Voltage': 3.98, 'EnergyRate': 4.036516, 'EnergyFull': 11.72508, 'Energy': 10.9043244} []
-> BatteryLevelInfo

Examine the script did not show an access to a database  ??? so i don't see what is missing ...

Edit: the same error came in user cosmo.
But using CoDi i see:

Code: [Select]
-> MTKDataChangeAlert
-> MTKDataChangeAlert
-> WiFiStatusInfo
<- MouseInfo
mode = 1
x_coord = -23
y_coord = -13
<- MouseInfo
mode = 1
x_coord = -9
y_coord = 23
<- MouseInfo
mode = 1
x_coord = -6
y_coord = 25
<- MouseInfo

2nd edit:
i rebooted the system several times now it works as expected - sorry for confusing here ???.

I installed the new linux version (v3) from scratch. It seams that mouse support only works on user cosmo,
but not on login screen and not on an additional created user. I added the new user to the same groups the user cosmo has, except the cosmo primary group.

If there is a user specific configuration, is should be at the skel directory (may be i missed this on useradd ???).

Anyone tried messaging and phonecall on closed cosmo ( could not try it - i did not have a sim card in place  ::)?

Cosmo Communicator - CoDi / Re: CoDi firmware T1.1.1.15
« on: November 20, 2020, 03:55:45 pm »
This build enables DebianKDE to use CoDi as mouse replacement.
For more information take a look here ;D.

The data needs to be in /.stowaways/sailfishos/ so make sure it is extracted there (it will have similar structure like / with etc, home, lib and so on). /data from within sfos will be your gemian root folder btw and the init scripts will leave a bit of a mess there, though nothing breaks (except maybe automounting sd cards under dolphin, it will still get mounted but will not be accessible until you chmod /media again as sfos sets /data/media to 0660 (can probably be tweaked in the .rc script))
@szopin thank you. I rsynced the files to /.stowaways/sailfishos a few hours ago and now sailfish starts as expected ;D.

The main Problem i have now is the missing support of the german HW keyboard 'FN' key. No '_', '-', '@',... so i could not setup various accounts.

Installing the terminal allows me to type the missing values and copy (from virtual keyboard) / paste (Ctrl-V on HW keyboard) them to the apps (or settings) ::).
But this is very cumbersome. At that the WLan password is not stored ???.
Btw. the terminal is upside down (rotated 180°).

May be i can find the package for the HW keyboard on the Gemini PDA repository - should be the same as for cosmo?.

Getting newer packages causes an error:
Code: [Select]
[root@cc ~]# version --dup
Resolving: 100%
Error: This request will break your system!
This request will break your system!
This request will break your system!
Finished transaction (status=2, runtime=23328ms)
Waiting 1 seconds before retry.

rsyncing /.stowaways/sailfishos on debian to a backup directory should allow a fast reset if anythings going wrong ;).

Many thanks.

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