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Software / Need To Recover Kdepim Pwmanager Password...
« on: January 29, 2010, 06:10:43 pm »
- I have a file, see?  It's encrypted, see?  But I don't have the password any more, see?  (*smack*)
- Alrightythen.  I've sadly lost my beloved Z, and I only have a pwmanager backup file from *before* I changed the master password.  If it was after I'd be fine ... load up PasswordManager on Linux and have it.  But when I load up my KDEPIM pwmanager file into KDE PasswordManager and enter the password, it won't unlock it.  That's why I think this file is before the password change.  (grin)
- I've been looking all over for a password recovery tool for this, but I can't find one anywhere.  I'm sure it's a non-trivial undertaking, but hey, I have multiple cores at my disposal.  It should be theoretically possible.
- Does anyone know how I can recover the data from a pwmanager file?

Thanks for your time...

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Switching To Verizon In The Usa
« on: June 29, 2008, 08:27:12 pm »
- We moved over a year ago and our contract is finally up, so we can jump ship from the no-signal Sprint, and it looks like Verizon is the only game in town from a signal perspective, so I guess that's what we'll get.  I have an LG PM325 I think it is, and it's BT has always been super flakey.  Half the time it doesn't report it has DUN, half the time it does report it has DUN it's service 4 and the other half it's service 5, and most of the time it does report it has DUN it won't connect.  It's been a serious nightmare that I've simply given up on, quite frankly.  On the positive side, when it does report it has DUN and I can actually get it to connect, it works swimmingly.  (wry grin)

- But with the new phone comes new hope that Hiroshi may actually be able to connect to the 'net with the cell phone one day.  I have an Ambicom BT card, Model BT2000-CF, the one with the blue "tooth" surfing on it, because back when I was getting a BT card many posts here at OESF indicated that was the most reliable one, and I'm using Cacko 1.23 which includes a BT configuration tool, though my experience is that command line is the only way to be sure.

- In particular I'm not looking for a "smart" phone or a web phone or any expensive gee-whiz do-dad for my pocket.  I'm looking for a cell phone primarily, and a BT link for Hiro secondarily.  Any other function it may have is superfluous to me, and therefore nothing I want to pay for.  (grin)

- I was thinking the Motorola Moko might work.  It's got BT and says it supports DUN, and with the US-normal contract fiasco it's a whole $20.  Given the current job situation less is more, but I'd entertain any option that was a "sure thing".

- Thoughts?  Ideas?  Recommendations?  Love to hear 'em all.  Thanks for your time...

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Ndis Install For C1000
« on: March 10, 2008, 01:18:02 pm »
- I've poked around here on OESF and it appears the way to get the NDIS driver installed for a C1000 is to use the original Japanese CD that came with it.  I obsessive-compulsively retain every single bit of material for every device I've ever purchased, but since I moved last year I no longer have the faintest of clues where my Z's box might be (wry grin), and that's where'd I'd put something I rarely use, like the install disc.

- I'd like to re-install because I got a new laptop last July, and I haven't had any connection to my Z since then.  The old one took a very sudden, mortal turn for the worst, so I can't even try to pick files and configuration from it.

- I was wondering if anyone could avail me of the NDIS drivers for a C1000 from their install disc?  Or a link to download an image?  I don't really care for anything but the NDIS driver, so my existing samba setup will allow me access the full device again.  But if I get more than the driver I'm happy with that, too.

- I tried installing the Collie drivers, which I do have; I seem to recall when I got Hiroshi and sold Cricket, I didn't change anything.  The SL-5500 drivers and suchlike worked perfectly with the C1000, which is why I tried installing them.  But alas, they not only fail, but they introduce a two minute delay in boot-up that does not go away by uninstalling the drivers ... only a full restore from backup before the initial install corrected that issue.  (little boy pout)

- Thanks for your time!...

General Discussion / Keyboard Not Working On C1000....
« on: April 04, 2007, 01:51:24 pm »
- The day before yesterday Hiro, my C1k, started rotating to portrait every time I turned him on.  Today, the keyboard stopped working, and won't respond even after popping the battery.
- I pressed the little switch that tells the Z it's screen has been folded down, and it seems that is working only intermittently, so it thinks it should go to portrait because the switch isn't right.
- I've no clue on the keyboard.  It's just dead.
- Otherwise the unit appears to work perfectly.  Touch screen, backlight, expansion slots, USB, everything works like a charm.
- Any hints on what I might do to troubleshoot this?  I'm thinking disassembly, but don't want to just rip into it without a plan of action.
- After reading about the production stop, I'm wondering if Hiro isn't just depressed.  (wry grin) Thanks for your time...

EDIT: Aha!  They are one in the same.  The portrait mode switch disables the keyboard.  I'm still thinking dismantle and clean, and I'm still soliciting input...

Sharp ROMs / How Does One Reduce The System Cache Size?
« on: April 17, 2006, 03:06:50 pm »
- If cache and free memory are counted together, I have about half of my memory "free", yet Cacko's memory applet often nudges into the yellow, and when I check, I see "free" is very low, about a meg, but there is always plenty of "cache".  Right now I have 5MB "free" and 25MB "cache".
- I'd like to tell the system to be more aggressive about reducing the "cache" part, so I'll have more "free" part.  I'd be much happier to see cache limited to about 10MB, just to see how the system responds with that, and have the rest be left as free RAM.  I'm not entirely convinced that it's freeing cache when it's low on memory, and I have a hard time believing it really needs 20MB of cache at all times.

- I'm thinking of trying this same thing on this FC4 desktop system.  It's got a paltry 256MB RAM, and uses RDRAM, so upgrading isn't really an option.  It shows a paltry 48MB free, and I don't like that, when top shows 122MB cached.  Seems to be a Linux trait.  (grin)

- Is cache size reduction possible?  If so, how does one go about it?  Thanks for your time...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxrom1.1.0beta2-akita Post-flash Issues...
« on: April 15, 2006, 11:06:41 pm »
- I've read lots of positive things about pdaXrom since RC10, the last time I tried it.  It is much improved, to be sure.  Stability, for one, appears to be nailed.  Despite lots and lots of poking around, it's not crashed, segfaulted, or even hiccoughed one single time.  GOOD FORM!  Suspend works flawlessly, the UI works pretty well, and overall it's plain well done.
- But.  There's always one of those.  (sigh)  Here's my list:

1. Windows, dialogs in particular, still have a habit of painting themselves completely off the screen.  They can usually be moved back, but in some cases, like "QtConfig", are simply too large, and the bottom part is plain not available, including any buttons that may or may not be down there, like "Ok" or "Cancel".  AbiWord (AWESOME program) never shows its status bar, because I suspect it's painted off the screen as well.  Some AbiWord dialogs also appear almost completely off the screen, such that they cannot be moved back, but fortunately when this happend, the "Cancel" button was visible.

2. I have a Symbol Spectrum 24 CF WiFi card that everyone on the forum says should work.  It's the older yellow-sticker "tooth surfer".  Cardctl info says it's a Spectrum24 LA4100, and /etc/pcmcia/spectrum.conf has data in it for that exact card, manfid and all.  Despite what cardctl reports, the UI says there is nothing in the CF slot, and the light never comes on, no matter what I've done so far.  spectrum_cs is loaded, but not bound from what I can tell.

3. The "bundled" software seems a bit weak.  No samba, no PIM (that i've found), no dhcp (for the USB to auto-configure to a desktop).  Since WiFi won't work, I can't download anything.  Since samba isn't present, I can't download it to a desktop and copy it over, though static IP on the desktop makes the Z ping-able.  DNS didn't function, so I couldn't surf via the desktop, which is when I turned to WiFi.  I can't find ftp on it anywhere, nor telnet.  SSH doesn't let me transfer files, AFAIK.  So it's a really cool isolated system, at present.

4. X won't run as a non-root user.  That's apparently fixable, as jerrybme has it working, but I haven't found enough information to get the "desktop" to load as other than root.  While the machine may be a one-user unit, connecting to the 'net as root is just begging for trouble, as far as I'm concerned.

5. Active software doesn't appear on the task bar anywhere.  I can only find things by going to main desktop and clicking "Active Tasks".  That's not a good way to have to do things.

- I'm REALLY impressed with how will pdaXrom "looks and feels", overall.  Very, very impressed.  I'm certain these things are all addressable, solveable, etc, but searching OESF doesn't appear to have yielded any of those solutions.

- First is 'net link, wired or wireless.  Then I can look for samba, KDE/PIM, etc, etc, then I'll at least be back where I was before I flashed pdaXrom, and the PDA will be usable.  After that I can poke at other stuff more or less at my leisure.

- Can some one help me out with this?  Thanks for your time...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Cross-pollinate Sd Drivers For > 1gb?
« on: February 15, 2006, 11:05:59 pm »
- In another thread, Meanie mentioned that the clever guys doing pdaXrom had developed an SD driver that allows cards larger than a GB to work.  Others in that thread mentioned a site in Japan that sells an SD WiFi card that includes a similar driver, but they only work on a cXXX.  Since I have a C1000, I'm outta luck on the Japanese driver.
- Meanie suggested if I asked Real Nice ™, I might prevail upon the good pdaXrom developers to cross-compile their SD driver.  I personally think that would be the Cat's Meow ™, but feel pdaXrom is where their efforts are best placed, and I shouldn't even consider taking their well-spent time away from that.
- But it did occur to me that perhaps I could port just the SD driver?  Likely not possible, pdaXrom uses a newer kernel, and that's liable to cause issues porting to an older one.  But if it is possible, I'd like to give it a go.  If not ... (shrug) ... didn't hurt to ask!  (wide grin)
- If it's not possible, or the good pdaXrom guys don't want to share their SD code (which is certainly understandable), then I'd like to ask where they got the info used to get their SD driver working?  Knowing it's possible is certainly a Good Thing ™, but a clue, now that's something else entirely.  (snicker)
- Thanks for your time...

Qt/Qtopia / Anyone Use Suse 10.0 For Z Dev?...
« on: December 03, 2005, 10:19:25 pm »
- I snagged SUSE 10.0, Fedora 4, and Debian "sarge" is downloading right now, but the torrents from aren't getting any real bandwidth, so it's going to take a coon's age to finish both DVDs (three days for the second at a paltry 11KB/s).  Since I've never used any distro but Red Hat I'm going to try Fedora last.  Since SUSE is done downloading I'd like to try that first.

- BUT if it's not a good distro for Z dev, it's not in the running, and I'll have to wait 'til Debian gets done (or someone points me to better torrents [nudge, wink]).  Perhaps I shouldn't be trying to download the whole ball o' wax up front?  (shrug)  I vastly prefer offline installations, but over 8GB is quite a bit, and I don't strictly have to do that if there's "a better way", ie, one that gets Debian up without waiting three days!  (snicker)

- Thanks for your time...

Sharp ROMs / Rebuilding Cacko's /usr Sqaushfs Image
« on: November 09, 2005, 09:23:03 pm »
- I'd like to update Cacko 1.23 Full's /usr squashfs image.  I could just use Lite, but I like the fact that everything I want is already installed and working in Full, where I have to install and configure quite a bit of stuff in Lite.  I'm getting a bit tired of installing and configuring for the nonce.  Also, by updating the sqaushfs, the things I put in there will have the advantage of the superior compression, just like what's in there now.  Bonus!  I'm thinking there's a good 7MB or so of things I can replace without just a whole of dependecy issues.
- Thing is I'm not too awful sure how to do that.  There doesn't seem to be an "unsquashfs" command, and I haven't seen just a lot on the forum about using mksquashfs, so I'm kind of soliciting input from Those Who Have Gone Before.
- Here's what I'm thinking I'd do:

1. Copy the entire /usr directory somewhere, say the SD card.  I mean, it's mounted, right?  (grin)
2. Tweak up whatever I want to tweak up in that copy.
3. mksquashfs on that modded directory.
4. Make sure the new squashfs is no bigger than 26959872 bytes.
5. Replace /root/usr.bin with the new squashfs.

- Here's what am pretty much completely unsure about.

1. Where is this thing mounted?  I don't see it in fstab, and I don't see it under /etc/rc.d anywhere.  It's magic, I tells ya!
2. How do I replace the file?  I'm assuming, since all of the ".rom" stuff is in this squashfs, that I won't be able to unmount it whilst Qtopia is up.  Do I just go to shutdown and "Terminate Qtopia"?  Is it really that simple?  (snicker)  That didn't work ... it's restarting Qtopia, and "q" at the "Wait..." prompt didn't prevent it from loading, though it really garbulated the display for a short.  Bogomips, I say.

EDIT: Found what I wanted: have to hit "/" at the Waiting... to present a menu, at which "a" gets to the console.  But, alas, /usr is still mounted and unmountabel from there.  So I do an "init 1" to go single-user ... and /usr is still mounted and umountable.  Double Bogomips!  How does one go about umounting /usr on this thing?

3. What are the best options for creating the squashfs.  For instance, I'm not thinking the default block size of 64KB is right.  There could easily be others.  What might those be?

Thanks for your time...

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Good Golly Miss Molly
« on: September 22, 2005, 07:25:14 pm »
- I have X/Qt installed to the "ROM" area on Hiro, so it doesn't "take up any space".  It runs just fine, but updating it will be a bugger.  (snicker)
- I have Debian & OpenOffice installed to an ext2-formatted SD card, but OpenOffice has been a little wonky, and I found this thread that seems to relate to it, and provide directions to correct it.
- I followed these directions, but apt-get kept trying to hit the web for its update run.  I poked around here at OESF and found (a thread I have no link to) that says sources.list can be edited to contain "deb files:<path> debs" and it will work.  It doesn't, complaining that <list> can't be parsed.
- So I do a "man sources.list" (yes! i *really* wish sharp put that in!) and find out it wants some extra stuff after the path, and it seems it wants *two* things there, not just one, but it's not too particular about what those two things are.
- I update sources.list and now it get some error about not being able to find <really monster long path>Packages.gz, and maybe I should run update to fix it.  Well, I did run upate to get the error to start with.
- So I'm kinda stuck.  Man on apt-get didn't help a lot.  Any ideas?  I'd like fonts to work in OpenOffice a little better than they do now.  Thanks!...

Deals and Great Z Buys / Cricket (sl-5500) On Ebay
« on: August 31, 2005, 04:10:03 pm »
- Never thought to put this here!  D'oh!

Cricket on eBay

- This above link works when I previewed the post, so hopefully it'll work for you.  Happy bidding!

For Sale / Wanted / Cricket For Sale
« on: June 02, 2005, 04:41:09 pm »
- Since I have a shiny new C-1000, I don't seem to use the old Z any more.  Poor thing's getting depressed!  So I'd like to sell it to a good home, where it can be happy and useful once again.  This has:

- A Zaurus SL-5500 with the stock Sharp ROM v3.1.  This has some wear that the flip cover put on the case around the screen, and some on the back cover, but otherwise it's in superb condition.
- A Panasonic 64MB SD card.  The installed software does not fit into the unit without some external storage.  Since it's unusable, imho, without the software, the SD comes with it so you'll have something more functional.
- theKompany addressbook, calendar, and paint.  These aren't installed, but I don't use them and never intend to use them, so the rights to them will come with this unit.
- A spare battery and external battery charger.  The SL-5500 does not reboot when you change batteries, so this allows you to carry spare juice around where-ever you go.  Just pop the other one into the external charger and you're never slave to the wall wart.
- Charger, cradle, cables, manuals, etc that shipped with it originally.  I am the original owner, and it will arrive in the original box, with the original packing.
- Installed software:

KO/PI 2.1.1 and KA/PI 2.1.1 for agenda/address management
zSafe for password management
neoCal 1.4.4; an RPN multi-purpose calculator
Advanced Text Editor; better than the text editor it came with
qpeAlarmcock; for alarms, which were strangely missing
subapplet; moves lower-right icons off the main bar into a sub-bar.  VERY nice.
qpdf; the standard for Z pdf reading
kpacman; took forever to get this Opie app to work, but it does.
konsole; Not as good as QKonsole, but far superior to Terminal.
memoryapplet; Manage swap file from an applet icon, quick and easy.
rotation; rotate Z screen - not on-the-fly, but the next app launched.
sysinfo; Opie's better sysinfo utility
plus lots and lots of other stuff, some of which came with the unit, and some that I found.
- The reason this doesn't work without the SD is a lot of this stuff has been moved to the SD card and symlinked to the original locations.  That was the only way to fit all the software on it and still have enough left for a swap file (the only way to make a 5500 run properly) and a few megs free for whatever.  There's about 26MB of stuff installed to the SD, primarily Hancomm apps, games, and some support libraries.
- The BlueZ install files are on the SD but they aren't installed.  Put them there while I was troubleshooting BT on the C1000, and they're still on there.

- I'm thinking $175, shipping included.  What do you think?

Security and Networking / Bluez Works, But Has Some Quirks
« on: May 16, 2005, 11:36:21 am »
- After lots of floundering around like a brainless Noob, I finally downloaded, installed, and configured the RIGHT BlueZ version, and it works!  Kudos to Tumnus, who did a good job of porting, and a good job of ignoring useless drivel from someone who should have just been paying more attention to start with.  (vaccuous drool)

- But there is some wierdness, which is to be expected.  BlueZ on the CxK is, after all, *alphaware*.  (wide grin)  Here's what I notice:

1. It doesn't seem to pair "permanently".
- I have to keep putting the phone into "Show always" mode on BT before the Z will find and connect to it, sort of like it has to search and find before it will pair.  If I set the phone to "Wait for pairing" so I get the Z into the phone's "permanent" pairing list, it never does "pair" from there.  I think if I can get the Z into the phone's permanent list, I won't have to set the phone to "Show always" in order to use it as a modem.
- It may not be possible to do this, but if I can, I'd like to be able to link to my phone without having to leave it exposed to the world via BT.  I'm certainly brand-spanky new at the entire BT thing, having just jumped in with both feet last Saturday when the AmbiCom arrived.  (wide grin)

2. It seems to lose DNS.
- When I surf, in either Opera 7.3 or the "native" NetFront, I can load two or three pages, then it just stops resolving names for some reason.  When this happens, I can't l2ping anything, either, which implies something has gone awry in BlueZ, as opposed to the browser not using the link correctly.
- When this happens, it's usually an effort to get it working again.  I haven't yet figured out a reliable sequence to restore operation.  I do know that popping the CF without using "Eject Card" first locks up hiroshi such that I have to use the reset button to get going again.

Background, asides:
- I'm using an LG PM325 with the v18 SW upgrade that xqlan (sp?) mentioned, and the BlueZ alpha4 drivers on a C1000 w/ an AmbiCom BT2000E CF (yellow sticker).

- As an aside, I'd be delighted to build BlueZ myself, so as to be running a "debug" version of the drivers.  I do have an entire build environment installed, but I'm an even more rank Noob at Z development than I am at BT.  I'm old at with C/C++, just not on the Z.  (wink)  If someone could toss me a clue on how to get BlueZ set up for compilation, I'd be as happy as if I knew what I was doing.  So far I haven't located anything of that nature via numerous web searches, but I'll keep looking in lieu of any response here.

- Thanks for your time!...

Security and Networking / Help! Bluez Install Failure On A C1000...
« on: May 14, 2005, 04:48:33 pm »
- I just got an Ambicom BT2000CF, the one with the yellow label, which everyone says is supposed to work.  It doesn't!  (pout)
- I've spent the last three hours scouring the forum for information about resolving BlueZ problems, and found nothing that seems to fit my particular issue.  I did install the packages listed in this thread:

which indicated I wasn't using the right ones.  I had ver e, and he specifically says to use d, so I am now.  (grin)
- But that avails me not.  I finally found a post that reminded me I *could* run ipkg from the command line, which was done.  Here's the result:
Code: [Select]
#ipkg install bluez-zaurus_arm.ipk
Unpacking bluez-zaurus_arm.ipk
Configuring bluez-zaurus...Starting Bluetooth... modprobe: Can't locate module rfcomm
modprobe: Can't locate module 12cap
Can't get port settings: Input/output error
Can't initialize device: Input/output error
Can't open RFCOMM control socket: Address faimily not support by protocol
- So I look for and find: /home/root/modules/2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix/kernal/net/buetooth/rfcomm/rfcomm.o
- So I look for and DO NOT FIND 12cap.o.
- The only reference to this module I found on the entire OESF Forum list referred to OpenZaurus.  So I'm right good and stumped.
- All of my cardctl, settings, etc are the same as those listed on the above thread EXCEPT my /etc/bluetooth/uart file contains:
Code: [Select]
"Socket", "CF+ Personal Network Card Rev 2.5":/dev/ttyS3 bcsp 23400THAT's not right!!  However, updating to read what the above link contains, for the AmbiCom card, has no effect.  When I "sudo /etc/rc.d/init.d/bluetooth restart", it still can't find module 12cap, or rfcomm.
- I am using and have verified using the "18d" version of BlueZ, plus sudo, susp_resume, and susp_resume_bluez.
- Any ideas all??  I'm LOST!...

Qt/Qtopia / C1000 Cross-compiler Setup...
« on: May 12, 2005, 11:09:53 am »
- I've finally gotten an usable (as in new enough hardware for noticable performance) Linux installation so I can set up for compilation for the C1000.  I have an old (glacially slow) Linux setup for compiling for the SL-5500.  If I use the same setup (install files, environment, configuration, etc) I used for the SL-5500, will it work on the C1000?  It doesn't *seem* like it should.
- I searched this forum for "C1000" and found not a single post.  So I searched the parent for "C1000" and found one post, but that guy appears to be doing local compilation (directly on the Z) instead of cross-compiling on Linux.  It may be in another forum, but "Everything Development" sure seemed like the obvious place to look!!  (cheshire grin)
- Any clues out there?  Thanks for your time...

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