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General Discussion / slashdotted..
« on: January 27, 2004, 10:02:31 am »
For those who haven\'t noticed yet or seen it, got slashdotted:

Cxx0 Hardware / Screen Protectors for c7x0/8x0 series
« on: January 08, 2004, 06:02:16 am »
Let me start out by saying I’m not in anyway affiliated with Shirtpocket.

Just wanted to let you guys know I had the best service and best product for my zaurus for a long time - found here I was beginning to get a bit worried about different people writing about cracked/scratched screens so I went for the hunt for a screen protector - first I tried using transparents for presentations, thin plastic cd-covers and stuff like that - but the all had to be stuck under the edge of the screen and often f*cked up the touch screen. So I decided to go buy a proper solution - I looked at all the forums and read about the different ones - and stumbled across the one from Shirtpocket - it looked perfect and was the only one I was able to find that was made specially for the zaurus C7x0 and 8x0 series (made by a company called MIYAVIX,

The protector fits the C7x0 and C8x0 series perfectly and it’s totally transparent - and still comes of easily - I just folded a piece of Dutch tape and touched the screen gently and it stuck and could be lifted of again (I got a piece of hair stuck under the protector and had to remove it very gently). It was little bit tricky installing, but the nice English instructions instead of the Japanese instructions are very good and did the trick nicely (the instructions can be found here: ) Btw. I didn\'t try the trick with the bathroom and steam.

Now my screen look nice and sharp as always and has a very thick (like 1.5 millimetres) and solid protection. The touch screen is just as good as without the protector in place. The only problem I had with the protector was the fact that when I unpacked it and took out the protector I couldn\'t find it after lying on the table - after I had detached the arrow indicator on the back. Btw. a little hint - don\'t do that, just peel/\"brake\" the arrow sticker down and the back attachment will follow, then attach the first part onto the zaurus screen (which is easiest if its in \"PDA mode\", the keyboard folded away) and gently continue to remove the back plastic and rubbing the protector on with a soft cloth.

Denmark / Danske brugere..
« on: January 02, 2004, 05:37:03 am »
Hvor mange danske zaurus brugere er vi lige? Skriv et svar og evt. hvor det flotter danske land du er placeret.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / New features on
« on: December 11, 2003, 07:00:03 pm »
Hello everybody..

A couple of new features on the - specially the ipk feed function, take a look at
More screenshots will be added soon.

We all hope you like it - we will be expanding it soon with a small review, rating of each item, how to run the program and which parameters to use if any - plus links to the original creator homepage.

We have also added a paypal button so if you like our work we encourage you to donate - don\'t be alarmed of the fact that the donate buttons links to JeMi Web Design, thats my company and I will transfer the money to the Cacko team fund (PayPal doesn\'t allow transfers to former communist countries - that\'s why  :wink:)

We are also looking into setting up a second web server placed in Europe or USA so the site and downloads can load faster - we will return with more info on this later.

There has also been alot of cosmetic changes around the website and fixes + updates.

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