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Cosmo Communicator - Android / Agenda + Microsoft Exchange
« on: December 19, 2019, 05:26:46 am »
Quote from: Jaykay1967
I had the same problem.

In the accounts setting of the cosmo (not the settings of the agenda app) add the exchange account...i recall that it seem to have a gmail icon rather than an exchange icon which means I ignored it several times.

Anyways once you have successfully added your exchange account it will then appear in the agenda app as a calendar that you can sync.

Good luck.


Thanks Jay, it did finally work - though not till I updated the firmware.  Wonder if Agenda was updated?  Or I was just unlucky and it didn't see the account.  Now to try and get AirMail working...

Cosmo Communicator - CoDi / CODI update
« on: December 11, 2019, 11:59:33 am »
Quote from: Tom D
After 50+ attempts, I finally got it to work. Here are the things I did:

1. Do Not Disturb
2. Airplane Mode with Do Not Disturb
3. Removing all notifications including persistent notification like weather and my watch connection.
4. Cover Display ON or Cover Display OFF

So at the end, I had Do Not Disturb, Airplane Mode, No Notifications, and Cover Display OFF. It still said it failed, but one more reboot and it took anyway. Now it says it is the latest. I thought there was supposed to be something about the Cover Display working in landscape mode, but it doesn't for me. However, I don't care about that, at least I have a External Display again and can answer the phone with the device closed. What an ordeal!

Landscape mode is hidden under settings (swipe right to left to get icon menu, then the cog icon).  You can then change the layout to Fixed portrait or landscape or auto rotate.  Personally I found the auto rotate a bit too sensitive, but YMMV.

Glad you got it updated in the end!

Cosmo Communicator - CoDi / Media players in Cover Display
« on: December 11, 2019, 08:19:32 am »
If I understand it correctly, any application that registers as a media player within android (IE, uses the Android API to say "I'm playing X") should be displayed on the front cover.  These applications also tend to add notifications with the normal Play/Pause commands.

Interestingly, while I am pretty sure the cover screen picks these up I don't think the buttons are dynamic.  I had one program (sorry, can't remember which one) that only has Play/Pause/Next as commands - but the cover display decided to show the same Play/Pause/Next/Previous buttons.

This was on the previous firmware for the cover display though - might have been updated with the .12 update?

@NormMonkey - is DDB2 any good?  I have always used PowerAmp, though I am finding that the more recent updates have been a little off so am looking for potential replacements.

Cosmo Communicator - CoDi / CODI update
« on: December 11, 2019, 06:52:20 am »
Quote from: Javert
So if this doesn't work I should just keep trying over and over again?

For me, just the resource section took more like 35 minutes and not 20 minutes, and even then it failed (3 times so far).

Yeah, wash, rinse, repeat.

Might be an idea to do a full reset (power off, then back on) of the Cosmo.  It will happen eventually, but it's probably the crumbliest, flakiest firmware update process in the world.

Cosmo Communicator - CoDi / CODI update
« on: December 11, 2019, 06:14:25 am »
The update seems to make the screen faster/more responsive, for most operations.  But until the main device firmware is released I don't think there are many other changes (happy to be proven wrong).  The release notes (such as they are) on IGG are not overly helpful.

However, one thing it has done for my device is disable charging from the right hand USB port   It's far from the end of the world, but this was only supposed to happen if the cover display is set to off when the cosmo is off - and that is a new option in the to be released firmware.  Is this just me?

Like all of you, my update took several attempts.  Hopefully future releases will go smoother.

Battery life is the same for me right now though, 5% used after 3 hours.  Not too bad, hope it can be made better though

Cosmo Communicator - Android / Agenda + Microsoft Exchange
« on: December 11, 2019, 06:04:31 am »
Hi Guys and Gals,

Has anybody got the Agenda application to display the calendar data from a connected Microsoft Exchange account?

It reads my GMail calendar just fine, but does not even give me an option to select the Exchange one.

The AirMail application is no good for me, as it only supports WebDAV (my host only supports EWS/ActiveSync) so I have to use the Google mail application.  But as that syncs contacts and calendar into the main android data I was expecting it to at least read from Exchange.

Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / Poor battery life
« on: November 28, 2019, 10:19:29 am »
Quote from: gidds
I left my new Cosmo closed overnight, with the cover display off (no LEDs showing), and nothing running.  (Nothing installed or set up, even — I've hardly touched it!)

This morning it was dead, with the battery completely empty; it wouldn't even respond until I plugged it in, and then took a while before waking up enough to flash ‘0%’ on the screen when I pressed the On button.

This does not bode well…

Indeed.  Just out of interest, what was the charge level when you left it for the night?

Apparently there is going to be a firmware update next week (I'll believe it when I see it though), perhaps this will be one of the sorted issues?

If you go into your main settings there is a Duraspeed item in there.  It's supposed to prevent apps from using excessive battery - but it's far too aggressive and just kills any background process right now.  For example those of us with smart watches have to turn in off to maintain a Bluetooth connection.  It has a white-list, but currently just ignores it - so to say it's borked is an understatement.

I would recommend going in there and turning it off to see if it help.

Is it possible this is another Duraspeed flaw?  Perhaps it's not letting WhatsApp run in the background and thus only updating when you have said app in the foreground?

Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / Poor battery life
« on: November 28, 2019, 04:20:07 am »
Hmmm it seems things are a bit uneven here.  Yesterday, was the first full day of Cosmo use.

Removed from charge at around 0800
Went to bed at around 0045 and put on charge (next morning) charge was around 38%

This was with the cover display on, Duraspeed off, Bluetooth enabled, 4G LTE, WiFi (with VoWiFi enabled) and plenty of hours of music played.

One thing I have noticed is that the cover display turns on every time there is a notification, WiFi network found - screen lights up.  Watch (Bluetooth connection) connects or disconnects, screen lights up.  Mobile network changes from 4G to 3G (or drops VoLTE), screen lights up.  Macrodroid updates it's notification icon, screen lights up.

I understand why it does this, and I suspect it needs a blacklist (or even better a whitelist) to prevent excessive external screen initialisation.

Mitchelln, do you have any software (like Macrodroid) that adds notification icons and refreshes them regularly?

Cosmo Communicator - Android / Bluetooth headsets
« on: November 27, 2019, 09:00:36 am »
Hi guys,

Found another issue, but might just be my headset.

I have a Bose H8 bluetooth headset, it works just fine however...if I turn on the headset it doesn't automatically connect to the Cosmo.  I have to go into the Bluetooth settings, then previously connected devices and tell it to connect to the H8.

Anybody else experiencing this?  Didn't have this problem with my Galaxy Note 8 and this headset so I don't think it's the H8's.

Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Speakers
« on: November 27, 2019, 05:24:13 am »
I haven't tested the speakers just yet, beyond the various alerts telling me an email has arrived - which were plenty loud enough!

However to really see how good they are (which right now as I am at work I won't - might get shot!) try this site:

They provide some high quality audio samples, in a range of formats including FLAC (which is far superior to MP3).

Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / Poor battery life
« on: November 27, 2019, 04:15:12 am »
Ok, based on what I have seen so far today.

I charged the device all night from the "slow" USB-C port (the one of the right hand side).  So far the device has been, essentially, on standby for almost two hours - it is connected to my watch, WiFi and 4G and has received a few emails.

So far, 1% battery use.  So perhaps the initial charge level calibration was borked?  Wil keep you guys updated.

Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Keys getting stuck
« on: November 26, 2019, 05:58:33 pm »
So far I've had to remove almost all of the keys on the left hand side and replace them.  Seems that they are not sitting quite flush (from a rotational perspective) and are hitting each other every now and then.  Seems a little better now, time will tell.  Mind you, considering the delays for "quality control" issues I am a touch disappointed with the keyboard - especially when this was one of the main failings of the first batch of Gemini devices.

Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / Poor battery life
« on: November 26, 2019, 05:55:08 pm »
Quote from: mitchelln
Is anyone else experiencing really poor battery life?
I can watch the battery percentage literally dropping as I'm using it.

It's dropping about 8% an hour even in standby with hardly any apps installed, so it'll barely make it to the morning.

Hopefully this can be improved or this simply isn't viable as a daily use device.

Pretty much the same for me, 100% down to 37% after 5 1/2 hours.  Ok, so I did install my apps etc which used the 4G data and CPU - but the drain has continued.  I've had to switch off Duraspeed to keep my Galaxy Watch connected which doesn't help.

I think Planet do need to look into this, but perhaps tomorrow it will be better - it will be the first full day of use and a more realistic test.  I'll let you know what I find.

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