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4 Jan 2004
one of my favorite site features here at ZUG is the "last forum posts" thing at the top of the homepage...

would it be possible to implement this along the left-hand side of boxes as an option for users who would want it? i say left-hand side because that way itll stay there even when the user is browsing the forums...

just a thought, thank you.
13 Dec 2003
I mentioned the issue in the topic in another thread, and another reader had chimed in pretty quickly about having similar issues, so i think this deserves it's own thread/...

ok here's the lowdown:

I've been trying to natively build Visual Boy Advance 1.6a from source, natively on my c760, ever since the zgcc 3.3.1 img came out ...

and always every time (across the initial release and 12/8 ROM, i'm dling the 12/13 rom as we speak) i got an "internal compiler error" notr much else explanation, when i get to GBA.cpp ...

Now, i was having similar issues trying to compile some of my own code i use to test the compiler after i install ... but i stopped getting the error with my own code when i got the 13 dec build of zgcc 3.3.1 ... but the issue persist when trying to build Visual Boy Advance

also, ZUG user zaphod mentioned having the same issue when trying to build dosbox ...

if anyone else is having similar problems, or any possible insights into the issue, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

i feel kinda lame making this post, cuz while i complain about this, i personally do not posess the proficiency to seek out and correct these kinds of issues sad.gif

as i said in the other post tho, cacko-x11 remains THE BEST ROM for 7x0 series, period. I will continue to use it regardless. But at the same time, I only want the best for all of us, so I hope if im doing something wrong, it can be pointed out to me, or it's an issue with the binaries, it can be sorted out or whatever.

also, the cross-compile tools would be neat wink.gif

but i disgress...
29 Nov 2003
i dont know about you guys, but i am personally VERY interested in compiling some more apps for this cacko rom ... cuz i dunno about you, but the other roms are way less cool. (cacko-upd17 english is good and stable, but apps are BLAH, oz is unstable as shit (ie when syslog jumps to front on top of opie, you know it's got issues)) ... so i really want to build more apps for the cacko-x11 rom, maybe get something of a feed with a decent selection of apps...

just a few problems...

there isnt much out there in the way of cross-compiling for embedded linux/x11 ...
i've done some experimenting trying to cross-compile some packages, and ran into ld erroring out because the library objects it's supposed to link against (.so/.a) are always built for x86 ...

look on the net and you'll find next to nothing, with the exception of some stuff i found on handhelds.org (http://www.handhelds.org/minihowto/building-x-clients.html). but if someone would come forward with some information, i would be much obliged.

my best guess is that im supposed to build my own set of these various libraries ...

obviously this is a pretty daunting task ... someone mustve done it already, as far as i can tell (sash comes to mind) .. i wonder what exactly they would have done ... and do you think sash or someone will release a cacko-x11 cross-compile kit?

heck ill put one together myself...i just dont know where to start...you would have to practically build an entire system yourself to get all of the dependencies down ...

any ideas would be greatly appreciated
23 Nov 2003
for those who don't know, the good people at OpenZaurus have released OZ 3.3.5-rc1...

it is available at:

I would like at least one other c760 user to confirm that it DOESN'T work (cuz it isn't working for me, and from what i understand, none of the primary OZ devs own a 760, so...)

for me, when i flash the zimage.bin and initrd.bin ... itll reboot with the openzaurus logo along the top, but it's just a blinking cursor after that...it doesn't move on to configuring the packages like it usually should on the first run... if someone else could confirm this for the 760, id appreciate it alot ...

for now ill play with the cacko x11 ROM smile.gif
1 Oct 2003
I figured it would be nice to start a thread here to talk about the cacko rom, since there isn't any other place here to do, that i've found... maybe im lazy tongue.gif

Anyways, jusy so everyone knows tho, cacko upd-17 is out, been out since sep25...didn't see any anouncment, i just spotted while I was browsing through ZSI...

In addition to the changes noted in the changelog on the cacko.biz site... I've also noted that the konsole now runs as root as default! Kinda goes against usual *nix wisdom, but in this case I thnk it makes alot of sense ... no reason for me to run sudo nemore wink.gif ... also, its in bash by default, so at least tab completion and colors work right, as opposed to the previous release where you have to use su...

anyone else have any thoughts and opinions on this rom? In another thread here, a user mentioned claims of wireless issues in the cacko rom... I use usb networking, personally..

btw, anyone know any good feeds that are compatible with the cacko rom?

tongue.gif yay for the new rom
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