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4 Sep 2007

# Check that Dillo's installed when loading the Dillo Browser

# Maemo improvements:
o Automatically choose the correct application
to open parts
o Better way to notify of new mails
o Destroy messageview after trashing mail
o Simplified layout
o Better toolbars, removal of CTree headers
o Add a specific icon to go back to folder list
o Improvements to the Wizard, About and icon legend dialogues
o add an easy way to store data (mails and IMAP/NNTP caches)
on one of the SD cards, and protect against unmounts if
o plug the online/offline system into maemo's interfaces to
have Claws automatically switch according to the system
status (on IT OS 2007)
o use HildonBanners to display status messages
o force layout to be Small screen
o put the progress bar in the toolbar
16 Aug 2007
I read from some posts that use package from z.drun.net has breaked some zaurus smile.gif

I had the same problem but i decide to watch where is the problem.

install a fresh pdaxii13 5.3.8 on spitz

do a package upgrade
ipkg update
ipkg upgrade

edit the file /etc/ipkg.conf
comment all tyrannozaurus feed
and add the line
src zdrunet http://z.drun.net/packages

do a package upgrade
ipkg update
ipkg upgrade

We could see the errors in the ipkg logs
Not downgrading package libgnomecanvas from to 2.14.0
Not downgrading package libpng from 1.2.5 to 1.2.12
Not downgrading package pygtk from 2.5.3 to 2.10.4
Not downgrading package glib2 from 2.8.1-1 to 2.12.4
Not downgrading package leafpad from 0.8.9 to 0.8.11
Not downgrading package sdl from 1.2.9 to 1.2.11
Not downgrading package libbonoboui from 2.8.1 to 2.18.0
Not downgrading package libbonobo from 2.8.1 to 2.18.0
Not downgrading package libiconv from 1.9.2 to 1.11
Not downgrading package gthumb from 2.6.9 to 2.10.5
Not downgrading package gail from 1.8.4 to 1.19.1
Not downgrading package libsoup from 2.2.93 to 2.2.100
Not downgrading package gstreamer from 0.8.12 to 0.10.11
Not downgrading package evolution-data-server from 1.7.91 to 1.10.1
Not downgrading package gtk2 from 2.6.2-3 to 2.10.12

First step to resolve the problem
ipkg remove libgnomecanvas
ipkg remove libpng
ipkg remove pygtk
ipkg remove glib2
ipkg remove leafpad
ipkg remove sdl
ipkg remove libbonoboui
ipkg remove libbonobo
ipkg remove libiconv
ipkg remove gthumb
ipkg remove gail
ipkg remove libsoup
ipkg remove gstreamer
ipkg remove evolution-data-server
ipkg remove gtk2

ipkg install libgnomecanvas
ipkg install libpng
ipkg install pygtk
ipkg install glib2
ipkg install leafpad
ipkg install sdl
ipkg install libbonoboui
ipkg install libbonobo
ipkg install libiconv
ipkg install gthumb
ipkg install gail
ipkg install libsoup
ipkg install gstreamer
ipkg install evolution-data-server
ipkg install gtk2

Update Contact, Calendar and Sylpheed
iipkg remove gpe-contacts
ipkg install contacts
ipkg remove gpe_calendar
ipkg install dates

ipkg remove sylpheed-gtk2
ipkg install sylpheed

Add others dependencies need for dbus , rox and others (maybe smile.gif )
ipkg install dbus-glib
ipkg install glibmm
ipkg install gettext
ipkg install rox-lib2
ipkg install sdl-ttf
ipkg install wbxml2

Some librairies
ipkg install libmhash
ipkg install libnotify
ipkg install libsigc++
ipkg install id3lib
ipkg install libflac
ipkg install libfltk
ipkg install libgmp
ipkg install libidl
ipkg install libidn
ipkg install liblua
ipkg install libdaemon
ipkg install libmcrypt
ipkg install taglib

Others dependencies
ipkg install gnome-common
ipkg install gnome-python
ipkg install gnome-python-extras
ipkg install gob2
ipkg install cairomm
ipkg install gtkmm

Some appz
ipkg install tasks
ipkg install gnochm
ipkg install gpass
ipkg install planner
ipkg install planner-locales

ipkg install gphoto2
ipkg install gputty
ipkg install mpd-full
ipkg install gimmix
ipkg install pidgin

ipkg install ufraw
ipkg install lcms

Some Games
ipkg install flashback-data
ipkg install reminiscence
ipkg install gngeo-bios
ipkg install gngeo
ipkg install xgngeo
ipkg install supertux
ipkg install znester
ipkg install flobopuyo
ipkg install gnudoku
ipkg install powermanga

I hope it will help somebody .

But why ipkg seems to be breaked ?

System seems to be more in use after upgrade smile.gif

don't forgot to backup before do anything
14 Aug 2007
I would like to know which cross compiler archive I need to crosscompile to make binaries for a spitz on pdaXii13 ?

I found this :




I am thinking that I need use 1.1.0beta1 but I would like a confirmation of "advanced" cross compiler guys.

I find this document to install it.

I choose a Ubuntu 7.04 and I hope write a small document for newbie (if cross compile doesn't make crazy)

If someone has some good advice dealing with LDFLAGS, libdir and x-includes etc .., i will be very happy.

Thank you
27 Apr 2006
pdaXrom for C1000/3100/3200 and x86

I have to choose between
- an old version of pdaXrom not stable and not supported (problem with power management and no bug fixes)
- a new version of OZ without Video Acceleration (but in progress wink.gif ).
I understood that it is too difficult for pdaXrom Team to support C3000. (but OZ has develop a unique version for all models with microdrive). tongue.gif

Zaurus Team are so stupid to make 2 distrib ... with differents problems. blink.gif

good-bye pdaXrom. mad.gif
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