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C1000/3x00 General discussions / Sl-6000l Vs. Sl-c1000 Vs. Sl-c3200
« on: July 13, 2006, 02:59:01 pm »
but I wouldn't take my Zaurus for a jog while listening to music on it. not sure whether it was designed for that, but that's what an ipod is for  much lighter anyway for those long jogs...
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There are a few times I miss having my 6k strapped to my arm as I was walking, the biggest problem was I only had weight ristance on one arm.  Now with my nano I can not tell it is there when I am walking.

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Sl-6000l Vs. Sl-c1000 Vs. Sl-c3200
« on: July 12, 2006, 05:05:07 pm »
I'll just speak of the C1000, C3000, C3100, & C3200
They all have a pxa270 processor at 416mhz
The C1000 has 128MB of flash and 64MB of RAM. It has no internal hard drive, and no internal CF interface for a hard drive or card.
The C3000 has ONLY 16MB of flash, 64 MB RAM. It has a 4GB HDD with internal CF interface.
The C3100 is a cross between a C3000 & C1000
It has 128MB flash, 64MB RAM, and internal 4GB HDD, with internal CF interface.
The obvious change in the C3200 is a 6GB HDD instead of a 4GB HDD. (It's very much the same as a C3100 in it's hardware).
I have read there are some subtle differences with the C3200.
Search the forum for info about the C3200
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When you say internal CF interface do you mean that the microdrive is upgradeable?

Being a SL-6000L owner I use an IR keyboard with my Z when I want to type in meetings and WIFI is one of the main functions I used.  I do not uses my Z as much as I use to since my ibook replaced my sl6k as my portable computer.

I guess I am one of the few who really did not care for the keyboard on the sl-c700 but I was a Treo 180 user so I like the thumb board for quick entry.  I also could not get use to the larger keyboard with a wifi card in the sl-c700(usually used my ir keyboard with the sl-c700 when I used it).

I have thought about moving up to a SL-C3200 since I am uses to my 6k having a 4gb CF card and a 1gb sd in my Z now.  With teh choices in roms for the c seriesthe only issue by using a CF wifi card is one of the things that holds me back other then money.

Mac Issues / How Many Of You Are Recent Switchers?
« on: July 12, 2006, 04:27:11 pm »
I have used Mac on and off for years with Mac Plus being used at home beside my linux workstations and servers.  I finally worn to a ibook at work since i did not want a windows machine and I still wanted to IT staff to take care of my workstation.  I still have a windows workstation but I uses my ibook for almost everything.

I am still debating if I will buy an macbook instead of a linux laptop when I leave my current job to take care of my own company.  I still have a few months to decide that though.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Fixes For 3.5.4 / Tosa (6000 Models)
« on: July 12, 2006, 04:15:20 pm »
1. usbnet does not seem to be working for me. So in other works I am not able to put my Z on the Dock and connect to it through the usb networking. Even ifconfig does not show the interfase there.

You must 'modprobe g_ether' on the Zaurus.

2. flashing of screen. The backlight on my Z started to flash on and off several times in a row. It reminds me of how timyfugue use to flash at me when my name was said. I have only seen this happen when the Z is not on the dock. My battery is low so is the Z trying to tell me the battery is low and I need to put it on ac power? Still trying to see if I can figure out more about when this happons and why.

We need asymmetrical thresholds for the kernel's backlight power saving - this happens as the voltage bounces around the low threshold. It starts with the backlight on and goes low, so the backlight is dimmed, and once the backlight load is removed the voltage recovers and the backlight is returned to its previous value, then the cycle starts again.

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Thanks.  I did not think about look for a new driver for 2.6.x kernel.  USB networking works great now.

It is good to see that the backlight issue is something that can be explained.  It is kinda cool to have it do that so that i know i need to charge or turn down the brightness of the screen.  Now the question is if this is a feature or a bug.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Fixes For 3.5.4 / Tosa (6000 Models)
« on: July 11, 2006, 01:36:52 pm »
I found time to improve the tosa kernel (small changes).
The new Image is online Tosa 2.6 Image

- Kernel 2.6.17
- No automatic resume during charging
- Headphone detection works

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I have noticed a few issues while using the kernel/images frim teh link above.  I am not sure if they are know or not(I am nto even sure if they are kernel related or not).

1.  usbnet does not seem to be working for me.  So in other works I am not able to put my Z on the Dock and connect to it through the usb networking.  Even ifconfig does not show the interfase there.

2.  flashing of screen.  The backlight on my Z started to flash on and off several times in a row.  It reminds me of how timyfugue use to flash at me when my name was said.  I have only seen this happen when the Z is not on the dock.  My battery is low so is the Z trying to tell me the battery is low and I need to put it on ac power?  Still trying to see if I can figure out more about when this happons and why.

Those are the only things I have found in the first hour of using the new kernel.  I will post more as I find them.

iPAQ Forum / Which Ipaq Is Right For My Project
« on: June 06, 2006, 10:02:18 am »
You don't want a 36XX you want at least a 38XX. There isn't really enough memory in the 36XX series and it has no internal expansion slots.

Since I plan to nfs mount most things to the ipaq I figured internal memory would not be that big of a problem as long as I could have base install of linux with a few apps I will be happy.

Wifi is not easy as you will need a PCMCIA jacket for the 36, 38 and 39 series. There is a SD card slot in both the 38 and 39 but I don't know if it will support SD wifi or not.

I had planed I would need a jacket for to be able to use wifi.  Does the jackets work well with linux or should I be trying to buy one with internal WIFI?

There is a documented problem with some 38XX in that the backlight doesn't always work when on battery. This tends not to show itself with Windo$e on but can be a problem in Linux. The HP website has the serial numbers of the faulty batch and if you have one of the faulty ones they will sort it free but I don't think their list is comprehensive and I have seen several with the fault that are not covered by HP. I also think this fault goes deeper than just the backlight as the 38XX series can sometimes lock when removed from charge.

As I do nto plan to uses the battery unless there is a loss of power I am not to worried about this.  But thanks for the information it maybe useful to know this when looking.

Is a 5500 not a better, cheaper choice?

The main reason for looking at IPAQ at this point is avaliblity of parts.  I have seen a few 5500 there are in my price range so they are an option.   My biggest worry with the 5500 is gettign replacement parts if needed.  I have a heck of a time finding things for my sl-6000 and it is newer then a 5500.

iPAQ Forum / Which Ipaq Is Right For My Project
« on: June 06, 2006, 12:45:31 am »
I am looking at buying an IPAQ to install Familiar(or a custom image built with openembedded) to uses as a wireless network mp3 player to mount to the walls of my sons rooms that I could ssh into.  

From using OpenZaurus on my sl6000 I believe this to be possable to do from a software point of view.  

I plan to have the ipaq ran off of an AC power adapter all the time and will be hooked into powered wall mountd pc speakers.  So far I have been looking at the h3600 series since I am finding I should be able to pick one up off of ebay for under $100(most likely under $50).  I play to nfs mount my mp3 shares over my wifi network.  In the future I may want it to do more such as read email or have messages left for the person.  Right now my sons are 2.5 and 10 months so music is all they need.

Here are my questions:

1.  Will an IPAQ work well if it is running 24 hours a day?
2.  Is the h3600 series going to work to have familiar install into the internal flash so if the ipaq is rebooted it will come back up tot he linux side without a problem?
3.  How hard is it to uses a wifi cf card with the h3600 series?
4.  Will if be a problem to the the screen displaying the time and date ins a moving screen saver all the time.

My goal is to a have basic termial the is mainly for music for under $100 a peice that way I can have 3 or 4 of these around the houses in different rooms.  I see the touch screens are being the best input device for small children since I can uses icons to access everything and possable even uses flite to have the output read to them if it is doing something other them play mp3s.  Hopefully my start at creating my own "Young Gentleman's Illustrated Primer".

6000 - Tosa / How To Merge / And /home ?
« on: May 26, 2006, 03:10:24 pm »
The only way I have found requires reflashing a new rom.  To do this with open zaurus the kernel must be recompiled so that it knows hte new size for root.  I have not made a kernel yet that only has a root pratition(maily since i do not know the correct size to set this to).  Normally for my 6k I usually set root to 45mb and the rest for home.  I did have 55 and htat worked too but does not give much space for home.  But I am looking at moving home to my cf card So I may play with having on root partition and see how that works.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Usbd0 Stops Responding
« on: May 18, 2006, 06:13:09 pm »
I have been running pdaxrom 1.1.0beta1 on my SL-6000L for a late few days.   When I am at work I plug my Z into its dock and ssh into it and export the display by to my cygwin-x desktop.  As long as I am only running programs I can stay connected for hours.  But every once and a while I loose my ssh connection.  After about the 10th times of loosing my connection I started noticing that is seems to be when I am writing to the cf card.  Usually downloading something from the internet or installing a new package.  

This maybe a hardware issue, but I can not remember every experincing this problem with OZ/GPE or with the sharp-rom.  

Has anyone else seem this issue?

6000 - Tosa / Rom Discussion On Tosa
« on: May 17, 2006, 04:02:35 pm »
It would be really nice if you could share your experience in using pdaxrom on the 6k, esp the wifi part, thank you, and i understand that we can actually dual boot the pdaxrom from sd so to keep the stock in internal flash?

can someone point out the + and - of doing so?

p/s: it's really been quiet around here (6k) and i really envy all the attention others (3k, 1k) have..   

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I am sorry that I did not see your post till today.  After finding that pisync and screen where not included on pdaxrom I decided to see what programs would do the things I wanted my Z to do(As a PDA).  I finally gave up about a month ago on making my Z work as a PDA that will sync easily with my exchange server at work.  I really only used pdaxrom for a few weeks with e17.  It ran great but  I could not figure out how to sync it with my exchange calender and I could nto get my targus IR keyboard to work.  I never had a problem with wifi other then I it does nto ahve a gui for bringing wifi up and down or choosing profiles but aterm and vim worked for me.

In the last month I have went back to flashing between pdaxrom 1.1.0beta1, OpenZaurus e17 with 2.6 kernel, OpenZaurus GPE with 2.6 kernel and angstrom.  

I have not tried booting pdaxrom off of my sd card, probly should so I am not reflashing every other day.

I am currently flashed back to using pdaxrom with e17 again so I can work on writing a gui for the wifi that will work as an e17 module.  So we will see what comes out of that.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Fixes For 3.5.4 / Tosa (6000 Models)
« on: May 12, 2006, 06:24:20 pm »
I am looking at writing an app or modifying an app to maintain profles and bring the wifi up and down for the the prism2_usb wifi using the wlan-ng drivers(This is the correct driver the 2.6 kernel I believe).  

So far I have not got the prism2_usb driver to work on the 2.6 kernel, but I am guessing I have something set wrong or usb issue at this point or an I looking at this incorrectly?

I am hoping to write a scope this weekend of what needs to be done, including what features I want or others what it to have.

So back to my questions:

Is wlan-ng still the correct drivers for the wifi on tosa for 2.6?

Should a seperate app be create that will handle the internal wifi on the tosa?
Should on of the existing apps be modified to have options for the wlan-ng drivers?

I am planning on starting a different thread for this but I thought I woudl start here first since it is one of the things we want fixed on OZ.  So thought ideas and opinions are welcome.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Root_flash_size
« on: May 08, 2006, 12:09:37 am »
I am working on getting e-image working on the SL6000 tosa.  as of right now I can only use e-image-core due to the fact that it is 34mb and the tosa has a ROOT_FLASH_SIZE=32.  At least this is my undestanding.

What are the reasons I would not want to change this to using 45 instead or 32 or some other number?

Also if this is not where i need to make the changes where woudl this need to be done?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Fixes For 3.5.4 / Tosa (6000 Models)
« on: May 04, 2006, 03:05:40 pm »
I put an actual development snapshot on my website. Image

This experimental image has some issues:
- The gpe touch calibration on the first startup won't work. So you have to use the keyboad to exit gpe and call ts_calibrate manually
- suspend / resume with loaded ohci-hcd module will crash on suspend
- expansion jacket isn't supported yet
- lot of small issues (keymap need some tweaks, touch is noisy, ...)
- one user reported usb client won't work. I haven't checked this

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Very impressive.  Thanks for posting this.

I have to say it feels like it respnds a lot faster then it did on the 2.4.x kernel(nothing to prove this other then feeling).  

I was able to get the touch sreen working by login in and then using hte dpad to get to a root shell and running ts_calibrate.(I was nto sure how to exit gpe)

I have able to suspend and resume, rotate the screen, and start programs form the menu.

So far the keymap has been good for me, only the dpad not rotating with the screen is the only issue I have had after 10 minutes of use.

I will post any issues I find here and on my site.

Off Topic forum / Motorola A780 Or A1200/ming
« on: April 30, 2006, 12:13:59 am »
I am looking at getting myself a new cell phone and want to go back to using a pda/cellphone or a smart phone.  For several years I had a visor phone followed by a treo 180.  Then for the last year I have been using a motorola v551.  I miss the pda features of my palms and the fact that I only carried one device on me.  Alright enough about me and my past few years of cell phones.

I know that several people on here have the motorola a780 and I am guessing there are a few that might have the a1200 or what is also known as the MING.  I am trying to decided between the two phone.  The main things I want to do with the phone is make and recieve calls, take quick notes and I want it to be able to sync with my calender, todo, and contact information with Exchange 2003.

Can anyone let me know what they have found that is good or bad about either phone.  I want to know about any complants or things that people find make either of these phones worth owning.

Also how hard will it be to get it so that I can build new packages for the a780 or a1200/MING in OpenEmbedded?

Any help would be great.

6000 - Tosa / Mmc Vs Sd On Sl6k
« on: March 31, 2006, 01:56:46 am »
I am getting ready to buy a 4GB cf card and a 1GB MMC or SD card.  I am trying to decide if there really is an advantage to getting and SD card over an MMC card.  is there really that much of a speed difference on a sl6k.  the advantage i see of getting teh MMC card is that I will not have to worry as much about not being able to find drivers to uses it.  

My main plan is to leave it formated fat32 and format the cf card as ext2.  So the SD/MMC card will be used as a floppy to transfer files to and from machines.  I do not have plans to run programs off of there but that is where I plan to keep document and files I am working on.

SD is cheaper from what I have seen.  But the seed test on here for the 6k showed that it really did not matter how fast the card was since teh Z seemed to stay at the same speed.

Any subjestions would help.

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