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General Discussion / Nand Structure
« on: December 25, 2007, 10:46:22 am »
Quote from: abm_y4k
got some info on uboot

I just wonder for zimage.bin the starting address seems to be at 0xe0000:

For SHARP bootloaders on SL-Cxx00, yes.

this line I found in many distributions:
/sbin/nandlogical $LOGOCAL_MTD WRITE 0xe0000 $DATASIZE $TARGETFILE > /dev/null 2>&1

whereas the kernel.img yonggun mentioned by zdevil use a different address:

nandlogical /dev/mtd1 WRITE 0x5a0000 0x160000 $DATAPATH/$TARGETFILE

so I am confused over the different btw kernel.img and zimage.bin.. aren't they same?

I also noticed that the address with 0xe0000 is without uboot, and 0x5a0000 is with uboot.

Exactly, the pdaXrom u-boot installation uses a different address for the kernel (0x5a0000) and also allows for
a bigger zImage (~1,2Mb SHARP vs ~1.4Mb pdaXrom).

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Wireless Woes
« on: June 29, 2007, 10:54:32 pm »
I am having a similar, but opposite problem.  I've been using a C1000 with Opie (OZ for a while, using Wellenreiter to audit WIFI installations.  I also use it for e-mail and web browsing, but we recently switched from WEP to WPA/PSK and my WCF-11 card wouldn't work.  The firmware on the card needed upgrading, and none of the upgrading approaches I found would work.

Temporarily upgrading a cards firmware via a RAM upload of an updated version works fine.
Angstrom even does it automatically for you.

i decided to "get with the program", since OZ is now being abandoned in favor of Angstrom, so I installed the May 12 Akita.  The WCF-11 would not work at all, even after getting rid of the Orinoco drivers, so I invested in an Ambicom WL1100-CF, based on some recommendations in the forums.

If there is a Linux driver for this card it could have been made to work.

That was not recognized at all with OZ,

I seriously doubt that.

and with Angstrom, I can get it to work only after repeated removing and inserting the card, and only with a shell - the GUIs all seem to shut off the card - and only with WEP. 

The shell is your friend. All the "GUI" apps are basically frontends to shell commands and ASCII config files. Also "repeated removing and inserting the card," hardly is an acceptable debugging technique. You could have saved yourself a bunch of money and a lot of time by sitting on your but and reading up on how to configure a WLAN card manually w/o any GUI crap.

It is a rewarding learning experience as well.

Since I can't find a version of Wellenreiter to run with Angstrom, I have taken a giant step backwards!

Wellenreiter runs under OPIE, not X11 / GPE.

Has anyone gotten Wellenreiter ( or any of the GUI applications) running on Angstrom with the Ambicom card?

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See above.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / 6000l
« on: December 04, 2006, 12:08:55 am »
While I'm here talking to myself, I thought I'd mention being unclear about kexec and altboot.

If I took the most recent gpe tarball I could find, a 2.4 based one, and..what..loop mounted it? untarred it? to my sd the altbooted to it, wouldn't kexec put me in an OZ/GPE/2.4 environment?  is there really any point to that? (besides proving that altboot works?)
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I believe you'll find this document informative:  [a href=\"][/url]

The tarballs can be used with the Avanced/Install rootfs (or whatever it was called heh) to create loop-images from scratch. These loop-images can be booted with altboot.

Altboot does not use kexec (ie: you are stuck with the kernel in flash), you'd have to hack the scripts for that to work.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Cannot Ssh To Hentges Rom/ Nameserver Failior
« on: December 04, 2006, 12:05:27 am »

A flash of the latest Hentges ROM and cardfs seems to have gone well. Most things came up, including an auto restore of contacts. (this was a surprise)

The issue is networking is not coming all the way back. The Z is connected via cable to a PC. That connection is up. Ping works.

Pings of ip addresses from the Z work; however the Z cannot resolve names, ie, etc. /etc/resolv.conf is set up? Any clues?

If it is indeed set up, then it is set up wrong, maybe a typo in the DNS IP?

Finally ssh from the host to the Z does not work. The Z asks for the root pw. I used the password askded for during initialization. Is the pw canned? If so what is it? Can it be reset?

Much thanks in advance - Dan
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The default root password is blank ie "". The password you set on first-boot was most likely the altboot password (the same screen explains in bold red letters that the altboot password is not your root password)

It is possible that openssh denies password-less root logins (which I wouldn't know since I use key-auth). In this case you'll have to set a passwd in the VT manually (passwd root).

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Sound Card Problem: Must Be 44.1khz ...
« on: November 30, 2006, 04:54:10 pm »
I have a akita and installed hentges ROM on it.

For play SFC games, I compiled libsdl with fb support on (qpe support off) and snes9x.
With the QVGA support in Linux kernel  2.6.17, the video side is very good. But the sound side doesn't work.
(In Linux 2.6.16 of OZ, the sound works good, but the video is too small).

But the music can be played properly under Linux 2.6.17. So sound card driver can work, at least under some
specific condition. I try a sound wave file with 8 bit, 11025 Hz, and the it can not be played by mplayer.
So I think the sound card can work only under certain condition.

Then, I modified the snes9x, make it use 44100 Hz instead of 22050 Hz, and now I can play SFC games on
my zaurus perfectly (except the cursor, which is always there).

Why the sound card can not work in 22050 Hz?

Best Regards
Ying Huang
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I don't know for the sound but i have a lot of problem with oz3.5.4.2 sound too on a spitz.
cat some sound raw to /dev/dsp don't work , volume can not be controled by opie and gpe, ...

but if it can help you :
for hide cursor, stop blinkin and disable blankin screen in console you can type
echo "\033c\033[9;0]\033[?33l\033[?25l" >/dev/console
and to return to the console default config type
echo "\033c"> /dev/console
if /dev/console doesn't word try /dev/tty or /dev/tty0.

it work fine for me.

Best Regards
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Both sound issues should be fixed by an updated kernel (well, at least the opie one is).
A new kernel should be available soon.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 27, 2006, 12:08:16 pm »
I have recently installed the Hentges GPE image and I am having some problems with it. I will post them here but is there a bugtracker I should post this to? Is there a page which I can read to see if anyone has had similar problems with this particular ROM and what solutions they might have come up with. I hate to waste your guys time asking repeat questions. I have read this entire topic. I am somewhat new to beta testing (although I do run Debian testing) so I apologize for the lack of knowledge/proper etiquette. The problems are listed below:

1) When I suspend GPE it just stops responding and the backlight never goes off. I have to reset to get it back up.

GPE on Poodle is not very well tested since the machine is basically OOM right when it hits the login manager....Maybe your resume is b0rke due to low RAM? Tried adding some swap?

2) Some keys on my keyboard stop responding. ie caps lock and FN. A reboot will fix this.I can't use num lock at all.

Numlock doesn't work which is a driver problem. The GPE keymapping is far from complete (see lack of testing above) but at least in the VT all keys should work, did you try that?

3) Applet launchers on the panel disappear at random. A reboot doesn't fix this, I have to readd them to the panel.

I duno what could be causing it. Maybe the OOM killer is killing off these apps?

4) If I minimize a window it is gone forever (or until the next reboot) and the associated application cannot be restarted.

Minimized windows can be found the the Active Tasks folder in GPE

5) xmms window does not fit on the screen and xmms will not play mp3s correctly, the sound is garbled.

6) xmms-embedded will not install. ipkg says it can't find the package.
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5x00 General discussions / Move Root To Cf Card
« on: November 26, 2006, 06:41:55 pm »
I want to use the 64-0 zImage but I dont know how to make the root go to the CF

How about altboot'ing to a loop image file on SD or CD?
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I would like to altboot to a loop file but for some reason I am getting no altboot menu when I start up my Z. I am running OZ 3.5.4 the latest release with opie on an SL-5600 . I have installed all the altboot ipks. I am not sure but it might be there but I can't see it because I don't see any boot messages is there any way to enable boot messages on 3.5.4. After I installed the altboot ipks it now takes a little longer to get to init and if I hit a button before init starts it just sticks (I see the Open Zaurus logo and that chinpo dinosaur thing)and init never starts and  I have to reset.
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3.5.4 means kernel 2.4 right? Did you install both altboot.ipk and altboot-conf.ipk?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 26, 2006, 06:40:18 pm »

Is there a way that I can undo my last dist-upgrade.

I need to get a screen shot of the update stage of the dist-upgrade, the bit after press enter to continue.

Not directly, no. You could try using the testing feed (dist-upgrade --type=testing) but that might b0rk your installation  

Also have you an address that I can email the html file to. You can send it to:

steven dot mcintosh at blueyonder dot co dot uk


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Mail is on its way.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 26, 2006, 06:33:46 pm »
Okay, I'm sold on the Hentges ROM.  However... should I be switching my Collie to GPE?

I'm also considering buying an Akita (C1000) in a week's time.  GPE on that too?
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I'm a fan of Opie on QVGA (ie: 320x240) machines. On VGA (ie: all clamshells) however, I do prefer GPE and its X11 goodness  

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 26, 2006, 06:32:24 pm »
i need a 2nd sd card then... but for now i need gaim and firefox. can you give the ipk files of this softwares? i didnt install them to opie. its not work...
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'ipk update ; ipkg install gaim firefox'
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yes but not work. its askin for protocols i am installing msn protocol but it gives error an closing down. i tried too many times...
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At least gaim should come pre-installed on Hentges, Firefox is included in the spitz images.
Haven't used either in a long time tho.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 24, 2006, 03:04:35 pm »
RP and lrg did create a fix for the volume control. The basic problem was that there was no main volume channel mapped. I did create a hack that works. I am not sure if the changes have been pushed yet or not.
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<CoreDump|home> RP: Any updates on [a href=\"][/url] ?
<koen> CoreDump|home: iirc that patch is in the latest ASoC

I'll update the asoc patch for 2.6.17 and have a look.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 24, 2006, 02:46:13 pm »
i want to install this rom to my poodles internal rom, is that possible and how? thanks
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It isn't. Poodle requires an SD card for installation.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 23, 2006, 04:32:29 pm »
If it is not too forward, might I suggest that you include a link to dist-upgrade instructions, and changelog in your notification post.

Whilst all experienced zaurus users will be able to figure out how to use dist-upgrade, people new on the scene may have difficulty finding the instructions.

Good idea! Want to write something up?

I will look at it tomorrow or Saturday, too much football on the TV tonight.

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Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 23, 2006, 02:47:09 pm »
A new update is available (use the dist-upgrade command):

- Fix a wrong hutils.conf on all machines but collie after an upgrade
  (SL-Cxx00 users should no longer get cardfs prompts etc)

All Users Please Note:
- Exit GPE or Opie before running dist-upgrade
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What happens if you dont exit Opie before running dist upgrade? i forgot to exit but it seemed to run fine.

Poodle usually dies a horrible death while it goes OOM. RAM aside, applications tend to hate it to be replaced / reinstalled while running (resulting in random freezes, crashes etc).

However I am having some strange issues and I am not sure if they are related. I am getting alot of spontaneous reboots.

Sounds like a hardware or driver problem

Especially while trying to get my GPS reciever working. Sometimes it just wont boot while the reciever is plugged into to the serial port. Sometimes if I boot it up into Opie and then plug in the GPS reciever it reboots soem times it stays on. If I start gpsd like this "gpsd /dev/ttyS0" gpsd starts fine but a "cat /dev/ttyS0" just spits out garbage and qpegps does not ever pick up a signal. I used this GPS on sharpROM with zroadmap and it worked fine.

No GPS here to test sorry.

Also I can't control the volume from xmms-embedded the slider moves but the sound stays at the same level.

It is unlikely that any Opie bugs will get fixed anytime soon :-(

It does change with alsamixer though. I don't have to do a user memory erase with this latest package right? doesn't the install write over it?
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Neither the installation nor any upgrades will touch your /home partition (at this time).
In fact, the flash isn't touched at all (besides flashing the new kernel of course)

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hentges Rom: New Versioning System
« on: November 23, 2006, 02:41:15 pm »
Hi CoreDump

Is there a changelog anywhere?

The complete changlog is always is the upgrade notification

If it is not too forward, might I suggest that you include a link to dist-upgrade instructions, and changelog in your notification post.

Whilst all experienced zaurus users will be able to figure out how to use dist-upgrade, people new on the scene may have difficulty finding the instructions.

Good idea! Want to write something up?

The new update works fine.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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