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> Instructions For Adding Bluetooth To Sl6000
post Oct 13 2005, 11:54 PM
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Update on 07-06-06:
Attention - It seems that the module needed is not a C09 but a C19 - Speculatrix is inquiring on this. Please do not purchase a C09.


As I promised long ago, here are some instructions to add bluetooth to your SL6000 Zaurus.

1. Purchase a WML AHR C09 from Segor.de
2. Open your zaurus
3. See the attached picture of a Zaurus without Bluetooth, compared to a Zaurus with Bluetooth
4. Solder the chip accordingly. Note : the long line and the big X are for the antenna. The AHR C09 has an antenna built it, so don't bother.
5. Install bluez, start with:

hciattach /dev/ttyS2 csr 115200
hcid -f /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf

This will hopefully start bluetooth and lit the blue led.

hcitool scan
to try to find your cellphone
sdptool browse cellphone_mac_addres
to find the serial port (usually 1)
rfcomm connect 0 cellphone_mac_address serial_port

this way /dev/rfcomm0 will be your cellphone

6. Enjoy the cool hack, and wait for the next upgrade (921 kbps bluetooth)

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post Oct 13 2005, 11:58 PM
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Please note it has been untested since ATM I'm out of WML C09
Yet others have solder different WML modules and reported success. This module is just easier to find and add, since it has the same dimensions.

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post Nov 2 2005, 09:09 AM
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QUOTE(guylhem @ Oct 14 2005, 07:58 AM)
Please note it has been untested since ATM I'm out of WML C09 
Yet others have solder different WML modules and reported success. This module is just easier to find and add, since it has the same dimensions.



Many questions. I have a friend that is an electronics engineer and is going to attempt this Bluetooth Hack for me. He's itching to get started and after he'd gone through all the info I had to get him he dumped a load of questions on me that he said he'd need answered before he can/will continue...so here's what I need to know to proceed. Feel free to drop me either answers or links that I can go to find out for myself, (I know you've gotta be swamped and a bit frustrated right now- TWO rc releases and another on the way in the matter of 7 days or so should wipe out anyone! I want to take the least of your time as possible.)

1. You mentioned others had soldered in different modules and reported success can you tell me what those other modules are?

2. There seems to be some confusion concerning the "blue led". I've read in one place that on 6000L's the blue led is NOT already mounted on the board, you seem to be saying above that it IS already on the board. Do you know if that will need to be added?

3. If it does need to be soldered in along with the BT module where precisely is the location of the blue led on the board? Can you provide a picture?

4. Even if it's not already on the board, will the hack work without installing the blue led?

5. He wants to be completely sure that someone has done this successfully at least once before. I told him that you said it would definitely work, but he pointed out (correctly to my embarassment on all sides) that you actually said it "should" work, not that it definitely would. Can you shed more light here? (I promise to read your posts more carfully too! As much work as you put into this i'm completely embarrased to admit I didn't even take the time to read carfully.)

6. He seems to think that it would be safer and easier from his perspective to solder wires from the surface mounts on the board and then solder them in place on the module. He says that not only is it easier from a soldering perspective but that if faster/better modules are found in the future it would be very simple to snip the wires and resolder them to the new module. He did say that it wouldn't be as "pretty" with the wires, but it sure doesn't bother me since it will be inside the case, out of view. He says that unsoldering a surface mounted component from a board often mangles the board or at the very least makes it much more difficult to resolder the new component. So his question is- how much room is there for the module to fit, is there enuf room for some tiny wires as well?

7. While he agreed that the antenna would not be essential, he implied that installing an antenna may extend the range etc. So, has anyone else who has tried this used/obtained a module with an antenna that you know of? Can an antenna be added to this module?

8. Finally as with the poster right before me he pointed out that the part number of the module you have pointed us to is not the same number as the module pictured. What is the difference between the two, or does it matter?

*whew* I'm truly sorry about the length/weight of this post, but it's getting down to the wire, (no pun intended), and I've got to scratch up answers before he'll proceed.

The GOOD news is that if we have success he may be willing to do the procedure on a few more! I haven't asked him if he meant that he would do it for free, or if he would charge- but knowing him I'm sure he wouldn't charge much even if he did. So if anyone else is interested feel free to message me after we find out if we can really make it work or not. I'll post a bazillion pics and include a documentary whether it succeeds or fails. Even if it fails maybe someone else can benefit from our experience with it.

Thanks Guyhelm!


PS If anyone besides Guyhelm would like to point us to some links, feel free to do so! I'll take any snippet if info I can on this.
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