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> What Are Your N770 Experiences Compared To Zaurus?
post Dec 20 2005, 02:57 AM
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Dear early adopters of the N770,
as a potential platform for some of my Zaurus applications I consider to add Nokia 770 versions.

Since I am still waiting to get one and have to learn the (different) SDK first, I would like to use the time to hear about your experiences compared to a Zaurus.

Some questions coming to my mind:
* how does the display compare (brightness)?
* is the screen resolution of 400x800px a recognizable improvement?
* how good can it be used without a built-in (clamshell) keyboard?
* what about operation time?
* device handling (thicker, thinner, larger, smaller)?
* how stable and complete is the software compared to a Zaurus Sharp/Qtopia ROM?
* how is performance compared to a Zaurus?

Many thanks,

-- hns
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post Feb 8 2006, 10:17 AM
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Here are some of my initial thoughts on the the Nokia based on my experience with the Zaurus:

Bottom Line: If the Zaurus had a screen the size of the Nokia and either built-in blue tooth or wi-fi, it becomes the clear winner.

My advice: Unless you only need internet browsing (via bluetooth or wi-fi) or want to support a company's effort to mainstream products with Linux then you may want to wait for Rev 2 of the Nokia or wait and see if Sharp produces something worthy.

Things I like about the Nokia:

* Wider screen -- this makes a noticeable difference in viewing web pages, but not as much of a difference with viewing pdf files as I would have thought. Some pdf's need even more screen width to read comfortably with scrolling side-to-side.[/li]

* Convenient and will-integrated wi-fi and bluetooth -- the wifi seems relatively strong too

* The Nokia integrates really well with the Think outside bluetooth keyboard -- this may become my preferred way to do lots of typing

* The nokia easily mounts as a usb-storage device on the Zaurus (though I am not sure about the other way around).

* Debian

* Good community support

* Slick flashing via USB

Things I Don't Like

* Screen seems softer than Zaurus and almost frosted in appearance

* No internal keyboard -- I didn't realize how much I have come to rely on the Zaurus built-in keyboard.

* No package management system that handles dependencies

* Seems that applications have to be modified to work with the Hilden interface -- May be an eventual benefit, but slows down getting apps up and running. Abiword and Gnumeric, while available still have many kinks to be worked out in the porting process. On pdaXrom, Abiword and Gnumeric just work.

* Extra effort required to get root access -- easier now that a community member provided a patch to the Nokia bin file that is painless to apply and reflash

* Seems to be difficult to get USB host going -- USB host won't provide any power, not even to keyboards.

* Limitations on local storage and non-standard memory card -- Well, the RS-MMC format is non-standard to me and entails an additional investment. Having a 3100 and an additional 8 GB Seagate CF drive, I have become accustomed to storage not being an issue.

* Presently limited to Gtk apps -- I read on a KDE list that some Nokia developers find this to be an important feature. But with pdaXrom, I've gotten comfortable with being toolkit agnostic -- I've had Gtk, Qt, Wx, and Fox apps installed at the same time.

Other thoughts:

I remain skeptical that the Nokia 770 will take off as a consumer device. At the price-point (USD 350), I couldn't see myself buying it as a pure internet appliance. I would want additional functionality as well.

Nokia seems to have figured out how to tap into the open source community -- something Sharp has only figured out how to alienate. The Nokia therefore seems to generate way more buzz than the Zaurii. I guess time will tell if it will be a commercial success.

One other datapoint - I purchased the Nokia at the local CompUSA. It was not on display and the guy at the counter had never heard of it. It actually took a while for them to figure out that they did sell it, had it in stock and could locate it. The person who rang it up seeing that it was a "Nokia" tried to figure out if it needed to be activated. By contrast, the Sharp SL 5500 when it came out was widely available and on display locally -- although it didn't fare so well.
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