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> New Emacs 23 W/ Xft And Cjk Support!, Full packages, PIM-suite, Newbie docs
post Mar 12 2007, 04:16 AM
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Hello there,

Finally after many trials and failures (thanks to the wrong pointers in many headers ... dry.gif ), i got the latest CVS XftGnuEmacs ( compiled with Gtk and Xft support.

My target is to get this work on my Z: http://www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/quasi/red/p...browser-en.html

Previous discussions about compiling this version are here:

It's a giant build -- 80MB in total! Built with the native zgcc 3.4.6 on Beta3, and optimized with "-O2 -mcpu=xscale -mtune=iwmmxt". Binaries stripped.

Just played it for a few minutes. It feels quite responsive and things seem to be working well.

So before I put it in the "New Package Announcement" thread, I would like to put it here for those interested to try it out and test to see if it is really stable enough. smile.gif

Also I've got a couple of questions:
1) For now I simply make it in one giant package. But it's a monstrous 80MB with tons and tons of scripts and modes (the .el). The binaries themselves are not so small either -- roughy 30MB.
So my question is: what would be the best way to break this giant build down into several smaller ones?

2) Still wondering if scim/gcin/uim can work in this Emacs build. Please tell me if you got it working!

Strange. Despite the forum upload limit is 50MB, I just can't get the package (around 30MB) uploaded successfully. After the forum seems to finish uploading my package the window flashes to the forum main page leaving the post unmodified.
So for the time being please use this link:

(There is also an alternative RapidShare download link in Post #7)

And here are some screenshots:
(1) About this Emacs:
Attached Image

(2) Chinese (Big5) Help file! cool.gif
Attached Image

(3) What... the emacs psychotherapist!? laugh.gif
Attached Image

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post Mar 16 2007, 12:03 PM
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After a second thought, perhaps it's not such a bad idea to put up a package here first for testing. So here it is.

This package is a collection of the most popular modes for PIM (and GTD) under Emacs. You'll get:
-- Muse: wiki functionality
-- BBDB: database handling, particularly useful for contacts
-- Remember: cool reminder tools
-- Planner: the gold of PIM & GTD in Emacs!

Apart from BBDB (the latest stable 2.35 (January 30, 2007)), Muse, Remember and Planner are all from the "latest" (no dates given by the official sites) developmental sources to minimize issues with the latest Emacs 23.

To be consistent, I put all the files under /usr/share/emacs/23.0.0/lisp/, where all other modes live, and symlink them to $HOME/elisp/ (the directory will be automatically created if nonexisting during installation).

New! emacs-pim-suite_1.2_armv5tel.ipk : A trimmed down version of 1.0 (7.5M --> 3.9M). Paths permissions fixed for non-root users.
Also rename to emacs-pim-suite_1.2_armv5tel before installing. wink.gif

Attached File  emacs_pim_suite_1.2_armv5tel.ipk ( 928.73K ) Number of downloads: 64

(Both 1.0 and 1.1 have been deleted)

Short Notes on Getting Started (Very rough; to be revised soon; for newbies only!) tongue.gif

I add a sample config file in /usr/share/emacs/23.0.0/etc/emacs-config.
You simply need to rename it as ".emacs" and put it in $HOME/
No tweaking is needed.
DON'T ponder on the grand technicality or philosophy of Emacs. Just dive in.
Attached here is a duplicate in case some newbies should mess up the setting.

Attached File  emacs_config.txt ( 902bytes ) Number of downloads: 127

Short demo
*** This demo will show how to do simple day-in and day-out GTD with Emacs, and it will take only a couple of minutes. ***

#1 Open a terminal session (for CJK users I strongly recommend GTKTerm2)

#2 First, create a working directory to save your tasks and projects. Try "mkdir plans" in your HOME directory. From now on all saved tasks and projects will go there.

#3 Run "emacs -nw -color"

#4 Now you see the very first Emacs display. You may take a quick look at the brief help info there.

#5 Look at the small window frame at the bottom. This is where you issue commands.

#6 Start Planner Mode by pressing "Alt-x plan RET" [= Press Alt AND x, then type plan, then hit [ENTER])

#7 Create a task: "Ctrl-c Ctrl-t"

#8 Planner then asks you for the Task Description. Write something such as Test Emacs 23 package & report in OE forum smile.gif Then [ENTER]

#9 A nice calendar will pop up in the top frame. Choose a Date. Hit [Enter] for today

#10 Assign a Page for the task, to use a GTD format, enter something like Packaging @Zaurus (Project[space]Context). Hit [Enter] again.

#11 So now you understand how to add a task in 3 simple steps: Create -> Date -> Page

#12 Now try to add a couple more tasks by repeating the 3 simple steps.

#13 Mark a task as completed by moving the cursor IN the task name, then "Ctrl-x Ctrk-c". Notice the change.

Attached Image

#14 You can access all the tasks related to the same Project or Context by move the cursor on it ("Packaging" and "@Zaurus" in our example), then hit [Enter]

#15 To exit Emacs, use "Ctrl-x Ctrl-c"

#16 By now you may get a feel of how to do simple things with Emacs (Planner Mode). To know more, enter Emacs again, start your adventure by "Ctrl-h t" (the Tutorial -- requires the "emacs-doc" package) or check out the following wonderful tutorials:

Cool references for Planner Mode

Clair Ching's newbie guide to planner mode! Very nice!

Sacha Chua's page (the former maintainer of planner.el), with lots of practical and insightful tips:

PlannerMode QuickStart

Enjoy and good luck! wink.gif


(I am just a very beginner of Emacs and will keep exploring it)
(Perhaps I will prepare a few short step-by-step demos later)
(Definitely I will start playing NetHack in Emacs someday. This is something I will put next in my Schedule in Planner ... )

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