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> What Laptop Do You Use, And Why?
post Dec 15 2007, 03:42 PM
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I assume the vast majority of everyone here uses or has used laptops in addition to their Zaurii. What do you use and why?

My first laptop was a Toshiba Tecra with a P-III 650 Mhz. Very nice machine at the time (almost 8 years ago.) It performed reasonably well, and was mostly problem free. It had a tendency to overheat, specially after a couple of years. I wasn't crazy about the construction of the machine (a few creaks, soft screen hinges, etc.) I didn't like the design either (2 tone plastic in the LCD cover, for example.)

After that I got an IBM Thinkpad T23 (refurbished), and I was extremely impressed by it. Much more solid, better looking, overall a more professional laptop (comparing it to the Toshiba was like comparing a Mercedes to a Toyota.) Whenever I had any problems it was very easy to service using the hardware manuals from IBM. A very modular system. Changing RAM, hard drive, even major components like the keyboard or the LCD panel was doable and somewhat of a pleasure.

Due to my experience with the T23 all the rest of my laptops have been Thinkpads. I have an X21 that I picked up in mint condition in ebay a couple of years back for little over $200. I have a dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows XP on it. It is beautiful, solid, and performs well, and now can be picked on eBay for about $100. Granted it is not as portable as the Zaurus, but it is still a very small system and with vastly superior possibilities.

So, what laptop brand are you guys partial off? Are you a Dell Devil, an Apple Advocate, or a Panasonic Person? tongue.gif
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post Dec 15 2007, 10:43 PM
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I am current using an HP tc4200 tablet. I also have an IBM r60(provided by the school I attend.)

The Thinkpad is a very nice computer. it seems to be very well built and sturdy.

But the HP tablet is another story. I am completely amazed by what this computer has survived. It is a long story that I won't get into, but it got left on the roof of a car, and it flew off at 50mph. (I think that was the highest my blood pressure has ever been.)
it survived with a tiny crack on the edge of the screen. Everything worked except for the Pen it flew out of the computer and got crushed by a car. I got a new pen and it worked great. about two months later I got into a car accident on my way to school. the table was in my bag on the seat next to me. It flew forward when I t-boned the other car and slammed into the dashboard.
The ram was unseated, and a small part of the case broke off, but that was it. (I was able to glue it.)
I am using the computer right now. it is simply amazing how tough it is. Both times the computer was in standby.
So at the moment I am partial to HP, but I have been happy with IBM also.

I just hope my Zaurus doesn't through anything like that. I am not sure how well it would fair.
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