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> Video Playback On Your Cxx00, The hard way
post Sep 13 2010, 10:50 AM
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Well seeing the dvd catalyst post inspired me to post my video experience with my c3100. Here is my way of doing it which makes stable, smooth, clear enough movies just about every time.
I use handbrake which is free so no need to spend any money at all. Handbrake is best ripping from DVDs. I also use a mencoder script ro convert anything else that handbrake doesn't like. I attached my handbrake profile below which includes my zaurus encoding info.
This encodes with settings:
640x480 resolution
600kbps (2-pass) video
96kbps audio (faac)
default video framerate (doesn't change it)

packages needed to get this playing smoothly:
kino2_0.4.3c_arm.ipk or QuasarMediaPlayer_0.96_r193_r31-2010-03-28.ipk for a player
mplayer-bvdd-iwmmxt_1.1.5-1_arm.ipk which has hardware acceleration with bvdd
bvdd_0.4.0-1_arm.ipk for the kernel module
libffmpeg_0.4.6_20030304_arm.ipk for the video codec (I think, been a while)
You also need a kernel that allows overclocking the cpu. Tetsus or eviljazz should work. I am using eviljazz's.
qtopia-combbatteryapplet_1.0.6_arm.ipk to overclock from an applet easily

The best results I have had is to overclock to the (520/260/130 Mhz) setting. Anything higher and it is more choppy and can lock up and anything lower and the framerate drops.
Load up kino2 or quasar. I find quasar better for playback control but they both work fine either way.
Quasar: In the quasar configuration have all the boxes checked under "MPlayer" section, my cache is set to 512 KiB. Also add "-noslices -noaspect" to the addtional options. Noslices really speeds up framrate and makes it play smooth. You can set frame drop to normal or hard. Mine is set to hard right now but occasionally you will come across a video that will crash mplayer on hard, in that case just set it back to normal.
Kino2: In kino2 preferences on the general tab check "enable cache" and set it to 512, and add "-noslices" to the "options for mplayer" section. On the Video tab, only check "Drop frames", "Enable Doublebuffering", Disable aspect ratio correction", and "Enable audio autosync". And on the audio tab do not check "Resample audio", it will slow it down a little. Other options are up to you. Another nice thing about kino2 is that it can overclock automaticly for you when you play a video so you don't have to do it manually.

Now encode your video with handbrake, copy it to your Z, and play it with kino2 OR quasar. Remember to overclock or it wont play smooth. Surprising that overclocking makes such a big difference but it does. You might be able to increase the video bitrate a little. I got some videos to play smoothly on up to 1000kbps settings but not all. (I think I will try re-encoding Avatar to a higher than 600kbps setting as that movie looks more blocky than others). The bandwith of the SD slot seems just over 1mb/s and the CF slot is just a little higher than that so it limits the bitrate of the videos quite a bit. CF slot is probably better to use but all my movies play smooth from the SD slot at 600kbps.

White screen problem: With using the bvdd driver for video playback comes another issue. I found that after 5 minutes of playback my screen would go all white all of a sudden in a manner that looks like the zaurus locked up or crashed. I then had to hit cancel a bunch of times and turn off and on my Z until I got the screen back. At first I thought it was a bug in the driver or the overclocking was overheating the Z but that's not the case. It turns out when the screensaver kicks in it causes this. At least it is a simple and easy fix; disable the screensaver. Edit /home/zaurus/settings/qpe.conf and set to "Interval_AC_Screensaver = 0" to disable the screensaver on AC and "Interval = 0" to disable screensaver on battery. Problem solved.

Good luck! I still haven't found a phone/pda that can do what the Z still does today!
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post Sep 15 2010, 02:34 PM
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No worries about the help, there are not many zaurus users around anymore. By the way, why did you decide to get one so late?

Yeah D and M is pretty annoying. You have to remove ALL power including the battery. Then hold those two buttons down while plugging in the power cable. That works for me. Just hold down the buttons while plugging in the AC and a couple of seconds later the screen comes on into the mainanence menu. Don't need to press the power button or anything.

I haven't tested battery length with underclocking. My zaurus batteries are pretty much shot at this point anyway. Also, underclocking creates noticable gui slowdowns so opening programs and switching screens gets annoying. The only time I underclock is when listening to music. That and with the zaurus LCD off seems to last a pretty long time with music playback.

Some of the overclocking settings make the screen flicker as well - some of the settings are changing the LCD clock speed. I don't really notice it while watching movies though.

Offtopic in case you haven't found this yet. https://www.oesf.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=27186
That is a new SD driver that allows up to 32GB cards to be used. The stock sharp module only works with up to 1GB cards.
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post Sep 15 2010, 05:05 PM
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Yes, that's what I ended up doing: groping for the keys while plugging it in and not even worrying about the battery. Too, I was a little freaked by the "backup...ok" ending. There's no official sign-off, and I didn't find any instruction about rebooting, so I just unplugged the a/c.

I bought a 2000MaH battery for 15USD shipped from ebay/Hong Kong. I imagine it's shown up but for complicated reasons, I can't get to my mail until the end of the month. The price was right, though, if the thing did ship.

Thanks for the SD driver tip. I did find that post last week after a frantic search when nothing but a 1GB card would work. Since then, I've gone as high as 16B w/o complaint.

The transition to the C1000 has been pretty smooth, thanks to folks like yourself. The one nagging thing is the lack of an ftp client that can do PASV file transfers. GFTP can do this, but I'm sticking with Sharp ROM. Explorer's ftp client, OpieFTP, tkcftp, etc. for Qtopia all seem to be hardcoded to active transfer, so XP's files on its built-in ftp server don't show up on the Z. Uploading from the Z is okay, though. The family computer is XP Pro, for better or for worse.

I got to the Z so late because my handhelds had been either CE or Psion (though my first PDA was a Zaurus 3500x, Synergy OS, lots of fun). Linux is a long jump for CE users. That, and the Zs were so expensive for a while.

Another one of my devices is the cheapo Chinese Linux netbook:


The 7" netbook's default OS is atrocious, but the machine is flashable, and a wag named Wicknix developed 3mx Ultra, a Debian Etch lite, and it's been very entertaining. Even runs Firefox's Bon Echo. They kick around on ebay for $50-$100 should you be looking for a new toy.

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post Sep 15 2010, 06:18 PM
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QUOTE(jakfish @ Sep 15 2010, 06:05 PM) *
I bought a 2000MaH battery for 15USD shipped from ebay/Hong Kong. I imagine it's shown up but for complicated reasons, I can't get to my mail until the end of the month. The price was right, though, if the thing did ship.

Let me know how that battery turns out. I have seen it as well and there is also a website that sells them for $10 but probably a little more with shipping. I asked the ebay seller when these batteries were actually manufactured (because lithium-ion degrade even when not used). I did not receive a response so I took that to mean a bad thing and didn't bother buying any.

Probably better than my current situation though. My current battery (official Sharp 5600 battery) seems to last an hour or so, less if I watch a movie or connect to wireless. With the original C3100 battery my Zaurus will complain that the battery is dead and put its self to sleep as soon as I try to connect to a wireless access point.
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