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> Screen protectors, sizes and alternatives
post Apr 8 2004, 11:16 AM
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Can someone post the exact dimensions of the SL-6000 screen? I ask b/c nowhere do I see screen protectors offered for the 6K, but I do see them offered for the Toshiba e805, whose four-inch VGA screen is 82.3 mm x 61.7 mm.
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post Dec 10 2004, 01:02 PM
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QUOTE(neuroshock @ Oct 21 2004, 07:28 AM)
I went do the download area and downloaded the pdf as you recommended but regardless how I setup the print settings on my HP 1220 LJ it printed about 2mm all the way around smaller than the viewable area was on the screen. It wasn't a total loss however as it inspired me to keep trying my own hand and found a size myself that did work for me. (I have a terminal case of scissors hand cramp though.) The fault was probably was in my wifes Win2k printer setup as it acts as our home networks print server.

At any rate the end product does NOT float around the screen and has zero dust particles trapped underneath. It is perfectly responsive to the stylus...seems to actually make tapping easier than before. If anyone is interested I used a transparency sheet of Office Depot Black and White copier transparancies. It was the best brand I could find that didn't have noticeable yellow or grey tinting or subtle streaks in the manufacturing finish. It also reduces glare a LOT, not sure if its an anti-glare component or if I was just lucky. Either way I'm breathing a LOT easier knowing my screen is safe.

* A special thanks to Donna, my sister who aided me in this two hour long struggle - thanks sweets! *


I just used my school's laser printer and ended up with the same results.

oh well. I'll live with a line for now. If you have a copy of your solution, that would be much appreciated. Also, if someone does come up with a new template, it would be nice to have the lines be where the cuts are supposed to be made. Either that, or two lines (like an outer dotted line for the cuts).
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