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22 Nov 2006

I have a 3200 which I have put through the changes of three ROMs now. Started out Sharp, went to OZ then to pdaXrom and full circle sort of to Cacko, which I have decided I like.

The PDAXROM install required repartitioning disks. This caused the erasure of some key files in the hdd partitions. That causes the "hdd not initialised" error at boot time. Ctrl-c gets me past it.

Among other bits of information, I found a file at Trisoft
http://www.trisoft.de/en_c3200howto.htm under "Restore the harddisk." In that file are some instructions to for partitioning. and some vague information about files that are missing.

I also read this, which is only available on the wayback machine it would seem. It's about 3100s.

So I wiped the Z, I repartitoned according to the info at trisoft, NAND restored,I ran the install for Cacko and all seemed well but now hdd1 mounts as read only, hdd2 makes an error at boot and does not mount. hdd3 seems fine.

I'm very confused about these files that belong in /hdd1/ and /hdd2/. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get them there.

Is the 3200 supposed to read this from cf at the first boot? because it does not appear to have done so.

In the diagnostic menu I see something called HDD restore. What is that?

at boot the screen reads:
EXT3-fs mounted filesystem with ordered data mode
mounted /hdd1
VFS: Can't find ext3 filesystem on dev ide0(3.2).
mount: mounting /dev/hda2 on /hdd2 failed: Invalid argument
HDD2 Error!! qstart check battery !

Control-c continues boot but hda1 is read-only and hda2 won't mount. This results in further problems.

Thanks if you can help, or even if you can't.
1 Sep 2006
I want to thank Marcin Juszkiewicz for building the Feed Browser recently announced on the OZ site.

I have been wishing for this tool. It's been needed. Thanks.
12 Aug 2006
I was messing about trying to make the desktop background work well under Opie, and I got very confused about the size of the image. Then I realised what was happening.

If this is repeat information for you then move on, but I found it not to be immediately transparent.

1) The background is scaled to the width of the display as it is oriented when you set it in the launcher.
This means that if you set your 640x480 landscape image as the background while in portrait mode it will be scaled to 480 wide and tiled. When you switch to landscape orientation this setting sticks, so you'll get tiles of your image to the right and bottom of the screen

If your image is oriented to landscape then set the display to landscape before setting the image as your background.

2) Parts of a 640x480 image will always be hidden or tiled no matter what orientation you are looking at.
If you are looking at an image in landscape the top of the image starts just below the tab bar at the top of the screen and the bottom of the image is hidden by the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
In portrait mode this bottom part of the image is revealed, a portion of the top of the image is tiled below it and roughly a quarter of the right hand side is hidden.

Well this is a lot to think about and all I wanted was an easy way to make my own desktop backgrounds. What's needed is a template!
So I made one.

This was done using OZ/Opie

Download this file to your Z with a 640x480 screen and set it as a background by editing a tab in the launcher. When you set it make sure you are in landscape mode.
You will see the rulers in the image on the top and left, several red guide lines, and some descriptions of how different areas of the image will be displayed. Once you see how things work you can open the file in your favorite image editor and layer stuff right over it.

This works great on my 3200 and makes it possible for me to begin designing desktops that work well and don't get skewed or scaled. You can also take advantage of the hiding and tiling to create layouts that work in both modes.

Please let me know if this works for you or not. In a while I can do one for the smaller screens. I have a 5500 as well.

Hope all this is useful despite the frivolity of it all. dry.gif
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7 Aug 2006
This topic is migrating from here:

I've been trying various methods of installing the web server Cherokee (recently included in the feeds) on to my 3200 running OZ I had started by trying to do it by hand. When the feed files emerged I tried that, but all with precious little luck.

I have run ipkg update, switched feeds to a different mirror, tried downloading the files to my own feed, tried expanding the ipks and remaking them. All without joy.

The file I am using is:
This is the only file I could find, but it's in "upgrades" so there may be another file but I cannot find it for the life of me.

Is there another file that I have missed, and that is not being picked up by ipkg?

-------------------------------| console listing |--------------------------------
# ipkg install cherokee
Installing cherokee (0.5.4-1) to root...
Nothing to be done
An error ocurred, return value: -1.
Collected errors:
ERROR: Package cherokee (parent cherokee) is not available from any configured src.
Failed to download cherokee. Perhaps you need to run 'ipkg update'?
2 Aug 2006
I did a search on www.killefiz.de/zaurus today for "cherokee" and found this:


Three entries advertising gambling and no software attached! ohmy.gif

Thought I'd mention it. I don't appear to be able to actually delete these entries and wiping out their content now would make them hard to locate for deletion later.
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