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8 Apr 2008
Hi folks!

I just uploaded version 2.2.9 of KDE/Pim PI.
This is for Zaurus/Sharp Rom only.

A new version for Windows will follow later (in 1-2 weeks maybe).

And yes - you did not miss version 2.2.8.
It was only in the source cvs and I never uploaded a binary version.


Info about the changes in new versions of KDE-Pim/Pi

********** VERSION 2.2.9 ************

Again I added some features I was missing...

Added in KO/Pi alarm applet for the zaurus the possibility to
- set the suspend duration for the next suspended alarm
- display the currently suspended alarm and remove it

Fixed in KO/Pi What'sNext view the display of recurring multiday and allday events.

Changed in KO/Pi What'sNext view the display of multiday events.
Now for events longer than 3 days only the start date and the end date of the event is displayed.
Fixed in What'sNext view some problems with recurring todos.
Added to the action menu the possibility to change quickly the number of displayed days in the What'sNext view.

Added to overdue todos in What'sNext view the info about how many days that todo is overdue.

Added to the list view and search list a column "proi" which display the priority of todos.

Added to the print dialog (only available in desktop versions) when printing todos another feature: Now you can specify the number of topmost prios of todos you want to print out. E.g. you can print only your todos of priority 1-2.

********** VERSION 2.2.8 ************

I forgot what I fixed...

Some minor fixes in KA/Pi and KO/Pi.

KA/Pi uses popup menu now for quick category selection in contact edit dialog.

In the Pi-syc mode of KO/Pi it is now possible to define specific resources which can be synced with the remote pi-sync server.
This feature must be considered as unstable - it still needs some more testing.

On Wintendo now KA/Pi can sync with Outlook. The configuration of the sync needs some moer tweking.
Fixed some gcc 4.xx compilation probs.
Fixed an annoying cursor focus reset problem when editing and (auto-)saving journal enries in KO/Pi.

OOps, I forgot the download link:

18 Apr 2005

You can download KDE-Pim/Pi 2.1.0 here:




********** VERSION 2.1.0 ************

Stable release 2.1.0!

Summary of changes/fixes compared to version 2.0.6:

Many bugs of version 2.0.6 fixed.
Most of them were small bugs, but some of them were important.
It is recommended to use version 2.1.0 and not version 2.0.6.

Important changes:

Added recurring todos to KO/Pi.

Added global application font settings (for all KDE-Pim/Pi apps) to the general settings.

Made Passwordmanager PwM/Pi more userfriendly: Rearranged some toolbar icons, optimized setting of focus, fixed layout problems and more.

Datenavigator can now display many months. Very useful on the desktop.

KO/Pi alarm applet changed: Made buttons in alarm dialog much bigger and other usebility enhancements.

Made alarm sound working on Linux desktop.

Made KO/Pi and KA/Pi running from a memory stick. Please read storage HowTo for details.

Added timetracking feature in KO/Pi todo view. Please read timetraker HowTo for details.

Many other usebility enhancements.
Special thanks to Ben for his suggestions!
26 Feb 2005
If someone has a A780-Linux based phone and want to know how to telnet to:

Download USBLAN driver from here
Install newest inf file.
Set your A780 USB mode to "modem" in the A780 setup.
Connect your A780 with USB cable to computer.
Start Hyperterminal and connect to your A780 modem.
If you type "at" in Hyperterminal and you get an "ok" yo are connected.
in Hyperterminal to switch your A780 to USBLAN mode.
If you installed im 1) the drivers correctly, you will see another LAN device in LAN settings.
Open console and type
Logon as user "root".
I have read somewehre that the root password is "spatial".
But on my phone there is no password neede.
Do only things in the console, if you know what you do!

Hi Admin!

What about a new forum for linux based mobile phones?
If you create one, please move this thread!
4 Jan 2005

one can easily make platform independent presentations with OpenOffice and IndeView.

I have hacked together a viewer for such presentations.
You need an XGA-CF VGA card for the Z, of course.
Supported are 640x460 and 800x600 pixel output and the IR remote control.
You can find it here:


Happy presenting!

Here are the release notes, the first release is 0.9.0:

Z-Viewer - a presentation viewer frontend
for IndeView™ presentations (www.indeview.org)

To use this program, you need a Zaurus and a XGA CF-VGA card for the Zaurus.

1.) Create an IndeView presentation.
2.) Copy the DATA directory of that presentation to the zview subdirectory
of your Sd card, CF card or in the /home/zaurus/zview directory.
Rename the DATA directory to a senseful name for your presentation.
3.) Choose the actual project directory in the "Project" TAB.
4.) Choose the ouptut resolution in the "Input/Output" TAB.
5.) Verify that all needed *.png files are listed in the "Images" TAB.
6.) Turn on IR recognition and output to VGA card in the "Input/Output" TAB.
7.) Select the topmost entry in the "Images" TAB.
8.) Start your presentation.
9.) Coose the image to display in the "Images" TAB or via the IR remote control.

Remote control keys:
REV: previous frame
FWD: next frame
Color adjustments:
<red> i : red in image lighter
<green> i: green in image lighter
<blue> i: blue in image lighter
keys above the <color> i keys: color in image darker
Enter key: reset all color adjustments.

To jump several images forward/backward just select the image in the listview of the Zaurus with the stylus.
5 Dec 2004

I have fixed some bugs in the KDE-Pim/Pi version 1.9.13:

Info about the changes in new versions of KDE-Pim/Pi

********** VERSION 1.9.14 ************

Fixed some problems with the dialog sizes when switching
portrait/landscape mode on 640x480 PDA display.

Fixed some other small bugs in KA/Pi KO/Pi and OM/Pi and PwM/Pi.

Fixed an ugly bug in KOpieMail:
KOpieMail was not able to write files (mails) to MSDOS file system,
like on an usual preformatted SD card. That should work now.
To save your mail data on the Sd card do the following:
Create a dir on the SD card:
mkdir /mnt/card/localmail
Go to your home dir:
Go to kopiemail data storage dir:
cd kdepim/apps/kopiemail
Create a symlink to the SD card:
ls -s /mnt/card/localmail
Now KOpieMail will store all mails on the SD card.

KO/Pi Monthview:
Now "Go to Today" selects the current month from day 1-end,
not the current date + some days.
I.e. "Go to Today" shows now always
the current month with first day of month in the first row.

Added missing German translation.

Fixed icons of executeable on Wintendo.

Added a "Show next Mail" button to the OM/Pi
mail viewer such that the mail below the current mail
in the mail list view of the current folder
can be read with a single click.


Download from:


Please test and report problems.

If there are no problems, it will be the stable 2.0 release version in 1-2 weeks.


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