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23 Oct 2007
While looking around for a suitable upgrade to my C1000 I checked out the two leaders in the available-in-the-U.S. UMPC market. After handling a UX and reading extensively on both the next-generation UX and OQO models I have begun to wonder... what is WRONG with these people?

From the beginning, the Sony UX's primary complaint has been "the keyboard is really, really bad." And now, how many models and years later, the keyboard is still simply, absolutely, crap. I tried to type out a sentence on a brand new UX390 the other day -- a machine which retails for ~$2000 -- and had to stop in disgust. The keyboard was completely unusable. My hunt-and-peck $30 cell phone is more usable for text entry.

The main issue with the OQO from day one has been the processor speed (that pretty much goes without saying, as soon as you read the word "Transmeta" in the specs for the 01 and 01+). But in their latest model they've "upgraded" to a processor that *again* significantly underperforms its competition (as in, 2-3x slower)! And they're *also* asking quite a bit more for this little wonder than they ought to be given its shortcomings.

Why haven't OQO and Sony caught on yet? I really can't understand why these old hands have failed to address their machines' primary issues in the past several years. I also don't understand the market force that gets people to actually buy these things (especially the horrid UX) for many times the hoped-for UMPC price point. They're failures of the UMPC model, but they SELL so well!

Getting back to my initial question, though -- what's up with Sony and OQO? Are they that unresponsive? Is this what we have to look forward to in the UMPC field? Brand stagnation, with the only real innovation being caused by new companies entering the market?

Just wondering. :-)
18 Oct 2007
I recently (end of September) purchased a C1000 through Conics.net. (I'd owned an SL-5500 for several years and had been shopping for a Cxx00 for a while.) I installed pdaXii13 Akita and zgcc on my C1000 and, with just one keyboard hiccup, I was on my way, happily coding for an extra 1.5 hours a day on my city's standing-room-only trains.

I love the ability to thumb-type. I love the small size. The battery life is amazing (I go several sessions of heavy use -- recompiling VERY often -- without recharging). The screen is beautiful.

Unfortunately, I could really use more power. A heftier CPU and more RAM would increase my productivity quite a bit -- I spend more time staring out the window waiting for a recompile than I do writing code at times, and while writing games on the Z certainly adds to the design / code challenge and forces me to optimize early and often (not a bad thing when you're a one-man shop), I'd like my unoptimized code to at least RUN on the thing. It's a PITA to need to optimize before I can see results. I have already bumped the CPU to 624Mhz.

In short: I'd like to find a thumb-typeable PC with a decent screen, low weight, better CPU and more RAM. I'd be willing to go about 3x what I paid for the Z (about $400). I've shopped around but most stuff is expensive and / or rare. Figured I'd see if anyone had gone the same route already. Any suggestions? Ideas? Experiences?

Also, if there's anything I can do to speed up the Zaurus that would be great to hear as well.

Thanks, and cheers.

15 Oct 2007
Hey all. I did a search and came up with nothing on this issue. For some reason, not all of my Fn-modified keys are working in OpenWM -- in particular (and most annoyingly) curly braces.

I checked the keymap and everything seems to be set up properly. Any ideas?

Edit: Oops, I forgot to mention that this is pdaXii13 Akita on a C-1000, just flashed about two weeks ago.

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