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4 Jul 2007
Hi, i was wondering if someone could compile a 2.6 kernel and modules for me to be used under u-boot, that looks for the sd card for root to boot instead of the internal micro drive on the 3100? I am wanting to do that the u-boot + debian thread describes, but the link for the 3100 kernel that boots off the sd card is down. I currently away from home and don't have access to build things.

6 Jan 2006
Hey would someone be able to compile and put into ipk the last version of aircrack (2.41)? I am attaching the last version's source since the developer of aircrack is missing and all sites are down.
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Attached File  aircrack_2.41.zip ( 469.63K ) Number of downloads: 123
4 Jan 2006
Hey before i was browsing the diagnostic menu (dm) to fix my lcd phase settings, when i stumbled across the option of zero filling the internal hdd (writing zero's to every sector). I looked around the forums and coulden't find anything and then read the trisoft manual (i think it was trisoft) and it said this would brick the zaurus. Since i already flashed to pdaXrom and have been messing around with the hdd's partitions (since pdaXrom dosen't care what you do with them, sharp based roms will complain) i knew for sure that zero filling would not screw anything up. I am used to writing zero's to my real pc's since i like starting off fresh (yes i know in theory u can still recover stuff after a zero fill... but its harder and i do it more for a clean start) so i did it.

The zero writer is pretty cool (i love the zaurus diagnostic menu)... It had a progress bar and displayed sector number as it was getting zeroed. (took around 10-15 mins)

And, as expected it did work, rebooted then fdisked /dev/hda and it created a new partiton table and all went normal. So if anyone for whatever reason ever wants to do this straight from the diagnostics menu with a 3100 (3000 might be a bad idea cause it needs the hdd for files and such though, if u know how to recover it then shoulden't be a problem) it definatly works.

Location: Reboot zaurus (either typing reboot in consol or reset button) holding d and m buttons, go to page 3 "SERVICE (3/3)", "2. BACKUP RESTORE MENU", you will see the 00 fill option there if u have a 3000/3100.
28 Dec 2005
Hey recently i ordered a 3100 and it should be here soon. I've been reading the forums over the past week to get back up to date on zaurus development ( i sold my 5500 at the end of 2004 ). I have a few questions i would like to ask, some might have been repeated before, but trough searching i haven't found them, or if i found something similar it hasen't been answered in full. My questions are divided in two categories internal ram and internal hdd.

Internal RAM:

From reading install guides and posts, i see that i have to or should ( some user(s) said they didn't? ) resize the nand partitioning. If i do have to resise it, it seems i can do it all as root, or a mix between root and user. According to the official user guides there are no specific mentions of recommended partitioning for the 3100, but more for the xx0 series. Some people recommend doing the whole thing as root and some say they did a split, whats better? actually a better question would be whats actually the difference if there is any, and what problems might result from doing either?

Internal HDD:

According to posts on the forums i've figured out that by default the 3100 comes with 3 partitions to the internal hdd ( 2 small ones, and 1 storage one ). I've read that the small ones are left over from the 3000, but still cause problems with the sharp based roms if you decide to remove/edit them. So here are some questions about this and pdaXrom:

1) Does pdaXrom need/check/care about the partitioning of the internal hdd like the sharp based roms? or is it treated exactly the same as a cf card added to the exterior cf slot?

2) If pdaXrom dosen't care about the internal hdd, can i just remove all the partitions and format it in ext2 and then go ahead and install things on it? ( yeah i know i wont be able to use it for mounting on windows, but i have other solutions for that )


Thanks for your help and your hard work developing!
27 Dec 2005
Hey i'm just wondering if someone can compile/package into an ipk the neweest version of Xfce ( it seems to have a bunch of fixes of the latest version for zaurus i can find 4.2.2
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