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26 Jan 2005
Has anyone else noticed weirdness with the current TinyKate package? I absolutely LOVE the highlighting, but there are a couple of strange behaviors that I wanted to confirm with other folks...

1) Double (even triple!) paste when using the toolbar button for paste. Also, the clipboard applet does not paste at all (although fn-c and fn-v work just like the toolbar button)

2) When opening files (not .desktop entries), I get the "Do you want to open the .desktop or the file" dialog twice. If you click on the the file option both times, you get the file, otherwise you get nothing.

BTW, removing the built in text editor desktop entry allows TinyKate to associate with all text file (nice), but I would absolutely KILL for the AdvancedFM context menu to allow for using tinyKate as the "Open as text..." action. Anybody know how to do this in Opie?

Thanks in advance!
20 Jan 2005
First off, huge thanks to the OZ team! I love my zaurus even more since I installed 3.5.2 (upgrd from Cacko/Sharp). It's pretty, it runs fast, and it does almost everything I want (sound recording needs help badly for my 5500).

Anyway, what I wanted to ask about was task switching between applications. Some of my apps (MinIDE - java editor, Nethack, opie-sh help etc) refuse to come to the foreground when you click their icon in the taskbar. After a couple of seconds, a window comes up saying that the application is not responding, do you want to terminate it? If, however, you close the apps that you have opened afterwards, the original app is still there and working fine. I can't seem to narrow it down to any specific problem with the apps. Nethack is using compat libs, but so is Opera, and it switches just fine. MinIDE is a java app, so is EIDE which does the same thing. I have no idea about Opie-sh help.

Any idea what is wrong, or is this just "something to live with". If it's wrong, any idea on how I can fix it? It's kind of a pain to have some apps that you can't get back to without closing everything you've opened since...

12 Jan 2005
Can someone "in the know" explain how OZ (or OPIE? not sure who is responsible) handles mime types? I have a file /etc/mime.types that lists out a whole bunch of mime types and their extensions. All good so far. I notice that text/plain is an entry. In AdvancedFM, files with those extensions (for text/plain) show up with the TextEditor icon. Looking at the texteditor.desktop file (in /opt/QtPalmtop), I notice line like this:

When I tap-and-hold on a text file, the open with TextEditor context option appears (separate from the "Open as text file" that is always there).

I want to do this with other applications (namely kAddressbook and .vcf files), but OPIE does not seem to associate my .desktop entry with MimeType=text/x-vCard with the text/x-vCard entry in /etc/mime.types.

I must be missing something basic, but I can't seem to find ANY documentation on the .desktop file specification or how OPIE reads it/uses it etc. The only mimetype docs I can find say that OPIE should be looking for a file in /opt/QtPalmtop/etc/mime.types, which definitely does NOT exist on my system.

Can anyone straighten this out? I'm desparate to get my beaming working, and the mime types seem to be the main thing holding it up...

23 Dec 2004
Good News: Beam receive worked with no configuration (Hentges 3.5.2)!!!

Bad News: Palm (Treo 650) contact beaming VCard files cannot be imported.

When I beam-receive a vcard from a Treo 650 (Palm OS 5 something), I receive the file, but opie-addressbook complains that the VCard is corrupt. It is correct, but I wonder if there is some way I can get a hook in BEFORE it tries to import.

I checked the beamed file manually (it was laying around int /tmp) and there is one obviously non-compliant line in there. It is a line that simply reads "Unnamed". If I delete that line, I can import the .vcf file into opie-addressbook no problem.

My question(s) is/are what happens when a beamed file is received and can I get my fingers on it before opie-addressbok does? I assume that some script is being fired off that sees a .vcf file incoming and hands it over to opie-address. What I want to do is put a filter in before it and remove any lines that contiain 'Unnamed'. If I can do that, I can show off my super-dooper Zaurus without any 'can't talk to my palm' egg on my face. I know, I know...it's the Palm's fault for not adhering to standards, but I'm on a Linux box... I can fix it w/ a script, right?

Any help would be appreciated (and I'll write up a how-to if we can get it running).
23 Dec 2004
Okay, I've been fiddling with this for a couple of days now, and everyone seems to have some idea or another about how to do it, but I finally got it to work. So, here is what I did:

1) Download opera6_1.5.4_arm.ipk from the ZUG Downloads section (listed under Applications as Opera6)

2) ipkg -dest sd --force-overwrite install opera6_1.5.4_arm.ipk
(from the directory you placed the file in, obviously. The --force-overwrite is probably --overkill, but I've installed opera6 and 7 about 931 times over the past few days, so it can't hurt)

3) ipkg-link add opera6

4) Go to the Settings tab, click "Reload Icons"

5) ln -s /opt/QtPalmtop/opera /usr/share/opera
(this will enable png files somehow...don't know, frankly don't care at this point)

6) Go to the Settings tab, click on Libraries, List, Applications, Opera Browser and okay it.

7) Go to Applications, click on Opera Browser and surf your happy heart out.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a message if this works or not so that this thread can be useful!!

We need more HOW-TO documents on this stuff. Most of this was culled from this message board, but with the *cough* wonderful *cough* search functionality and rampant thread hijacking, it was DIFFICULT to hunt down and even more difficult to sort out.

I hope this helps someone. If helps you, and you happen to get some other PITA install to work, consider writing up something along these lines. Good Karma and all that...
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