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OESF Portables Forum _ New products and alternatives _ 7-inch Portable Touchscreen Usb Monitor 800x480 Displayport

Posted by: espi Dec 4 2008, 07:04 PM

Maybe some of you probably have heard of this thing but I just found out about it.
I personally think this is the bees knees.

It's from Korea. The company is MIMO. The screen is bright, sharp, and crisp (
It uses displayport, runs off of just USB, and is fully USB powered.
It has XP, Vista, and OSX drivers but no Linux yet. sad.gif
The OS sees it as just another monitor, and can mirror or extend. It just runs some extra processes in the background, but they only take up to 40MB RAM. I guess that means that old Zaurus is out, if/when the Linux drivers appear.

I totally don't need it, and I certainly don't need to be blowing $200 (which is a fair/good price for this IMO) on anything right now, but man I sure want this thing!

I would like to have it as an extra monitor for my desktop, then grab it, connect it to my tablet and take it with me!
I could also keep the tablet in my briefcase, with a USB cord coming out connected to the small monitor in my coat pocket, acting as a 7-inch touchscreen controller when I'm on the metro or around town. Here's the bonus why that would be handy: This has audio out, audio in, mic, and webcam too!

Later SP

Posted by: geeko Dec 5 2008, 01:07 PM

it doesn't have keyboard, i might as well get a iphone, nokia 810 whatever...

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