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OESF Portables Forum _ Gemini PDA - Sailfish OS _ A cool live SFOS-on-Gemini background -- UPDATED

Posted by: depscribe Oct 24 2018, 08:46 AM

The Gemini being a product of Planet Computers, what could be cooler than a desktop background of . . . a planet? Given the PC logo, Saturn seems about right.

And it's possible, even easy, for Geminis running Sailfish.

First thing is to go to http://OpenRepos and download xplanet-background. This will bring along with it the popular Linux xplanet package. Then create a ~/Pictures/Jolla subdirectory with user privileges.

At its defaults, it runs a little picture of Earth, portrait orientation, about the size of a postage stamp on the home screen. Ah, but there's easy work to be done!

In your editor of choice (or ssh'ed in), edit ~/.config/xplanet/xplanet.sysconfig and make it say:

# xplanet service options, see xplanet --help / man xplanet for what's available.
XPLANET_PREV=xplanet -body saturn -origin earth -base_magnitude 12 -geometry 2048x2048  -output /home/nemo/Pictures/Jolla/background.png -num_times 1; dbus-send --session --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=com.jolla.ambienced /com/jolla/ambienced com.jolla.ambienced.setAmbience string:"file:///usr/share/ambience/xplanet/xplanet1.ambience"

XPLANET_OPTIONS=-config /home/nemo/.config/xplanet/xplanet.conf -body saturn -origin earth -background /home/nemo/Pictures/Jolla/background.png -geometry 2048x2048 -output /home/nemo/Pictures/Jolla/xplanet.jpg -num_times 1

XPLANET_POST=convert -level 0,100% -blur 0x10 /home/nemo/Pictures/Jolla/xplanet.jpg /home/nemo/Pictures/Jolla/yplanet.jpg; dbus-send --session --type=method_call --print-reply --dest=com.jolla.ambienced /com/jolla/ambienced com.jolla.ambienced.setAmbience string:"file:///usr/share/ambience/xplanet/xplanet2.ambience"; dconf reset /desktop/jolla/background/portrait/home_picture_filename; dconf reset /desktop/jolla/background/portrait/app_picture_filename; dconf write /desktop/jolla/background/portrait/home_picture_filename "'/home/nemo/Pictures/Jolla/xplanet.jpg'"; dconf write /desktop/jolla/background/portrait/app_picture_filename "'/home/nemo/Pictures/Jolla/yplanet.jpg'"; yplanet.bash

NOTE: I updated this on 10/31 to insert -origin earth in the XPLANET_OPTIONS= section. Without it, the rings are as seen from Earth, but the body of the planet is as seen from someplace else.

Then do
systemctl --user start xplanet.service
and in just seconds your screen will be filled with a cool picture of Saturn as it would be seen from Earth (if it were night and we had telescopic eyeballs) that updates every 10 minutes.

You can do other planets, the moon, Earth, lots of stuff. I chose Saturn because the other planets are round and the Gemini screen isn't and, as mentioned, Saturn is the apparent inspiration for the Planet Computers logo. To do more elaborate customizations, see:

man xplanet

and if you want to read a long thread on getting it all to work on an Xperia X, this:

(Yeah, I've been working on/with it for awhile to get the Moon to display properly on the Xperia, and finally succeeded, which led me to try it out on the Gemini, where Saturn fits just right.)

Have fun!

Posted by: depscribe Oct 31 2018, 11:24 AM

Here's a screenshot:

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