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2 Jun 2019

by chance I bought a charger that can handle fast charging (GOOBAY 45173), and in connection with this I collected some observations and have a few questions.

First about normal charging:
When I connect the Gemini to my normal charger, which can provide up to 2.0A @5V, the Gemini draws only slightly less than 0.5A. When I connect the Gemini to a 10000 mAh Powerbank, it draws about 1.5A @5V. Why is this?

Fast charging:
After a few seconds after connecting, the charger voltage jumps from 5V to 9V, and the Gemini draws about 1.6A @9V. So it is fastcharging. Does anybody do this regularly? Are there any observations as to whether fast charging influences battery life, in means of charging cycles?

I don't trust the fast charging process, and both the charger and the Gemini - i.e. the battery - get pretty hot during charging. I can't believe this isn't harmfull for the battery. Is it?

Kind regards
1 Jun 2019

I've just bought a handful of new chargers (GOOBAY 45173), because with the charger I used only about 0.5 A at 5V was provided during charging, while the charger as such can output up to 2 A. Other devices use that range and charge with 1.3 - 1.6 A at 5 V.
I have a little gizmo connected between the charger and the cable, which shows me the voltage, the current and things like mAh and mWh provided so far.

When I connect the Gemini to a power bank, it draws about 1.4 A at 5 V.

What I see now, with the new charger, is that after I connect everything, the voltage starts at 5V (which is ok for USB), but after a few seconds jumps up to 9V and remains. The current is about 1.5 A.

I read the technical description of the charger now (why bother before using it? rolleyes.gif ), and it says that it supports Qualcomm Snapdragon charging process. So I guess with this particular charger the Gemini switches to the fast charging process.

I would appreciate if someone could answer the following questions:
- Is it really ok to provide 9V through USB structures? I mean, everything is originally designed for 5 V.
- Actually I don't want the Gemini to fast charge. I don't trust the process concerning battery life, and the Gemini and the charger get pretty hot while charging. Is there a way to tell the Gemini not to fast-charge, even if the charger supports it?

Kind regards
14 May 2019

since the OTA-Update was released, I get that "search for new firmware"-notification nearly every day. At first I didn't dare to touch it, of fear it would just start downloading the update and start it, which I don't want (I'm waiting for the rooted version anyway). But since I tried and it didn't cause any harm, I click on the notification each time it appears, and close the firmware update menu again.

But it keeps coming, which I find really annoying. I don't want OTA-updates, so how do I tell the device once and for all to not notify me? And why does the notification appear every freaking day?

I would reall appreciate any hints on this.

And reading the first experiences with 8.1 people tell of in other threads, I don't feel overly urged to update anyway, even if the rooted version finally will be available.

Kind regards
1 Nov 2018

when I connect the Gemini to my (windows) laptop, and chose "connect as media device", there appears a new device "Gemini" under "Computer" in Windows Explorer, but it doesn't have a drive letter, and isn't a network device either. Thus it doesn't appear in other filemanagers like Total Commander.
Though most of you - if using MS Windows - might be alright with Windows Explorer, many of my datatransfer datamanagement solutions depent on a drive letter and a directory structure beneath it. So here is my question: is it possible to assign a drive letter to the Gemini, once connect to a Windows (7 or 10) computer with the USB cable?

Thanks and kind regards
28 Jul 2018

using bluetooth for sending and receiving data to and from the Gemini has worked quite well for me.
But now I tried sending an ebook (format epub) to the Gemini, which failed about threethousand times mad.gif (<- slight exaggeration) I finally noticed that the sending device held messages apparently sent from the Gemini as answer to the send-request, saying "The content is not supported". What content? Does the Gemini not accept epub files via bluetooth?

After a series of loud curses towards Google and Android (this is really no OS for serious work, just for kids and gamers, dammit, but alas, one is stuck with it) I tried some research on the topic and only found issues about older Sony devices refusing mp3 via bluetooth, and some other devices refusing apk, but there was no explanation about why and how to switch that off.
Of course there was no information to be found about whether the Gemini refuses epub files and why. Probably again some "security" crap. Let me use my devices, dammit, I can think for myself and a am adult enough to take responsibility for my actions.

Ok, enough of the rant. Does anybody have any similar experience with file transfer via bluetooth and how to fix it?

Kind regards
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