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OESF Portables Forum _ New products and alternatives _ Ockel Sirius A and A Pro

Posted by: speculatrix Sep 9 2017, 11:54 PM

Anandtech reviewed the Ockel Sirius A pocket computers. They're somewhat similar to the GPD pocket in specifications, only better, but lack the keyboard.

If you were happy with Windows or Linux tablet and would only occasionally need a physical keyboard, it might be a usable alternative.

I just bought one of these fire use with my Android phone (LG v20) and it works very well, the keyboard shortcuts for cut/copy/paste work, as do the media controls for volume and next/previous. Track pad good too.

If the price was a lot better it might be worth considering instead of the gpd pocket.

Posted by: koan Sep 17 2017, 10:44 AM

Looks nice, thats a 367 DPI display. I would prefer without the RJ45, fingerprint sensor and a slghtly slimmer wedge.
I would only be interested if it ran Linux of course.

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