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11 Jul 2018
Hi fellow Geministas,

Now that I've had Gemini for more than a month and multiple re-flashes and updates behind me, I thought I'd share some general thoughts about our little pocket computer, and see if you agree or have different perspective.

The last two re-flashes have been with the recent multi-boot setup.

Currently, have it setup as follows:

1. Android Rooted

2. Recovery

3. Debian

4. Sailfish

So, in that order, here's some thoughts about each:

1. Android Rooted

Works well overall.

However, need to learn how to use Android without needing Google and signing in to apps, etc. If there's a good place online to learn about doing this, please let me know.

Disappointed in Planet's new Agenda app. Looks very nice visually, but "where's the beef?" as the old Burger King commercial said.

3. Debian

Works well overall.

However, still has a few rough edges...

No ethernet support.

I'm fine with using it with my little mini-mouse when I'm at a desk. However, would be nice if I could use it easily without a mouse when out and about, on the train, etc. Like others have said, it would be great if Gemini had a pointing device built-in. I think an optical pointer like on the Viliv N5 and UMID mBook (think it had one...) would be great. Other option is a little trackpoint like on my GPD Pocket.. Also, some mouse buttons would be helpful too, either on keyboard or if no room, on side of display or even back of display as on my old Libretto way back when.

4. Sailfish

Looks pretty......

Not sure there's much more to say about it. Definitely, feels very unfinished, at least to me.

Well, there you have it, my impressions of the various Gemini OS'es, as currently available.

Overall, think Gemini is a very nice pocketable mobile computer (I don't use it as a phone...).

Think it has a lot of promise to be much better and refined as time goes by and more updates released.

Think that Planet is clearly under-resourced and they are playing catch-up to meet all the various demands about the device.

Planet's website and Support page are very un-developed. Various things you'd expect normally are not found, like contact info, general Gemini support info besides flashing, etc.

Please don't take this post as I'm bashing Planet or the Gemini. To be very clear, I really enjoy using the Gemini now and look forward to seeing it get even better as time goes by.

If you have any comments or other thoughts on this, please feel free to share them.

OK, back to using Gemini....


9 Jul 2018
Recently, I re-flashed Gemini with the new multi-boot firmware.

I set up the booting with the new online tool as follows:

1. Debian

2. Recovery

3. Sailfish

4. Android Rooted

It was working properly until now.

Before if I rebooted and did not press any key or silver button, it booted up into Debian. However, now when I reboot and do not press anything, it just keeps re-booting endlessly.

If I press silver button, it boots to Sailfish.

If I press both Esc key and silver button, it will boot to Android.

So, something got messed up regarding booting to Debian.

Any way to fix this or do I need to re-flash again?

If re-flash, can I just do the Debian partition or ?

Thank you for any help.

26 Jun 2018
Now that many of us have our Gemini and running Debian, perhaps it is good time to start a thread with programs you installed besides those that come with the image file.

Have installed:

- audacity

- calendar (http://gemian.thinkglobally.org/#Calendar) (looks nice; can enter start time of 1:00 through 9:00 AM, but can't enter start time of 10:00 AM...)

- CherryTree (in start menu, but doesn't open...)

- contacts (http://gemian.thinkglobally.org/#Contacts)

- clementine (although kept getting tiny notification message that playlist completed...so, quit program...)

- data (http://gemian.thinkglobally.org/#Data)

- evince

- Geany

- KeepNote

- mc (Midnight Commander)

- taskwarrior (great CLI program)

- vlc (in start menu, but doesn't open...)
8 May 2018
Managed to get Debian running on Gemini!

Working, but runs a bit slow.....

Have a few issues/questions....thought it would be good to start a thread for such things....

1. Mouse

I plugged my tiny little Targus mini-mouse into Gemini usb hub but it was not recognized.

Has anyone used a mouse successfully? If so, did you plug into the hub or ?

2. Window Manager

Any pros/cons for using KWin vs Xfwm4?

Also, in the window that allows you to choose, it listed KWin twin, but since window is so small, you can't read all the text description. Is this just a duplicate entry or are there 2 different versions?

3. Wireless Network

Used ConnMan to connect to the guest network at work. However, the guest network requires that you login via a webpage. For some unknown reason, I get an error message in browsers when I try to connect to that page.

I have no problem connecting to the login page when using Android on Gemini.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

7 May 2018
Have looked at both the Planet Gemini flashing guide and the one at GeminiPlanet.

Having problem with the step to 'Backup the NVRAM partition'.

Nothing seems to happen when I do this step and it complains about missing scatter file. Even though earlier in the instructions it says you can ignore such message.

On my PC running the flash tool, in 'Readback' tab, after clicking 'Add' button connecting to PC with usb-C cable that came with Gemini, restarting Gemini as instructed , the Add, Remove, Read Back buttons are now 'grayed out' and Stop button has a green colored circle with + sign inside.

The line of text that got added after clicking the Add button looks grayed out.

Is it possible that it just needs a long time to read and backup the NVRAM partition?

In other words, just leave PC and Gemini alone for a while until the row of text is no longer grayed out or was there some other step I needed to do in order to make this work?

Thanks for any help.

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