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> Guylhem Rom: First Qtopia 1.5 Release
post May 7 2005, 06:50 PM
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The first "end user ready" release is being uploaded. It features a nice GUI and should work out of the box (no command line special knowledge should be necessary)

Get it on: http://externe.net/zaurus/guylhem-rom/

The only bugs I could find (and honnestly, they are not serious drawbacks) are:
- some remaining keyboard remapping (power/record are used like a jogdial, but should also be able to start applications - they can't yet)
- the network application refuses to add new interfaces. So I replaced the usual netsetup by a different one I compiled and I created a "Get online" icon, which can be used to create a new connection, before using the network application (that's the only if you really want to use the old one called netsetup.old). I have no idea why it doesn't work :-( Trolltech version works fine, Sharp doesn't. Any help would be welcome

If you feel like giving a try, your feedback would be very welcome. What you get :
- a polished qtopia 1.5 rom loaded with applications
- a cleaned filesystem (no symlinks everywhere)
- 24 Mb free to add your own applications (I doubt you'll need them - it's *loaded* with applications, basically every app I use is there, PIM, Hancom, Opera, etc etc.)

What's new since last version :
- added qtopia 1.5 interface
- made sure it worked well
- fixed the zoom/systemtime bugs reported in the standalone qtopia packages.

What's missing :
- special modules used by special card. If you have such a card, please tell me or adf so we can compile your missing module for you

To install it, simply restore the nandbackup. That's all. On reboot, you may see jffs2 errors - that's normal. It's just very verbose. You are presented with a login: if you log in, qtopia won't start. Press home twice to open another console. Press userkey/light to move between consoles. You must log out of every shell so Qtopia may start 30 seconds later. However the keyboard may not be usable if you didn't return to the first console. So if you want to use qtopia, simply don't log in.

Anyway, let's start the beta test ! I'm also preparing a dedicated feed for the ROM. If you have a .ipk that works fine and you think should be interesting to other people, please send me a URL where I can download it and add it to the feed.

If you think some application should be included by default, please tell me too. I'd like to create a "different" rom, very user oriented. Everything should be simple and work out of the box - the apps. I did choose tend to do that.

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post May 15 2005, 05:29 AM
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Regarding the keymap, I tried to match as closely as possible a standard pc keyboard, to avoid problems when using different kind of keyboards (external internal etc). A 100% match was not possible because in qtopia keycode 30=Fn is hardcoded, while on a pc keyboard keycode 30=A. So I used keycode 125 (left window) for A, and 30 for FN. Besides that it's a 100% pc keyboard. Specials keys (ex: Address, Home, Power...) have been remapped to F1->F12 so you can use them with a standard PC keyboard and pocket-pc keyboard (IIRC pocketpsc have a similar F1->F12 remapping for their special keys). Please read driver/char/tosa_rawmap.h and the tosa_keymap.map if you need more details.

It may sound like a big hack but it's the cleanest possible solution. With qtopia 2.1 the 125/30 difference will go and it'll be a 100% standard pc keymap.

So if you have keyboard problems now, 2 solutions :
- only a doesn't work: this means you are using a standard pc table. swap 125 and 30 in the source code of your applications
- most keys don't work as they should : this means you are using a dead beat zaurus table. Use a standard pc table instead. Can't help much :-(

I'll try to look into vnc issues. I've added keypebble as requested. The fbvncserver removal notes maybe should go in the FAQ? I'll edit the postrm scripts to add that to make sure it uninstalls cleanly.

As for interfaces and applications, I don't want to dictate my choice but I think I'm quite close to the truth (if there's any :-) - that qtopia is the solution, and end users applications should be provided. More could be provided - integrating perl is certainly possible, but IMHO since it's a language people who need it certainly know how to do "ipkg install".

I'd like to minimise the complexity of using this rom for most people. This means that big hacks (ex: moving Qtopia to the SD, etc) will not be configured by default, but I'll do everything I can to help them: I wouldn't want such hacks to damage normal interfaction with the ROM (no boot questions : reflash and it works :-)

A good possibility for other UI would be using different directories in /opt which could be mounted to external medias. If you guys can create a Qtopia 2.1, GPE, PdaXrom tarball that simply requires untarring and symlinking, I'll be happy to provide them with the ROM, along with instructions on how to use that. adf, if you reflash to 2.1 soon, please tar cvf /opt/QtPalmtop or whatever they are using and put the tarball online. I'll try to make it work on the 1.0rc1.

Anyway, this is getting too long :-) I'd like to conclude simply - everybody who wants to participate in the rom, to give a hand, is welcome. [even nice icons are needed for apps which have non VGA icons.] A CVS is not really possible at the moment (to have a big partition, you need to reflash, but once you've used guylhem rom you could certainly do upgrades with simples patches), neither is a simpler "initrd.bin and power+ok" install, but I'll think about what we could do.

I tried to do the initrd.bin etc approach and had big problems with my Z. I lost important data. If I get donations or if I'm offered a spare 6000 to work on the rom, I'll certainly be able to develop much easily, but for now I'd rather play it safe :-)

Maybe it could be a CVS of the root filesystem, so anyone can edit the files and submit modifications ? But IMHO there's not a strong demand. I haven't received many patches. I'll post the root filesystem for 1.0rc1 online soon, with installations instructions for those who want to hack. But IMHO a nand reflash is much much better (you're sure it will always work)

Anyway I'm open. Please tell me how you think the development should go, and if you like the roadmap. As adf said, I'm not quite satisfied by opie/oe/oz. I've to publish an editorial (soon - really :-) on my thoughts, but basically 1) braking binary compatibility is bad 2) shipping unfinished/untested distributions is worse 3) imposing developpers/contributors to use the entire buildsystem weighting several Gb is like telling them "please don't contribute".
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post May 15 2005, 07:33 AM
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QUOTE(guylhem @ May 15 2005, 05:29 AM)
So if you have keyboard problems now, 2 solutions :
- only a doesn't work: this means you are using a standard pc table. swap 125 and 30 in the source code of your applications
- most keys don't work as they should : this means you are using a dead beat zaurus table. Use a standard pc table instead. Can't help much :-(


I think this will be a problem going forward. If applications have to be patched to work with your ROM, it means that forks of those apps will have to be maintained by the project. Each time there is a new release of, for instance fbvncserver, someone will have to do the work to integrate a patch to make the guylhem keyboard map work with the app. There will be user confusion as well. Even if fbvncserver, again for example, is included in the base release, a user may very well run out and install the newest release from SDG. When they keyboard fails to work, the user will be mystified. I also note that there are issues with IR keyboards. "Sell your keyboard" isn't a great response for the general user population.

Is there another way to approach the problem of supporting a full PC keyboard? I assume what you are trying to do is to support all the keys that don't work with the standard map. From the fbvncserver README:

6 - Known bugs/limitations

- Because the keyboard simulation happens at the lowest level in the kernel,
it can't simulate quite all the keyboard inputs you'd normally find on a
full-size keyboard.

Is there any way to supplement the Zaurus keyboard map and yet leave it upwardly compatible with the unique mapping most apps expect?
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