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> Start A Network Connection From The Command Line, SL-C3100
post Oct 26 2006, 06:43 AM
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C3100 with standard Sharp ROM

Can someone give me the required commands to start a specific wireless network connection from the command line please? I want to set up a script to do it.
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post Apr 11 2007, 08:19 PM
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Whoops! I asked for "which ps | xargs ls -l" and Barry wrote, "It points to /bin/ps."

Please paste in your results...whether you meant "shows the details for /bin/ps" or "shows a symlink pointing to /bin/ps" is not clear without me eyeballing your output. wink.gif

Also, I am wondering what the other 6 processes are that took place and are gone, between 2952 and 2959.

2952 ? SN 0:00 /sbin/dhcpcd -t 30 wlan0
2959 ? SWN 0:00 [rpciod]
2960 ? SW 0:00 [lockd]

Are they earlier, unsuccessful attempts by kermit to connect? I really need to see a "ps ax" from while kermit is searching. Try getting that by immediately entering "ps ax" right after kermit starts up. If you have trouble capturing the output, send it to a file with something like: "ps ax > kermitps".

We need to be able to study your network port's status from all angles, in order to automatically determine whether the resetting is successful or not.

I know what to check for with pppd connections, but dhcpcd is more of a challenge because it doesn't show a tty even though it uses one. sad.gif

The lack of a dhcpcd log of some sort also complicates debugging. Please snoop around the forums and web and see if you find information about dhcp or dhcpcd logs.

Another possible place to look for ttyS3 information is in the /proc file system, but I haven't found an indicator there that I think we can count on.

Whoa...I think I may have the answer..."cardctl status". Paste in four sets of output from that...one from when you are having trouble and want to yank out the card, one from after you have put it back in, and one more each from while kermit is negotiating and also once when you are finally connected. This might be what we need.

The other thing I also need to know is the name of the lock file created, if there is one. A stale lock on ttyS3 also can be the problem.

What browser(s) do you use on your Zaurus? Do you ever use them when you aren't going online?

I don't know what Skype does. If it won't let you access #bash at irc.freenode.net, you might consider getting a chat client...I recommend NeIC for the Zaurus. You also could get access through the http://www.tyrannozaurus.com gateway to #bash, or get a desktop client such as(I think) Xirc for Linux or Mirc for M$. Tyrannozaurus has links for irc client downloads..

I've turned my script topsy-turvy, adding dhcpcd stuff to it, and that's fine, but I had to rewrite the new sections a couple times as elvis kept running out of space and messing things up. I'm backing up the revisions more frequently now, as in, almost every time. wink.gif

I also saw someone somewhere on the web, suggesting killing rpciod, and you can try that when you're having problems, but I think it could create it's own problems to do it without going through qtopia and cardctl in sync with each other. They mentioned that killing rpciod releases any "stuck NFS points." Anyhow, that's another option to play with adding to my script if my model doesn't work as is.

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