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> Penguin Mobile Computers, Flyer for my nonexistant company.
post Jan 6 2007, 08:15 AM
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Right. I've decided to do a simple thing to show how *I* would do it. Yes, I know this is not MY project, this is merely how I would do it, after looking at the general market and other existing devices. Constructive criticisms on the designs and hardware specs themselves are welcome, AFTER I've finished. This is just a first sketchup in Journal to show you the basic idea. Doing it in the form of a flyer for a nonexistant company (Penguin Mobile Computing) to show off their new product line.

MY Pocket Penguin Zero hardware.

X- iMX31 CPU.
X- 256MB mDDR memory.
X- 640x480 4" Resistive CG touchscreen.
X- Slot for otional and upgradeable wireless card (Slot with miniUSB plug at back, any aerial connections sit on the outer edge of the card, any audio handled over the USB2.0 bus the same way as USB headphones, bluetooth. Card is powered from the USB bus.)
X- External Mini-USB socket for charging and connection.
X- End edge contact bus for connection to Tablet/Notebook PC.
X- Bevelling for PPZ to slide into aforementioned PC, and to clip into place.
X- ATA "iPod" hard disk, upgradeable by authorised service centres (for the public) to give storage. Standard volume 30GB and 80GB
X- Rotating camera hooked to iMX31 video bus, 2MP. Fitted same way as camera on Samsung flip-phones. Opposite end to docking connector.
X- Slit style biometric reader on bottom edge of front fascia under the display. Functions as both security sensor and scroll "wheel"
X- Accelerometer to park hard drive heads in case of falling or throwing. Also useable as input controller.
X- Sliding keyboard: Slides out of body of PPZ, and then can be swivelled from a backwards position to act as a stand, (With keyboard "hold" switch enabled) to plane with the body (Position for sliding and most mobile entry) to a forward "Desktop" position. Keyboard will be as slimline as possible, about 80% of the width of the device (Centred, to leave space for the camera and docking connection), and with twin mini-SD sockets for data cards.

Battery is currently undecided.

Specs for rest of gear will be forthcoming, and please talk about whatever you want, except for my design and specs - not till I've finished.

Yes: I know it will be slightly thicker than a Zaurus, and I'm fine with that. Yes, I am thinking about heat dissipation. And finally, I am fully aware that the screen is uncovered. It will have little mounting points for a flip cover like that of the SL-5/6 (Available seperately) and if you don't like that, then get a damn case.
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post Jan 6 2007, 11:35 PM
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You must be new here wink.gif

this isnt about the public, in fact i hope they never buy it, this is for the linux/unix power user (much more of a power user than a windows one) and those who value security

" i have a dream, where one day i can buy a linux computer that is designed for linux and have the infmotion nesscary to modify it. one that wont be obselete every time the coffers of a company start to dip a bit and one that can be upgraded with the latest tech in the forseable futre, basically one that wont become obselete without kicking and screaming and taking as many others down with it"

thats my vision smile.gif

now back to the originol post, i do like the sliding keyboard, i just went from a hp phone (the media companinion) to a new htc tytn with slide out keyboard and while the keyboard isnt the best its still very nice compared to a touch screen, i cant wait to run linux on this linnle device

the specs you have mentioned are obut correct, there are one or two things that might be diffrent but that the genral wrap. the ram is important.

basically it will be a shell with lots of avalible IO, that way you can add what you want as modules of some sort as i have stated all using somthing like usb, with i2c optinal or simmilar (for those who wont easy homebrew)

i thoght we dropped the camera?

2 things i would like to push for' 1 is full sized SD sockets, there are adaptors for the mini stuff second is dual sims, its a feature for some but i am getting into using smartcards (which is a sim in a diffrent format) and would like to be able to have my telcos sim and a smartcard for handling crypto stuff such as keysining, the second slot would be externally acsessible so you can pull it out. if it goes in ill post links to where you can get the cards
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post Jan 7 2007, 02:03 AM
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QUOTE(Da_Blitz @ Jan 7 2007, 09:35 AM)
You must be new here wink.gif

this isnt about the public, in fact i hope they never buy it, this is for the linux/unix power user (much more of a power user than a windows one) and those who value security

Sure, but will you pay the price of a device which has a very limited users base ? wink.gif
Design, production and maintenance costs money and as long as you are not the long lost older brother of Paris Hilton where money does not count one will have to set an appropriate pricing.

In the office I have a device which is almost identical to eg. a HP iPAQ - Bluetooth, WLAN, GSM/GPRS, keyboard, Windows Mobile 5. The only difference is that it is ruggedized and complies to some specs like IP54/IP67 for outdoor appliances. It costs 3 times more than the iPAQ though the additional hardware and certification costs make roundabout 20% of the device costs only.
Primary reason for the cost increase: A very limited target audience which means that only a few thousands are expected to be sold worldwide while the whole product lifecycle must be maintained.

So Penguin Mobile Computing would be advised very well if they shared some thoughts how to keep the prices low by attracting a broad customers base. Because high prices will also scare away the Linux power users (like myself) regardless the specs. Unfortunately wink.gif

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