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> Pdaxrom 2.0 Included Apps
post Jul 8 2008, 06:31 PM
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I'm making the mostly official and potentially mostly final list of apps to include in the pdaXrom 2.0 release image. Since we're trying to listen to the community more for this release, I'm asking for feedback, changes, etc. Here's the list I came up with, feel free to post comments, ideas, additions, changes, things to cut, etc. below. I'll keep this post updated with the latest list and when it was last changed.

-Epiphany-webkit (FF is too slow and may not build, Webkit seems perfectly fast/stable/functional to me, up for debate)
-Sylpheed (in the interest of speed, was Claws-Mail)
-Pidgin (kept because it seems light enough for the Z, thouroughly tested, easy to use)

-PCManFM / ROX (Up for debate)
{-GPartED*,**} (unnecessary, heavy)

-Wi-Fi Radar**
-Package Manager (placeholder, potential to change package management system)

-LXDE (Current line of thinking by me/InSearchOf)

-GSnapShot (more features than scrot, GUI)
-Audio Codecs:
{-MTPaint*} (unnecessary)
-Xournal (seems useful, looks like it works well on the Z's screen res, useful with touchscreens, up for debate)

-Abiword* (kept for complete out-of-the-box experience)
-Gnumeric* (kept for complete out-of-the-box experience)

-RXVT-unicode (MRXVT is slightly buggy, others use VTE)
{-MRXVT / Aterm}

-IPTables* (kept because it is powerful/useful, easily ignored, and takes up little space)
-Firestarter* (kept because it is useful, easy to use, easily ignored, and takes up little space)

-SSHD (not enabled by default)*


*Dumpable if space becomes a concern
**For lack of a better app
{***My personal vote, TBD}
****Requires additional work

{} Removed, shown for completeness

Last update: 2008/07/09
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post Jul 11 2008, 09:19 AM
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QUOTE(Capn_Fish @ Jul 9 2008, 09:42 PM) *
Maybe handwriting recognition would be nice (Cellwriter)?

EDIT: And I suppose everybody wants PIM that syncs with Outlook, Exchange, Lotus, Google whatever, etc...*

*I don't know if such an app exists that we could use

I am in favor of both PIM apps and handwriting recognition, if it works well (better than the one included in default Sharp ROM).

As for GPartED, I find it too big and slow, it is not very often used, therefore i am in favor of fdisk and mkfs even if it's not user friendly.

Agree. Anyway isn't GPartED just a GUI for fdisk/mkfs.* - ie you still need fdisk/mkfs.* regardless? Or replace fdisk with cfdisk if the namby pambys wants a gui.

I've used Gparted before on the desktop, and it allows something very useful: non-destructive resizing of partitions. I don't know if it is a front-end for fdisk, and mkfs, but I don't think either of those apps allow for resizing except by deleting, then re-creating the partition.

As far as GUIs being for "namby pambys", just consider me a namby pamby. laugh.gif If there is a GUI front-end for a tool in existence, I just see no need for arcane commands in a console. My objection would be if the application is just too large, too unreliable, or too slow. In that case, I would rather use a command line program.

Just my 2
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