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> Upgrade Flash Memory
post Nov 17 2008, 04:57 AM
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Hi everybody!

I have a Simpad SL4 and I installed the Ångström Distribution with opie on it.
I want to install more software like a webbrowser, but there is not much space left on the flash memory. I found on opensimpad.org that it is possible to upgrade the flash.
Is there anybody who has upgraded the simpad to 64 MB flash? Does it work?
Where can I get a compatible flash chip for my simpad to upgrade it?

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post May 3 2010, 09:22 AM
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jochen, it seems that your u-boot image works also with my flash upgrade! smile.gif

U-Boot 2010.03-00047-g04fb64f-dirty (Apr 02 2010 - 16:23:22)

ERROR: too many flash sectors
ERROR: too many flash sectors
Flash: 64 MB
*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
at: delay
at: check
at: init register
DC00R vor Zuweisung: int: 0 hex: 0
DC00R nach Zuweisung: int: 250742826 hex:ef2082a
PMCSR vor Zuweisung: int: 3 hex:3
PMCSR nach Zuweisung: int: 0 hex:0
at: check for D0 state!
at check for DO state try: 0: PMCSR = int: 0 hex:0
before if
before setup
at: init mqflatp
in mqflatpanel
at: clear_screen
at: draw logo
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
Unknown command 'bootp' - try 'help'
Unknown command 'tftp' - try 'help'
Wrong Image Format for bootm command
ERROR: can't get kernel image!
SIMpad # flinfo

Bank # 1: CFI conformant FLASH (16 x 16) Size: 32 MB in 128 Sectors
Intel Extended command set, Manufacturer ID: 0x89, Device ID: 0x1D
Erase timeout: 4096 ms, write timeout: 1 ms
Buffer write timeout: 2 ms, buffer size: 32 bytes

Sector Start Addresses:
00000000 RO 00020000 RO 00040000 E RO 00060000 E 00080000 E
000A0000 E 000C0000 E 000E0000 E 00100000 E 00120000 E
00140000 E 00160000 E 00180000 E 001A0000 E 001C0000 E
001E0000 E 00200000 E 00220000 E 00240000 E 00260000 E
00280000 E 002A0000 E 002C0000 E 002E0000 E 00300000 E
00320000 E 00340000 E 00360000 E 00380000 E 003A0000 E
003C0000 E 003E0000 E 00400000 00420000 00440000
00460000 00480000 004A0000 004C0000 004E0000
00500000 00520000 00540000 00560000 00580000
005A0000 005C0000 005E0000 00600000 00620000
00640000 00660000 00680000 006A0000 006C0000
006E0000 00700000 00720000 00740000 00760000
00780000 007A0000 007C0000 007E0000 E 00800000 E
00820000 E 00840000 E RO 00860000 E 00880000 E 008A0000 E
008C0000 E 008E0000 E 00900000 E 00920000 E 00940000 E
00960000 E 00980000 E 009A0000 E 009C0000 E 009E0000 E
00A00000 E 00A20000 E 00A40000 E 00A60000 E 00A80000 E
00AA0000 E 00AC0000 E 00AE0000 E 00B00000 E 00B20000 E
00B40000 E 00B60000 E 00B80000 E 00BA0000 E 00BC0000 E
00BE0000 E 00C00000 E 00C20000 E 00C40000 E 00C60000 E
00C80000 E 00CA0000 E 00CC0000 E 00CE0000 E 00D00000 E
00D20000 E 00D40000 E 00D60000 E 00D80000 E 00DA0000 E
00DC0000 E 00DE0000 E 00E00000 E 00E20000 E 00E40000 E
00E60000 E 00E80000 E 00EA0000 E 00EC0000 E 00EE0000 E
00F00000 E 00F20000 E 00F40000 E 00F60000 E 00F80000 E
00FA0000 E 00FC0000 E 00FE0000 E

Bank # 2: CFI conformant FLASH (16 x 16) Size: 32 MB in 128 Sectors
Intel Extended command set, Manufacturer ID: 0x89, Device ID: 0x1D
Erase timeout: 4096 ms, write timeout: 1 ms
Buffer write timeout: 2 ms, buffer size: 32 bytes

Sector Start Addresses:
08000000 E 08020000 E 08040000 E 08060000 E 08080000 E
080A0000 E 080C0000 E 080E0000 E 08100000 E 08120000 E
08140000 E 08160000 E 08180000 E 081A0000 E 081C0000 E
081E0000 E 08200000 E 08220000 E 08240000 E 08260000 E
08280000 E 082A0000 E 082C0000 E 082E0000 E 08300000 E
08320000 E 08340000 E 08360000 E 08380000 E 083A0000 E
083C0000 E 083E0000 E 08400000 E 08420000 E 08440000 E
08460000 E 08480000 E 084A0000 E 084C0000 E 084E0000 E
08500000 E 08520000 E 08540000 E 08560000 E 08580000 E
085A0000 E 085C0000 E 085E0000 E 08600000 E 08620000 E
08640000 E 08660000 E 08680000 E 086A0000 E 086C0000 E
086E0000 E 08700000 E 08720000 E 08740000 E 08760000 E
08780000 E 087A0000 E 087C0000 E 087E0000 E 08800000 E
08820000 E 08840000 E 08860000 E 08880000 E 088A0000 E
088C0000 E 088E0000 E 08900000 E 08920000 E 08940000 E
08960000 E 08980000 E 089A0000 E 089C0000 E 089E0000 E
08A00000 E 08A20000 E 08A40000 E 08A60000 E 08A80000 E
08AA0000 E 08AC0000 E 08AE0000 E 08B00000 E 08B20000 E
08B40000 E 08B60000 E 08B80000 E 08BA0000 E 08BC0000 E
08BE0000 E 08C00000 E 08C20000 E 08C40000 E 08C60000 E
08C80000 E 08CA0000 E 08CC0000 E 08CE0000 E 08D00000 E
08D20000 E 08D40000 E 08D60000 E 08D80000 E 08DA0000 E
08DC0000 E 08DE0000 E 08E00000 E 08E20000 E 08E40000 E
08E60000 E 08E80000 E 08EA0000 E 08EC0000 E 08EE0000 E
08F00000 E 08F20000 E 08F40000 E 08F60000 E 08F80000 E
08FA0000 E 08FC0000 E 08FE0000 E
SIMpad #

But it would be to easy, so there ist directly the next problem: I think, that one or both of the RAM-Chips are damaged sad.gif
SIMpad # mtest
Pattern FFFFFFFA Writing... Reading...
Mem error @ 0xC0400008: found FFFFFFF0, expected FFFFFFF8

Mem error @ 0xC040000C: found FFFFFFEF, expected FFFFFFF7

Mem error @ 0xC0400010: found FFFFFFEE, expected FFFFFFF6

Mem error @ 0xC0400018: found FFFFFFEC, expected FFFFFFF4

Mem error @ 0xC040001C: found FFFFFFEB, expected FFFFFFF3

Mem error @ 0xC0400020: found FFFFFFEA, expected FFFFFFF2

Mem error @ 0xC0400028: found 0000000C, expected FFFFFFF0

Mem error @ 0xC040002C: found 0000000D, expected FFFFFFEF

Mem error @ 0xC0400030: found 0000000E, expected FFFFFFEE

Mem error @ 0xC0400034: found 0000000F, expected FFFFFFED

Mem error @ 0xC0400038: found 00000010, expected FFFFFFEC

Mem error @ 0xC040003C: found 00000011, expected FFFFFFEB

Mem error @ 0xC0400040: found 00000012, expected FFFFFFEA

Mem error @ 0xC0400048: found 00000014, expected FFFFFFE8

Mem error @ 0xC040004C: found 00000015, expected FFFFFFE7

Mem error @ 0xC0400050: found 00000016, expected FFFFFFE6
tialization (3)

Mem error @ 0xC0400058: found 00000018, expected FFFFFFE4

Mem error @ 0xC040005C: found 00000019, expected FFFFFFE3

Mem error @ 0xC0400060: found 0000001A, expected FFFFFFE2
tialization (3)

Mem error @ 0xC0400068: found 0000001C, expected FFFFFFE0

Mem error @ 0xC040006C: found 0000001D, expected FFFFFFDF

later more, now my diploma thesis is on first range...

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