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> Distros On The 3200: Pdax Vs Xii113 Vs Cacko Vs..?
post Dec 9 2008, 11:55 PM
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Hi all, first post (well, practically).

I found a 3200 at a flea market recently and was going to sell, but my penchant for gadgetry has, I think, overcome my desire for extra holiday funds. So, it's likely going to stay here with me for at least a while... Or I decide it doesn't serve much useful purpose (and I've decided that of lots of PDA's and similar items, including a Fujitsu U810 a couple of months ago - a fun gadget but too small for XP and the keyboard was neither thumb- nor touch-type friendly).

Anyway, I was wondering what the deal was with distros. I initially put pdaXii113 Akita Full on it but found the lag for opening apps and general speed to be really intolerable. I repartitioned/restored the HD for Cacko 1.23 and that's what I am running now. It's clean and fairly quick, but I wonder if I'm missing much flexibility. What about just plain old pdaXrom? Spitz vs. Akita? Yep, I've done some googling and some searching of these forums but haven't yet uncovered a thread that answered these questions (especially not one that was fairly recent).

Also, I'm gleaning that there's no simple method of getting Firefox/Mozilla on Cacko - so is there a Java and Flash ipk or other procedure to get streaming video and other flash or web based stuff running on it? Bear in mind, before this thing my Linux experience was limited to one simple install of Ubuntu on a desktop for work - and that's it.

Many thanks... smile.gif
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post Dec 10 2008, 07:33 AM
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Found at a flea-market - WOW I paid over $400.00 for each of my C3100 and C3200. Consider yourself lucky.
Keep it!! smile.gif The Zaurus line is still one of the more advanced mini computers that you can find, especially at flea-market prices. smile.gif

I cannot answer all your questions, as I only installed pdaxrom for just a few minutes (to upgrade to pdaxii13, when it was first made available).
I tried the spitz pdaxii13 setup on my C3200 and found it too slow for my taste at that time. (I just came from Cacko)
Then I started over and just installed pdaxii13 Akita to NAND. This has a lot fewer applications and general stuff than the spitz version has.
It also seemed to have a faster response time.
While on the subject of speed and pdaxii13, Meanie (the author of pdaxii13) suggests to disable schim in pdaxii13config if you dont need to use it.
Schim is loaded at default and slows pdaxii13 down quite a bit (my personal opinion)
Now, with pdaxii13 Akita installed to NAND only, I later installed "Heavy" applications, such as Firefox, Abiword, etc. to my hard drive.
Set up this way, pdaxii13 has a "comfortable" response/speed for most small tasks.
Opening and using major heavy apps are always going to be slow compared to smaller "simple" apps.

I have another Zaurus, C3100, and It has always ran Cacko.
I recently found a thread in the Angstrom & OpenZaurus forum about HowTo dualboot Cacko & Angstrom.
The actual page with fairly easy instructions to dualboot Cacko & Angstrom with kexec is here:

The below is just my opinion, as I only have had Angstrom installed for 5 days now.
I find Angstrom a lot more difficult than Cacko or pdaxii13, because a lot of basic stuff doesn't seem to work right away, such as USB host/client stuff.
And in Angstrom, to get stuff working, you need to use a lot of console commands, and do a lot of research to find solutions.
I have probs with console commands because I always have to look them up because I forget them if I don't use them regularly.
On my optimistic side, I find Angstrom to be pretty cool, as it is now using 2.6.24 kernel and is being currently updated/developed. smile.gif
I haven't tried Debian yet. It seems complicated to get installed and setup.
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post Dec 10 2008, 10:40 AM
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Thanks Jon, that was exactly the sort of opinion I'm looking for.

So Akita Full into NAND is faster? I think I installed it that way the first time and did disable Schim... It was just incredibly slow loading almost everything and once stuff was running it felt like the stylus input wasn't really responsive, either (though that may have been the system response).

Yeah, I did find this for $110. I sometimes feel guilty buying stuff at fleas since you never know how they got there. The guy wanted $200 but the battery was dead and there was no power adapter so I got him down pretty low. Came with 2GB SD and an I-O Data WiFi card (which I'm not 100% sure does WPA because I tried for an entire afternoon to get that going and it never worked even after editing the 'WPA y' part of the WiFi config file - so I just reconfigured my WLAN for WEP and it's fine now)...

So what are the minuses of Cacko? Does it not run everything out there, or require some things be modded? I found stuff like Quake and a few other items were wanting extra components (I did find that thread that talks about that but it wasn't clear how to resolve it)... I just downloaded ZPlayer and it doesn't seem to want to play nice with the vids I stuck on SD. I've read that it's not being updated - and that seems to be a problem with lots of things in the Zaurus community (no offense to the talented developers who either are or have worked on these projects mind you).

A friend has an N810 that I thought was pretty slick, so if this 3200 could net me about the same money as those seem to be going for, why not go with a device that's newer or (?) better supported?
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