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> Software for the SL-6000, (and feeds)
post May 2 2004, 09:01 AM
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Someone started a similar thread, but what I am really trying to get at is of all the software out there, what is and isn't working for the SL-6000. I'll start this out.

- tkcExplorerC7xx
- kismit (with instructions from: http://www.zaurususergroup.com/modules.php...the%20SL-6000L)
- BlueZ drivers (works for Ambicom card, but not the Socket revG card)
- tkcEditorC7xx

Doesn't Work (at least for me)
kino2 (install, but will not play video)
qkonsole 9.3 (works, but not in vga mode)
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post Oct 26 2004, 08:33 PM
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Great thread, I will gladly contribute.

First of all be it known to all that I am Linux stupid. I am probably a below average profficiency user on this forum. I almost did not get a 6000 solely because I feared my sl5500 software would not work and I would be too dumb to get it running. My fears were baseless! With the exception of Prboom, and Stratagus the only thing I did besides install the .ipk of each program was to fiddle with the icon settings. (tap and hold the icon to get to the menu)

applet manager
doom demo
drz video c7xx retail
forest-fire expansion for Strategic-Assault retail
hancom presenter viewer
Interstellar-flames retail
jack the unipsychle retail
java-jcrypt pad
java-pocket design
jeode demos
Motocross retail
opie- irc
opie screenshot applet
petit track
qpe-mighty charms retail
qpe-tkcrace 5x00 retail
qpe-rotator 5x00 retail
rocketelite retail
sketches of q
strategic-assault retail
subapplet zaurus
super foul egg
tkc addressbook c7xx retail
tkc backup c7xx retail
tkc blocks c7xx retail
tkc calendar c7xx retail
tkceditor c7xx retail
tkc explorer c7xx retail
tkc ftp c7xx retail
tkc gallery c7xx retail
tkc jabber -5x00 retail
tkc kaptial retail
tkc lines c7xx retail
tkc loadrunner c7xx retail
tkc lydianstone c7xx retail
tkc mahjong c7xx retail
tkc mail retail
tkc memo retail
tkc painter retail
tkc player c7xx retail
tkc puzzle c7xx retail
tkc radio 5x00 retail
tkc soq c7xx retail
tkc todo retial
tkc trump c7xx retail
tkc vox c7xx retail
tkc zip c7xx retial
warp fleet
zaurus java banchmark
zaurus unit converter

Be smart and download programs from feeds particularly for 6000 and/or c7x0 models, you will save yourself a lot of greif. However it should be painfully obvious to you that almost EVERY program works with the 6000 in at least 320 x 240 and some 5500 software will even run at 640 x 480 right out of the can!

I am SO glad I upgraded to the 6000 and have ZERO regrets about not getting a c860. The usb host, second cf slot and extra battery in the sleeve, and the built in wifi are just an incredible combo. I:ve dubbed it my micro-tablet.

Good luck and good hunting!
Hope this helps someone.

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