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31 Aug 2006
I am gonna buy a pvp soon and have given up on products from small/most korean company's as they don't seem to exist (maxian t700, viliv p2) mad.gif

so should I get the cowon a2 or the archos 604? I have a few (ok quite a few tongue.gif ) questions about the archos 604:

1. Will the upcoming 604 wi-fi be able to browse the internet?
2. What will the battery be like? (some sites say 5 for video, others 4)
4. Will there be a memory card expansion slot on it?
5. Will the 604/504 be able to read files from an external hardrive with the usb host feature?
6. Are m3u playlists functional?
7. Is the mp3 collection sorted by idtag?
8. Can you edit track properties ON the player?
9. Will it have bluetooth?
10. Will there be a difference between the 604 and the 504, or will the only difference be the hardrive sizes?
11. When will the 504 be released?

that's it I hope you know some of the answers! laugh.gif
21 Aug 2006
i'm looking for a new phone, I like the e60, is there a phone like that but with a camera, video calling and video capture? the e60 has the other features i want like wlan, bluetooth, infared
14 Aug 2006
OK everybody here's my story, I was gonna get a cowon a2 but then I heard about the viliv p2, I really liked the look of it and the features, but I still had a few questions about it so I went on viliv website and found an e-mail adress to send my enquiry to, so I sent this e-mail to viliv@myviliv.com:
Dear Sir/Madamm,
I woulld like to know the following questions about your product the p2:
1. Does it have games?
2. Can it record from TV and if so can it sceduel recordings?
3. Can you connect an external hardrive to the device and playback the data on the
external hardrive without transferig the it to the p2's hardrive first?
4. are m3u playlists functional?
5. Does it sort mp3's by itag?
6. Can you edit track properties ON the player
7. O and what hardrive configurations are available?
8. And last of all, what online retaler will sells the p2 to europe?

But I got no reply so I sent the same e-mail to 2 different aresses: help@myviliv.com and joinus@myviliv.com, and again no reply I even set up a new e-mail adress with a new company!
so can anyone offfer a different e-mail adress, a different web adress, answers to some of my questions or anything about viliv/the p2 that has a slight chance of being useful?
Please post - your my last hope.
21 Jul 2006
Hey what pmp do ye all think I should get?
1. the archos pma 430 €220 on ebay.
cons: poor company. small screen, bad resolution (320x240) only 262K colours, only supports mpeg4-sp format. bad battery life, no more firmware upgrades.
Pros: cheap, has wi-fi (slow but it works) has games (supposedly on the same level as those plug and play cheap crap that you get for €10, compatible with external hardrive to expand memory, docking station to easily record from TV, removable battery. runs linux and acts as a pda.

2. cowon a2 €340 on some russian site.
Pros: great screen, 16 million colors, 480x272 resolution, 4", supports all codecs and formats that I need, can record and sceudeal recordings, great company freaquent firmware upgrades, great support, long battery life, audio sounds great as does video, supports lyrics, does what I need,a video player.
cons: bad recording from TV only up to 1 mega-bit, cant expand memory, isint feature-rich

3. i station v43 €320 2nd hand on misticaudio
pros: 4.3 inch screen, looks nice all the features of the cowons screen, good feature list, I dont think I could ever get bored with it. games, cartoon animater (whatever that means) can also connect with a hardive
Cons: Bad company, infrequent firmware upgrades, cant record from TV.

4. luibi blue €360 on advancedmp3 players.co.uk.
Pros: well it seams the same as the cowon a2 but supports more codecs and has a slightly bigger screen, firmware upgrades seam quite frequent, dont know much about the company but they seam good enough, bluetooth, can record from TV.
Cons: seams to have a lot of bugs and dossent support the codecs it says it does ( if you listen to owners at amp3), cant sceudel recordings from TV.

5. viliv p2 suposedly €380.
Pros: loads of features, optional gps, looks great great screen, and codec/format support, seams good on paper, havent heard any bad stuff about the company but then again I havent heard any good stuff either......
Cons: dont know much about it, Dont know if it has games or if it can record from TV, no user reviews so I dont know how well it actually acts, according to cnet the p1 was a flop so I would have to hope this one isint, since it hasent been released yet I dont know how the firmware upgrades are.
5 Jul 2006
The luibi blue manerfactureres must be making an english website soon if there selling there products in europe or else you would'nt be able to get any firmware upgrade for it ? does anyone know a fan website or anything like that? o and can you sceduel recordings? also is it compatable with external hardrives?
I'd love it if it was and get it even if I dont know how I would get firmware upgrades for it, so comment me even if you only kinda know the answer for one of my questions.
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