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31 Jan 2006
Hello Z-users,
I am in the market for a new network attached strorage device. I need it to be able to read linux partitions though. I have a 200gig drive with 2 100gig partitions on it. I would like to share this drive on my network. Currently I use a spare box running linux and samba to share files to others connected behind my router. The problem is that the box is big (4U rackmount) and loud (usual 120mm fan found in big rack cases). I need something smaller and quieter. Most of the consumer NAS devices (netgear sc101, dlink, bytec, etc) can only read fat32 partitions. I stumbled upon the kurobox (www.revogear.com), which is a hackable Buffalo LinkStation made by a sister company of Buffalo Japan. It runs linux on a 2.4.17 kernel and has a small community run forum. It appears to do everything I want including act as a print server. But the community looks stagnant and its being replaced with a new model that is out of my price range. So my question stands.

Is there a NAS device that is:
Smaller than a PC
Quieter than a PC
Can read linux partitions
Come as an Enclosure (I dont want one with a HD already in it unless its in my price range)
Under US$200
Acting as a print server is also a plus.

PS: I would consider other suggestioins too.
PPS: Yes Ive seen the linksys nsl2 but you can only use USB drives
9 Jan 2006
I am considering selling my SL-C3000 to fund a purchase of a Toshiba Libretto.

The sale would include:
SL-C3000 w/ all boxes, cd's and manuals
Planex GW-CF11x CF wireless card
Netgear MA701 CF wireless card
USB host Cable
2x EA-72 AC adapters suitable for the US and JPN
Nintendo DS case (fits Z very nicely with pouch for cards etc.)
iConcepts 3 port USB & PS/2 hub with 8inch OTG cable
16 Meg CF (for fun, i really don't need it)

The unit is in excellent condition. Purchased in May 2005 from Conics.net Only cosmetic wear is shown on the chrome hinges (this is typical). Unit has been equiped with an Overlay Brilliant screen protector since day one and always transported in a padded case.

I would rather sell to someone in the ZUG before It goes up on CraigsList/Ebay. I'm not leaving the Z world forever and would love to come back if a killer new Z ever shows up.

I am located in Rochester NY.
I would accept PayPal, other services are negotiable
US shipping would be perferred, International residence would pay shipping difference.
contact: ncv4754 (at) rit.edu or PM

Asking price is US $475. (negotiable of course, unit would immediatly goto anyone with a higher offer.) I have around $800 invested in this device. Pictures can/will be provided to interested parties. If requesting pictures let me know what detail(s) you want to see. Currently runs Cacko1.23b1 but can be flashed with whatever you like.

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15 Dec 2005

In my other posts I was atempting to get a serial gps to work with my c3000 via the CE-170TS serial cable. Without luck I retuned the cable to amazon. I am looking for a usb to serial adapter that will work with the C3000 either out of the box or with minor tweaking. Ive seen post of others having sucess using their serial GPS's with a Usb-serial cable and qpegps software.

If anyone knows of a usb-serial adapter that will work preferably from a store in the US w/ an exact name and model it would be appreciated. Even if just the chipset is known I could use that to find a peticular device with that chipset.

Thanks alot.
13 Dec 2005
Hello, I've been reading some posts about the C3000 and its serial capabilities. When I first got the C3000 the serial port function was still in debate. I re-read some old post and learned that the sharp serial port on the C3000 does function as a serial port. After learning this I bought a CE-170TS from Amazon and a Male to Male DB9 gender changer. My intent was to use the cable for a GPS I am borrowing from a friend. The GPS is a Delorme Tripmate. Its an older model but it shown to have support from within gpsd. So far I am unable to get gpsd or qpegps to work with it.

the gpsd args i am using is
gpsd -D 100 -T t -p /dev/ttyS0

After sending this command in the terminal i can telnet into the gps
telnet localhost 2947

from there i can see that gpsd is running. sending NMEA command such as GPRMC gets me data back from the gps, but it looks rather generic and I dont think it is really working.

Qpegps complains about not finding the gps when invoked from the terminal or from the icon. Running gpsd before opening qpegps solves this. However the data that qpegps shows is sililarly generic and the box next to GPS: is full of ??? marks.

on my ubuntu box I installed gpsdrive and using the GPS i either got generic results or it told me i was located in the middle of the ocean.

So do I have a bum gps? it is borrowed and had no garentee of working to begin with but i do feel kind of bad spending so much money on the cables trying to get this to work. I dont really want to use a USB-Serial adapter either.

Any thoughts or tips? Anyone succesfull with the Sharp serial cable and gps on the newer clamshells?
18 Aug 2005
This morning I deleted around 1 Gb of music off of my sl-c3000's internal microdrive, and added another 1 Gb or so of new music. I figured that after moving so much data around that the drive would be fairly fragmented and could use some cleaning out. So I proceeded to defragment the drive with the windows defragmenter. After the drive finished defragmenting I unmounted the drive safely and removed the cable from the back of the Z. After the cable was removed the screen went blank. The Z was still on and i could tap the scrren and hear it beep. I also hit the Home and Power buttons to make sure it just didnt go into suspend. The screen did not return. So then I removed the battery cover and performed a hard reset. The console started scrolling by like normal, and the graphical "please wait a moment" screen came up. But then about halfway through the "please wait" screen the screen went blank again. The Z made the opening logon "chime" as normal too. I could still hit the OK button as if the prompt for the time and date came up and i could see the HD light flash as if it was still booting Qtopia but the screen was atill all black. Once again I could still tap the screen and hear it beep.

I'm hoping i havent screwed up the Z with a simple defragment. I can still access to OK+Power menu. I'm at work and I can perform no other testing until tonight. I am using a SL-C3000 with Kernel 18b and Cacko 1.23

Would reflashing / Zero-ing help? I can provide other details as I have the Z with me here at work.
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