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15 Jan 2006
I didn't see this posted anywhere (or I'm blind). I'm not appreciative of them bashing the 5500, but it is what it is.

14 Oct 2005
Hello all,

I just recently purchased the Micro Innovations tkb750u keyboard, and I'm having a bit of an issue with it.

I'm running the tkcROM 2.0 Alpha (from this site) and installed the irk driver .11, .05 and .10 in that order (trying to see if this was across all drivers) - when I pick the pocketop irk, every time I press a key it'll either enter a key that isn't mapped correctly repeatedly OR it'll stop the previous action. For instance I'll hit 'k' and it'll repeat 'k', if I hit L it'll repeat a dash (-), and if I hit shift it'll stop the insanity.

When I switch to the targus control it'll enter 41 for every key I press. Though it won't repeat.

Anyone heard of this? Is this a matter of keyboard mapping? Or is this something else entirely? As far as I can tell the keyboard was brand new, no issues, factory condition, but I can't tell what the heck is making it go crazy.

Any and all help would be appreciated!
16 Feb 2005
I just wanted to verify the software downloaded from here will work with the latest Hentges ROM in terms of synchronization...

It's for 2.37 I believe, I'm not sure if it makes a difference that it's not 2.38...

Also, does the file browser handle the ext2 format? Work requires Windows XP and I can't run Linux, even Knoppix.

As an aside, what web browser do most use for OZ/Hentges? I can't find Konqueror on the list of installable programs...

Thanks in advance.
28 Jan 2005
1) Is there a similar arrow ala tkcRom in OZ that allows you to increase the space of the taskbar, and move unwanted (or infrequently used) icons to be hidden away, and accessed when necessary? I hate the clutter, and really love that feature in tkcRom.

2) I've read quite a bit on the compat-libs, and the like, and how they're needed to run apps like Hancom. I've gone through as many threads as possible, but I'm still not certain - can hancom apps v1.5 run on OZ?

3) If I chose a 64-0 setup, and used a 64MB SD, would there be issues running apps? i.e., Opera, which I've noted doesn't 'like' running from the SD?

4) What is the frequency of crashing under OZ?

5) How much faster is OZ than tkcRom Alpha 2.0?

6) Hancom aside (since the Zaurus *is* for work), games like Motocross don't work, I take it? Or has this issue been resolved?

7) How does installing over feeds work, exactly?

8) The last time I used OZ, which was 10 minutes with 3.5.2, the wallpaper disappeared after I looked at the style settings (I didn't change anything) and couldn't figure out how to bring it back. Does that happen often, and how do you fix that?

9) Again, after using it 10 minutes, I couldn't for the life of me, figure out why the doctab wouldn't bring up my documents on my SD card. Does the card need to be formatted for a certain filesystem?

Again, thanks for answering the questions. Having used OZ, my initial impression was 'wow!'. I love the on the fly screen rotation, and the overall presentation is very slick. However, it threw me that the wallpaper disappeared and the doctab didn't work in such a short period of time. And, it didn't like the feed I tried (the official OZ feed - I probably did something wrong). If there is a place where all this is listed, please let me know and I'll figure it out on my own - I went hunting for an FAQ but found none.

14 Dec 2004
After much, much searching on ZUG Forums for this particular issue, I haven't resolved it, which is odd since almost all my other questions were answered 10,000 fold. But, maybe I'm really doing something wrong.

In any event, I've been trying to get ScummVM working on my zaurus. It's an SL-5500, using theKompany rom, alpha 2.0 I believe, which I downloaded from this site.

I've tried using the download from killefiz.de/zaurus, and from http://chrisg.crispy-cow.de/zaurus/, neither of which appears to work. Let me elaborate - the latter requires more packages that I can't find (except at Openzaurus, but those won't work on my rom) and the former - well it says it has a GUI, but when I click on the icon I get the busy image, then nothing.

So maybe the former does actually work, but I have no idea how I would go about using it (I can't seem to find documentation for it).

So, condensing that tripe, it's something like this:

1) Are the files I just indicated above the most recent versions for the Zaurus?
2) If not, is there a place that I could find the most recent ipks?
2a) Somewhat related, where does one find the most recent libraries for games and such?
3) Where can I find documentation to run ScummVM on the Zaurus? (which I imagine would save the headache of answering these questions)
4) If none exists, could someone explain it for me (please?)?

Here are the libraries I have installed. I think some may overlap, but I installed those that other games required, like Zcfeu (which works):

libSDL - 1.2.6cvs-1

libSDL-mixer - 1.2.5cvs-1

libSDL-net - 1.2.5cvs-1

libglib2.0 - 2.2.1

libmad - 0.14.2b-1

libsdl - 1.2.5-slzaurus20030704

zlib - 1.1.2

and ScummVM version 0.5.1-2, because I couldn't find the other libraries that 0.6.1 required for ScummVM Qtopia.

I did install two versions of libsdl, but the package manager didn't recognize it as a package already installed (so I installed it). Forgive me, but doesn't package manager recognize updated versions of the same package (I'm not sure, so I erred on the side of caution and installed and left both there).

Thank you for reading this long, drawn out post, and thank you especially for any and all help. I love my zaurus, and love the tkcROM (so much better than the 3.13!), and I sincerely appreciate all the help ZUG has given me in the past (lurking for a year - and until now had no need to post).

Thanks again!
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