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7 Mar 2006
I love Opera but it's irritating to have to scale the graphics whenever I want to increase the size of fonts in web pages.

I looked at the ~/.opera/opera6.ini and tried changing values in it but they're just ignored.

Is there a file somewhere else that has the font setting?
7 Sep 2005
I have a Spectrum 24 wifi card from my Wince days which uses the Orinoco kernel modules. My 3100 doesn't have these installed, however.

Where can I go to d/l them? I looked in the Cacko feed but didn't see anything.

Thanks smile.gif
31 Aug 2005
Well guys, thanks to the recommendations of everyone, I ordered a 3100 and received it yesterday.

For future Google searchers, here'a little mini review plus some questions for more experienced folks.

Mini Review
It's a very cool looking computer and I can just see the possibilities of the device. I love the rotating screen feature and the display is nice and sharp. The keyboard is not as good as my prior palmtops, the HP 200LX and the HP Jornada 720. Overall, the unit feels very sturdy and of higher quality than my perpetually breaking J720. The internal CF hard drive is also nice and good for storing media files.

The suspend feature works well but I've been annoyed that I can't turn on the Z without opening it up.

Software-wise, the application manager (whatever it's really called, I haven't a clue) looks nice and is quite customizable. One annoying thing about it is that it doesn't show up in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. The only way to view it is to push the home key or exit all the programs.

The PDA apps are okayish for my use except for the contacts app. The movie player works but sometimes takes a long time on large files and scrambles their sounds.

Newbie Questions

* I have a Symbol Spectrum24 LA4100 wifi CF card that I would like to use with my Z. I looked at the network control panel but it won't let me even try to connect unless I enable PPPoE which I don't even have. Is there a text file I can edit somewhere?

* How do I make a dollar sign?

* Where's the best place to download apps for the 3100?
14 Aug 2005
It's been a while since my last posts here, I've still not decided on whether to buy a 3100 or get a Treo 650. I know I can use the Z as a PC far more than a Treo, but I really like the Treo's integrated EDGE support and its ability to function as a phone.

Has anyone managed to do either of these things on a Z?
10 Apr 2005
Hello everybody, I am a longtime HP 200LX (DOS) and HP Jornada 720 (WinCE) user and I am seriously considering a move to to the SL-C series.

I have a few questions and was wondering if the helpful people on this forum could answer them.

#1 There seem to be a lot of different software environments for the Zaurii. I'm wondering if you could tell me the pluses and minuses of each of these:

* Built-in Sharp Qtopia
* Cacko (enhanced Qtopia?)
* pdaX (X11 for Zaurus)
* Debian Arm
* Opie

#2 Also, does power management work well on all of them? I support PCs (and use Linux on my desktop and laptop) and have noticed that many portable computers do not have good power management in Linux.

#3 How reliable is the hard drive on the 3000? If the palmtop somehow was dropped or fell off a desk, would my data be hosed?

#4 Aside from a slightly faster processor, is there really any hardware difference between the 1000 and the 860?

#5 How good is the build quality on the Zaurii? My Jornada 720 is horrible in this respect and has had to go in for repairs 5 times since I bought it in 2001. Does the screen rotating feature break?

#6 How fast can you type on these things? I can get about 70wpm on my HP palmtops. If I have something in the CF slot, does it make it harder to type?

#7 How readable are the screens? Can you read them in sunlight? How about for gaming? Are they fast enough for it?

#8 How fast is the pdaX ROM? Does it take forever to start up Firefox or Gaim?

#9 Are there any tabbed terminal programs available?

#10 What kind of audio applications are available for the Zauri?

Thanks in advance for any replies! smile.gif
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