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10 Aug 2006
Just wondering if anyone has compiled qpegps (source at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...ckage_id=51026) for openzaurus 3.5.4 yet, or has plans to in the future. I currently run 9.2.3 fine, but has much needed features and bug fixes. Why wouldn't qpegps be included in 3.5.4? It was released in February of 06' it seems.

On the qpegps site, they provide binarys that are only compatible through runcompat, which I read corrupts and crashes like none other (see https://www.oesf.org/forums/index.php?showt...2&#entry129302) so I haven't tried to install it (although running the binary from the IPK mentioned above produces a standard compat error looking for _20t.darkCyan, something I saw corrected in other applications under 3.5.3 with the compat libs).

Would it be much work? I've only compiled things on desktop linux boxes that already had gcc and everything ready to go, but if it's not that bad to get the zaurus compiling apps, I would do it and try to make an ipk if someone would point me in the right direction.

31 Jul 2006
Hey all,
I've been having this and other problems with the package management system in OZ. It seems that when I remove packages, the package manager updates tons of other file lists that are unrelated to the action requested. Is this a bug? Should I clear a file or delete something or change flags?

Here is an example of the phenomena:

Packages to remove:

Press the start button to begin.

loading conf file /etc/ipkg.conf
pkg_info_preinstall_check: updating arch priority for each package
pkg_info_preinstall_check: update file owner list
Running script //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-mediaplayer2-skin-pod.prerm
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_play.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_up.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_mask_play.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_loop.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_mask_stop.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_down.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_next.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_mask_up.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_up.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_pause.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_prev.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_up.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_down.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_mask_back.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_stop.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_down.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_mask_full.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_back.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_mask_down.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_playlist.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/background.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skinV_mask_fwd.png (noaction=0)
 deleting /opt/QtPalmtop/pics/opieplayer2/skins/Pod/skin_mask_forward.png (noaction=0)
Running script //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-mediaplayer2-skin-pod.postrm
 deleting //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-mediaplayer2-skin-pod.control
 writing status file
pkg_write_changed_filelists: saving changed filelists
   creating libexpat0.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libexpat0.list file for pkg libexpat0
   creating libgnutls-openssl11.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libgnutls-openssl11.list file for pkg libgnutls-openssl11
   creating liblua5.0.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/liblua5.0.list file for pkg liblua5.0
   creating liblualib5.0.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/liblualib5.0.list file for pkg liblualib5.0
   creating libopiemm2-1.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libopiemm2-1.list file for pkg libopiemm2-1
   creating libpng-dev.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libpng-dev.list file for pkg libpng-dev
   creating libsdl-1.2-0.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libsdl-1.2-0.list file for pkg libsdl-1.2-0
   creating libsdl-mixer-1.2-0.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libsdl-mixer-1.2-0.list file for pkg libsdl-mixer-1.2-0
   creating libsqlite3-0.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libsqlite3-0.list file for pkg libsqlite3-0
   creating libvorbis.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libvorbis.list file for pkg libvorbis
   creating libxine-plugin-ao-out-oss.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libxine-plugin-ao-out-oss.list file for pkg libxine-plugin-ao-out-oss
   creating libxine-plugin-decode-ff.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libxine-plugin-decode-ff.list file for pkg libxine-plugin-decode-ff
   creating libxine-plugin-dmx-avi.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libxine-plugin-dmx-avi.list file for pkg libxine-plugin-dmx-avi
   creating libxine-plugin-dmx-mpeg.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libxine-plugin-dmx-mpeg.list file for pkg libxine-plugin-dmx-mpeg
   creating libxine1.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/libxine1.list file for pkg libxine1
   creating notez.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/notez.list file for pkg notez
   creating opie-aqpkg.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-aqpkg.list file for pkg opie-aqpkg
   creating opie-ftp.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-ftp.list file for pkg opie-ftp
   creating opie-kpacman.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-kpacman.list file for pkg opie-kpacman
   creating opie-mediaplayer2.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-mediaplayer2.list file for pkg opie-mediaplayer2
   creating opie-mediaplayer2-skin-default.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-mediaplayer2-skin-default.list file for pkg opie-mediaplayer2-skin-default
   creating opie-mediaplayer2-skin-default-landscape.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-mediaplayer2-skin-default-landscape.list file for pkg opie-mediaplayer2-skin-default-landscape
   creating opie-powerchord.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-powerchord.list file for pkg opie-powerchord
   creating opie-snake.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/opie-snake.list file for pkg opie-snake
   creating qpf-font-common.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/qpf-font-common.list file for pkg qpf-font-common
   creating samba.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/samba.list file for pkg samba
   creating thttpd.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/thttpd.list file for pkg thttpd
   creating tximage.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/tximage.list file for pkg tximage
   creating zkbdd.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/zkbdd.list file for pkg zkbdd
   creating zkbdd-doc.list file
   creating //usr/lib/ipkg/info/zkbdd-doc.list file for pkg zkbdd-doc

Any ideas? Could these all the be packages that I was trying to install when the Package Manager segfaulted (which happens alot, especially when dealing with multiple packages)?

24 Jan 2006
hey all,
i've been searching like hell all over the internet and am posting a question here as a last resort. i have a zaurus sl5500 under OZ 3.5.2 with opie and I am trying to get my Belkin F8U1500 working. I've got lirc installed and working great with opie-remote.

After having some serious problems installing the irk-belkin package (cannot find package irk-belkin) I simply put the package files in the proper places from data.tar. This might be the problem, but I don't know. Either way, when I use the IRK input method for belkin, configured correctly for my zaurus/kb, nothing works. I can't find a way to view output from the program to see if it is working correctly, and I have NO output from lircd -n (send output to stdout) Anyone have any experience getting this device to work? I am using lircd and irk-belkin from the oz.pdai.org mirror (making sure to download the lirc package for collie). Any help with being able to see error output or ANY way to check if something is working so I can narrow down the problem would be nice.

thanks in advance,
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