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OESF Portables Forum _ Off Topic forum _ Merry Xmas. My Mod Collection Since 1991

Posted by: Jon_J Dec 27 2007, 12:25 AM

I'm not much of a linux guru but I have been messing/playing around with computers since 1982 and have only considered it a hobby.
I love the ZAURUS :0) and am an avid fan of this marvelous machine.
I have not compiled any programs, but just wanted to share my "Favorite" MOD files with everyone! smile.gif
There are 16 songs in this collection, but they are my favorites that I have collected over the years since 1991.
I'm currently enjoying my Christmas vacation and just wanted to share my favorite MODs with everyone.
These are MOD files, but you will need a MOD player that plays *.s3m files to play these. ( 2.73MB ) : 103

Posted by: danboid Dec 27 2007, 02:44 AM

Thanks Jon, thats very thoughtful of you, I'll give 'em a quick once over later.

You say you're no Linux-guru but I appreciate the fact that you always made a real effort to help others having problems with their Z on these forums. Meanie used to work so hard in this respect- I used to be regularly bowled over by Mr Lucs depth of computing knowledge and his perseverance in fixing peoples probs. It wasn't long ago when me and you used to (pretty much) race each other to download, test and give feedback on the latest version of pdaXii13 and we were pretty much guaranteed that if Meanie didn't tell us the fix within 24h (which was very rare) then somebody else would.

Well, it certainly seems those exciting Zaurus days are gone now, there's just a handful of die-hards who read these boards every day now it seems, the others checking back randomly like me. What ever happened to Meanie? Anybody still in touch with the guy? I hope he's doing well. I'd like to wish him a very happy Christmas / 2008 and if he is reading then I also want to say that, out of the hundreds of Linux distros I've tried, pdaXii13 is the most impressive - its unique! It's been funny taking part in the Pandora forums as 99% of the forum members have never owned a pdaXii13 running Z and so they don't realise how good pocket Linux can be on such modest (by modern PC/laptop standards) hardware.

So does nobody have any ideas for fixing my wifi under pdaXii13??

( )

We have some genuine Linux gurus on these forums - have I upset them all with my outspoken ways or am I just getting paranoid? My apologies if I've said anything to offend anyone here, I know I get carried away too easily as there is no working safety valve on my mouth or keyboard- I'm hoping to get this fixed soon too! wink.gif

All the best OESF!

Posted by: Jon_J Dec 27 2007, 11:07 AM

So does nobody have any ideas for fixing my wifi under pdaXii13??
I posted a reply to your thread in pdaxrom section danboid.
Merry xmas to you too. smile.gif Meanie got married a few months ago, and I think he has probably been busy with other things. I haven't seen him on this forum much lately.
It also seems that pdaxrom has come to a standstill...

Posted by: danboid Dec 27 2007, 02:27 PM

Thanks Jon and congrats to Meanie on his marriage with which I can only wish him the very best!

I've given most of the .s3ms a quick listen but most mods can't help but sound incredibly dated- late 80's / early 90's all over. When people can avoid that I like it smile.gif One of the tracks you included was called 'Beat this Beat' and somebody has basically remixed the dock music off Revenge of Shinobi 'Over the bay', but ROS DID had the best music in a video game ever so..

There are two probs with my current pdaXii13 install- no wifi and also /data doesn't get mounted when I plug it into a USB port even though I changed the mount option to 'Internal Storage' in the USB settings tool but thats much less pressing than the lack of internet, ssh and rdp etc. I can successfully mount my SD card over USB but of course it the latest pdaX is still inflicted with the 'open 10 windows when plugged into a linux box' bug of legend. It would be great if we got that fixed one day too!

If I do get my wifi working I'll be sure to come back to these forums to document how I did it.

Posted by: speculatrix Dec 27 2007, 03:18 PM

QUOTE(danboid @ Dec 27 2007, 10:44 AM) *
Well, it certainly seems those exciting Zaurus days are gone now, there's just a handful of die-hards who read these boards every day now it seems, the others

I think things will pick up in the new year - angstrom is close to a release, android has already made an appearance, so the zaurus is not dead. I think a lot of people are taking stock of what's next - there was so much going on and maybe even too much choice - sharp/cacko/pdaX/OZ/Angstrom/Debian/Poky/PocketWS etc! It'd be nice if pdaX whittled down to two variant and Angstrom settled down to proper release!

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