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OESF Portables Forum _ Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion _ Early bird discount extended to 750 devices...

Posted by: Daniel W Nov 5 2018, 08:15 AM

As I kept an eye on the campaign, I saw it reach 100% funding at 12:35 GMT (on nov. 5 2018), and I was really tempted, but I thought it would be irresponsible to replace a perfectly good Gemini after such a short time, especially since it's "just" my secondary/spare smartphone (as I'm a too much of an S-Pen addict to commit to just a Gemini). So I made a "devils pact" with myself, saying IF they extend the Early Bird campaign, then I'll bite. And they did. So I did. I guess we're going to need a new YouTube player in the living room some time next summer (as the current Windows 10 tablet struggles as soon as there's an update pending) . Oh, well. Enough ranting. Got get a Cosmo (reasonably cheap) while you can. I'll be here, contemplating what I just did, hoping there won't be any "first batch" issues this time.

Posted by: DJO Nov 5 2018, 09:59 AM

I'm pretty sure the Indigogo campaign is more to gauge interest than to raise working capital, I suspect they didn't think the 500 would be snapped up so soon.

As for extending the offer, you can still get Geminis on Indigogo for $599 (~£450) roughly 75% of full retail so I'd expect them to keep it open but perhaps reduce the discount after some point.

Posted by: Daniel W Nov 5 2018, 02:49 PM

Probably, yes. I bought my Gemini 4G for $349 when it had its early bird days. If memory serves me right, $599 was supposed to be the regular price (but, yes, the retail price seems a bit higher yet). We'll see what happens once the 750 first Cosmos are funded (as of right now, there are 146 left).

Posted by: Daniel W Nov 6 2018, 04:56 AM

[Edited after the Early Bird Special ran out]

When the $549 Cosmo Early Bird Special Perk began running low, PC added a $599 Cosmo Special Perk, with no limited number.

Thus it seems to be like this:
750 x $549 Cosmo Early Bird Specials (a 31% discount), all gone now.
Unlimited $599 Cosmo Specials (a 25% discount), likely during the rest of the crowdfunding phase.
Unlimited $1098 Pack of 2 Cosmos (a 31% discount), likely during the rest of the crowdfunding phase.
Unlimited $2745 Pack of 5 Cosmos (a 31% discount), likely during the rest of the crowdfunding phase.

So, to get the 31% discount, team up with one or four friends to get one of the larger packs.
Or, if money is no object, go for the $1999 gold plated Cosmo (still a tad cheaper than a 512GB iPhone XS Max)

At first I found it a tad odd that buying 5 would give the same discount as buying 2 (or one Early Bird). I can only guess the idea is to make it possible to buy any number, except one or three, 31%-discounted Cosmos during the entire crowdfunding, by combining lots of 2 and 5. A pack-of-three instead of five would have allowed any number, but would you like, say 30 (new phones communicators for your sales force maybe?) you'd have to place ten orders (rather than six).

Posted by: DJO Nov 6 2018, 09:39 AM

QUOTE(Daniel W @ Nov 6 2018, 01:56 PM) *
750 x $549 Cosmo Early Bird Specials (a 31% discount), which are likely gone within an hour or so.

Now all gone, sold all 825 out of 750 - some curious maths there but 75 happy people.

2 at the higher price claimed and 49/50 absurdly overpriced goldish ones left - Gold is about $40/gram, if this has a coating of more than 0.1gram I'd be surprised.

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