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> Why buy the Gemini?
post Mar 15 2018, 02:56 PM
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Hi all,

I know that might seem an inflammatory topic from a guy with a single post history, but believe me when I say it's a genuine question!

Here's the thing: I've spent some time with the Gemini in the course of preparing a review of said device, and I can come up with many reasons why I might spend money on such a product (not the least of which is that I love unconventional gadgets). But every time I post about Gemini, I'm confronted with a lot of folks asking why they're not better off buying a keyboard like the Jorno for their smartphone instead. And to my mind, it's a very good question.

So I thought the best people to help me answer it would be the folks who've already ponied up the bucks and put their orders in for the Gemini. Why did you choose this device instead of a smartphone + accessory combo?

Thanks in advance!
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post May 22 2019, 03:18 AM
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Indeed, I entirely miss the concept of "keyboardless smartphone."

Happy to say that I went straight from the Nokia 9300i to the Gemini.

Now people ask me: "Did you buy the Cosmo ?"

Euhm... no... I wasn't ready to change my concept "One phone per 12 years" either, so let's see what will be around in the year 2030.
I do hope it shall be a Planet.
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Daniel W
post May 22 2019, 11:08 AM
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QUOTE(Dixit @ May 22 2019, 12:18 PM) *
A Gemini might be a reasonable choice for that. While current OLEDs are unlikely to last that long, LED backlit LCD might. When MediaTek stops supporting the SoC, Linux can probably carry you on. USB-C and 4G will likely remain in use and something like Opera Mini can hopefully make late 2020's web sites workable. But current flash drives are less resilient than ten years ago. You may want to look out for a cheap "for parts" Gemini and find a way to swap the chip one day. While the first battery swap should be easy, when Planet STOPS (the haven't begun yet) making replacements, you may want to get two from the last batch and store them well. By 2030, I hope consumer electronics will have evolved such that keeping your next device until 2042 and the one after that until 2064, will be trivial, as we really need such life spans to seriously cut down on e-waste. Best of luck.

QUOTE(theMrMobile @ Mar 15 2018, 11:56 PM) *
why they're not better off buying a keyboard like the Jorno for their smartphone instead.
Had external mobile keyboards been a nice experience, laptops would largely be powerful tablets by now, which they, notably, mostly, are not.

While good pocket portable touch-typeable external phone keyboards exists, very few are available with my localized layout, while Planet Computers offered many layouts. I use my mobile device on the go, and in a typical car passenger seat, commuter bus or subway, a keyboard with a separate phone stand won't work well. A keyboard with an integrated phone holder would work better, but mechanics to securely grab a phone tends to be bulkier, heavier, less reliable and more delicate than having the keyboard permanently attached, so, to me, that would really only make sense if the keyboard MUST be full size and/or removable. Finding one with my localized layout would probably be even harder.

In either case, such keyboards must somehow be connected, often needs their own batteries and sometimes their own software. If I have a few minutes between bus stops, I neither want to spend time unfolding and connecting, nor having to fall back to tap-on-glass inside a busy commuter vehicle. Sometimes, I need to stand up and perhaps even walk, while typing on my physical keyboard, so, for me, a somewhat smaller (thus also thumb-typable) and simplified integrated keyboard, protected when inside the closed device, immediately connected and matched to the software, is much more available, convenient, compact and, well, elegant. While a Gemini can't be my only phone, I voted with my wallet for further development, and I am now looking forward to the Cosmo.
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