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25 Jul 2008
I'm putting my Asus EEEPC up for trade / sale. I love this little guy, but right now I need something else to get me by. I have the 4gb model. NOT the surf model.

Mine has the webcam and the pci-e expansion slot inside. [rare-ish + harder to find]

The model is the 701, pearl white. I have the latest bios running at full 900mhz so it's very fast. This one will come with the charger, battery, and slip case. I also have the recovery disc, it's a backup, but it's the same disc, since the software is open source there should be no problem with sending it.

This model retails for 400, some people do pay extra for the ones with the pci-e since it's harder to find. Mine is in tip-top mint condition, I've had it for roughly a month or two, so it's still under warranty with Asus. I can load either windows or linux onto it for you if you'd like. I can put the default Xandros on it, or any other OS of your choosing.

Right now it's running the latest Ubuntu.

Things I'm looking for? I'm really up for anything, money.. trade wise, something similar, older powerbook, ibook, etc. or a lower spec'd macbook. I suppose I can take PC offers too, but I'm not super interested in PC's, but i can consider it.

Here are a couple pictures.


This one was taken when I had my MacBook, size comparison.

It's a long shot, but I'd be interested in cameras too. D70 ,(s), D40, D80(i can dream right?)... Something like that, DSLR is what I'm looking for, I'll consider Canon as well, but I am more of a Nikon guy. I used to own a D70 and I loved it, it was stolen shortly after getting it though, I didn't get to have a good bond with it. I've been stuck with a point and shoot for some time, and I'm tired of it.
16 Jan 2008
Hey everyone,

I've ran into an issue and I must sell the n800. It's running OS2008 I'll flash it to a fresh install for you, or I can flash it to OS2007, whichever one you prefer.

I am looking to sell it mostly, I need a laptop. Right now I can't use the n800 for some tasks that I need to do. I don't have enough money to purchase a brand new laptop, I just can't afford to keep the n800 because I need something I can work with while on the road.

I'm not looking for a super big deal, just something to get me by for a little while.

I'd like to trade it for a little laptop an older thinkpad or anything 12'' or so. maybe an eee or something. I doubt I could get an eee for it, but I can put it out there just in case. Possibly something else, Apple related or something, I'm really up for anything at the moment, even for something that needs some work.

Macbook with broken screen, something. I just need something.

As for cash, I can take some offers first, it can be shipped securely all over the world. I would probably tack on another 5 or 10 if it needed to clear customs.

Let me know if anyone has anything they might part with.

Comes with everything brand new, the only thing it is missing is the leather pouch, I sold that about a week ago, but it does have all of the documentation, adapter, 2 stylus's, battery, usb, headphones, 128 mini sd card and adapter, and retail box.

Here are the pictures.







27 Jun 2007
This thing looks pretty nice. It's not a palm sized device, but it's pretty close. Basically it's an ultra portable. It's going to be flash based. I think with 4gb of storage at launch, there are rumors of an 8 gig and possibly a 16 gig one will be out too.

It will have 512 megs of ram which is shared with the video, it will also have built in wifi, usb, audio jacks. (i hope a PCMCIA slot) 5200mAh battery. It looks like it's going to be a nice little machine, it will come factory shipped with Xandros, it will also be able to run XP (yeuck) if desired. But, of course XP will cost you an additional 100 dollars.

The unit is priced at 200 USD, which sounds spectacular. With it having linux already embedded, I really think it's going to be a really nice companion, especially for the hackability. I really think it'll be a nice little success, I just hope it'll have a PCMCIA slot for additional wifi cards wink.gif

Edit: here it is on linux devices.


I want one, very cool.
19 Jun 2007
Hey guy's

I'm thinking about selling off my Zaurus, it's not the one posted earlier this one is almost brand new,
I've ran into some financial issues, and I have to sell of some stuff, since this is the most expensive thing I've bought with in the last month I must sell it. I hate to but, I must.
here are some specs.

Model : SL-C1000
you can read the rest of the specs here. http://conics.net/shp/pda/zaurus-sl-c700/sl-c1000/

This will also come with a Socket blue tooth CF card, Hawking wifi card, pen and stylus from pilot, it's metal. Two batteries, charger, all the manuals and cds. Also comes with a screen protector, and a carry case. and the host and slave cables. I still have the box and everything, I could also include a 64mb CF card if desired.

I can load it with any rom you'd like. Right now it's running open zaurus.

I dont have a price in mind, so make some offers. This thing is basically brand new.

Pictures available upon request.
15 Jun 2007
Hey everyone,

I just purchased a newer C1000 off of ebay a few days ago. It arrived today, everything is in pristine condition. The person didn't use it much so they said, and I'd believe it. It even had the new smell to it. Plastic still on it etc. Anyways. I booted it up, it ran great. I played with it for a while, it was running Cacko 1.23.

I decided I wanted to put PdaXrom on it, So I downloaded the files like usual, Went to the flash menu, battery and power cables plugged in. Proceed to flash to pdaxrom, It errors and reboots to Cacko. I didn't run the updater, So i went and got the Update from the PdaXrom side, powered up the unit.

Ran the update, it said too reboot whilst holding the ok button, so i power it off, I loaded the files back onto the CF card, and went to power up the unit.. And now, It's completely unresponsive, it's pretty dead. I've changed batteries, push the power button, waited I get nothing. I've let it sit with out the batteries for several minutes, try to turn it back on. I get nothing.

There is no longer a charge light the unit is just totally blank and it's not showing any signs of life what so ever. I'm really frustrated, I've never had this problem before with other Z's. And the first day I get my new one it's like it's gone for good. Is there any resolution or did I kill it?

Thanks everyone, I feel like such a dope.
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