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OESF Portables Forum _ Gemini PDA - Android _ Upgrading to 8.1 while preserving data+root, TWRP broken

Posted by: amsomniac May 16 2019, 06:46 AM

Hey all! I've only recently joined this forum, so let me know if I'm violating any etiquette/cultural guidelines or if you have any formatting tips.

I've just upgraded my gemini to android 8.1 and managed to preserve root and my data, here's a rough outline of how I did it:

- full nandroid backup from TWRP, copied to another computer of course
- flash a brand-new android-only scatterfile with sp_flashtool from
- go to firmware update, download (but don't install)
- copy to another computer
- boot into recovery
- flashed via adb sideload
- restored system+data from backup, had to reformat /data to make it big enough to fit my backup
- flashed again via sideload -- I'm sure there's a better way to do this?
- flashed magisk from sideload

I've tried a bunch of different recovery.img for mt6797 in flashtool, TWRP just doesn't seem to want to boot with android 8.1. Next step is to hook up an FTDI cable and see why >_>

if someone were to ask me how to upgrade to 8.1 now, after 2 days of trying various things, my recommended procedure would be:

- full nandroid backup
- download via update manager
- flash from adb sideload in twrp
- flash

No guarantees this will work, though, and I wanted to document my process.

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