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> general c860 questions
post Nov 10 2004, 08:01 PM
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Anybody have a picture showing the C860 with any other PDA's (other then the UX50). I would like to get some idea of teh size of this thing. It is comparable to the old Casio EM500, the Tungsten/C, ??!

Does anybody carry it in their shirt pocket, or is it too large and heavy for that.

How bad is the screen outdoors? Does it have any reflective properties at all, or when you are in sunlight, are you just SOL as far as reading the screen is concerned (aka, the old back lit LCD's like casio had)?

DOes anybody carry their C series around with a Wifi card permanently installed, or does it get in the way. I had a Tungsten C, and really like the WiFi aspect of it (didn't like the crappy quality control, the poor customer support from tehir regional center in India, the 5 different attempts to get a working model, and the broken screen on the version I finally got). Now I have a Sony TG50, but I miss the WiFi, and will be looking to upgrade again before the year is out.
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post Nov 11 2004, 12:38 AM
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Maybe too haevy for a shirt pocket, but I take mine everywhere in my jacket pocket.

I leave the CF wireless card in all the time. It only sticks out a little way.

Screen is OK outdoors on dull days but can be hard to read on a bright day.
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post Nov 11 2004, 04:22 AM
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It's a bit heavy for full time use in a shirt pocket. It'll go in a pinch though. Definitely feels better as a Jacket Pocket Unit.

I don't have any good photos on hand. There was one review that matched it up to 2 other units (An sl-6000 and a Pocket PC, I think). My friend has a Tungsten C with one of the Aluminum Cases, and the 860 is almost exactly the same size in all directions as the C in the Aluminum case. No, it isn't a particularily dainty unit. Incidently, my friend with the C wants me to get him an 860 now that he's seen it. smile.gif

As for the Outdoors, I was using it as a Map wandering around in full sunshine in Kyoto a couple of weeks back. The screen has a literally ridiculous high brightness setting (Makes a *great* emergency flashlight. Really has to be seen to be believed!) and you have to crank it all the way up to use it outdoors. It really wasn't too bad though. If your primary use is going to be outdoors it's a bit much, but if you're only going to be using it occaisionally without some sort of shade you're good to go. The screen in all other circumstances is mind-blowingly amazing.

True story - when I was on the flight back to Canada from Kansai the Japanese couple next to me saw me pull out my 860. They asked if it was a Japanese Dictionary (Kanji dictionaries are all over the place with roughly the same clamshell form factor - probably why Sharp Japan felt okay with a Clamshell PDA.) I told them no, it was a PDA. They asked me if it was American, and I told them no, it was Japanese. (They seemed pleased!) They then asked me, "Sony?" No - Sharp.

Their response? "Ah - the best screens."

I laughed my ass off over that. These were 0-tech people (A mother and her ~18 yr old daughter visiting Vancouver for 3 days. The daughter was mad to find out that I came from Edmonton, Alberta, because her dream is to go to the world's largest shopping mall tongue.gif ) Sharp has quite the rep over there.

As for the WiFi card, mine sticks out a bit, and I usually have a CF Memory Card of some sort in there anyway, so no, it never gets left in.

I had 2 pleasant surprises about the form factor when I got it.
1) the hinge lock only at 180 degrees. - I found that that is the only way I really use it when I'm keyboarding. It makes it really nice and easy to hold and type on it.
2) The rotating display - I never thought I'd use in in portrait mode vs Landscape mode, but if you're just reading, etc, then portrait mode with the jog dial on the side is a really comfortable-in-any-orientation way of holding it.

And forget anything with a smaller screen. VGA resolution is now my minimum requirement for a handheld. You can really web surf on the thing - none of this small screen formatting quarter or half vga schlock. I've used palm for years, and the 860 instantly replaced my current Clie. (TJ-35)

Can you tell that I like my 860? smile.gif
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post Nov 11 2004, 06:04 AM
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SLC-860: Sharp(1.40jp Converted), 1gb Kingmax Platinum SD
CE-RH1 Remote, CE-AG06 Camera, Pilot Pentopia Extensible Stylus
SL-5000D: Sharp->PFlinders->Crow->Cacko->OZ, 64mb LEXAR SD
SL-5500: Cacko, 256mb LEXAR SD
WCF12. 64mb, 128mb, 256mb CF
IPAQ 3635: Familiar OPIE
IPAQ 3635: PPC2002 (AAAH!)

You have quite the armada there kahm.

tmarks, I carry my 860 with a wifi card in nonstop. Mine barely sticks out and I use sd cards for all my storage.

Although I suppose I should get a case for it, I carry mine in my pocket at almost all times. If I have my laptop on me as well, I'll put it in my laptop case.

As well, I've watched movies on the roof of my apartment building with it before during the day and I haven't had much of an issue. I was in the shade, but it was still bright out.
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